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Pre-Sale Question:

Is it possible to have conditional questions for the form. Lets say the person picks option A for the support, I want it to display Question #1. If he picks B for support, Question #2 is displayed instead.

Also, is there a front-end admin page – so I don’t have to give support ticket agents access to the admin panel?

Yes there is an admin page. Admin has more access, for example he/she can also edit or delete managers… And about your first question, nope, you cannot have conditional questions, but on the other hand, you can easily edit the html pages to suite your needs.

I have two questions for this plugin;

1. Can guests submit a ticket? 2. Is Google ReCaptcha included?

1. Nope, users register first and then submit tickets. 2. we have used our own Captcha.

Hi tahadaf,

I’m looking at your ticketing system. I have some presales question, so hope you can answer to me ASAP, because of the needs of my project that I have to decide very soon what I’m going to buy. Because it won’t be exactly a support ticketing system, but fits my intended purposes I just want to know a few things:

1st: If fully customizible, can I change all the labels’ text through the php-html files included? Because I need not only a translation, but to put my own info in every frontend text, which implies changing text boxes, menus, buttons, users` interactivy, etc.

2nd: Could the posting system work like in real time if both (operator-user) are online at the same time? (which implies, can I disable mailing notifications of posts to avoid massive mailing?)

Pleas I’m begging you for an ASAP answer.

Best regards, Jordi R

1. Yes, you can edit all the front-end designs. 2. As you can see in the preview, settings page, you’re also able to modify the email notifications, or disable them completely.