MoonLight Bootstrap Responsive Ticket System

MoonLight Bootstrap Responsive Ticket System


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MoonLight Ticket system

MoonLight presents the most complete and easy to use supporting system ever!

Simply upload everything on your server, install the helpdesk and start supporting your customers :)

In simple terms:
It’s Easy -> Everything you need is just in place.
It’s Powerful -> Search/Manage/Answer at the same time.
It’s Beautiful -> It has superior typography and beautiful interface.
It’s Optimized -> SEO Friendly, Independent HTML Layout, OOP Codes that used the Ticket System API.

Envato API had been added! Now if you’re also an Envato author, can easily use our ticket system for supporting your Envato items. YOu can verify your clients “Envato Purchase Code” when submitting a new ticket.

Main Features

  • Bootstrap 3.1
  • HTML5
  • 100% Responsive design
  • SEO Optimized
  • HTML5 semantic structure
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Completely independent HTML layout if you have ever needed to change your helpdesk design
  • Envato Purchase Code Verification
  • Edit/active/inactive/add/remove managers/moderators
  • Edit/active/inactive/remove users
  • Display name option
  • Registration Captcha code
  • UTF-8 languages support
  • Forgot password
  • Edit/reply/delete tickets
  • Edit each ticket’s department/Priority/content/subject
  • Edit each reply of a ticket individually
  • Secure file attachment
  • checkout detailed information about each department/manager/moderator/user
  • Filter tickets based on Departments/Status
  • Sort tickets based on last update/Date opened/Priority
  • Auto emails
  • set to receive emails for different purpose and situations
  • Ajax and PHP Newsletter component
  • Ajax and PHP Contact Form component
  • Ajax Pagination component

Features from programming perspective

If you’re a PHP programmer or HTML web designer, it may be interesting for you to know how’s our files structure and what resources we have used :)

  • OOP codes and following PSR
  • Using Smarty for connecting HTML layout to PHP codes
  • Helpdesk API usage for connecting helpdesk’s core to the main structure
  • Used mySQLi method and fallbacks for previous versions of PHP
  • query execution/Database communications
  • Clean CSS and customized Bootstrap skin
  • Well documented. Clean help files and comments everywhere!
  • FontAwesome integration
  • JQuery components


Administrator (you): Can add/remove/inactive/active managers, moderators, users. Also can add/edit/assign/remove departments and view/add/edit/remove tickets and add/edit replies. In simple terms, admin can do anything!

Managers: Can add/remove/inactive/active their own added moderators, view/add/edit/remove their assigned department tickets and also view/add/edit replies.

Moderators: Can view/add/edit/remove their assigned department tickets and also view/add/edit replies.

Users: Can view/add/edit/remove their own tickets.


VERSION 1.5 (23 Feb 2015)

- server port number for cases that it exists has been added
- ability for editing attacments for tickets
- ability for editing attachments for replies

VERSION 1.4 (12 Jan 2015)

- ability for deleting replies

VERSION 1.3 (30 Sep 2014)

- Some CSS modification in login section
- Connetcion with envato api has been added
- Feature for submit ticket whith envato purchase code has been added
- A section for setting time zone has been added

VERSION 1.2 (17 July 2014)

- Some HTML layout improvements.
- Also added some useful comments for editing HTML layouts easier.
- improvements to the profile image-resizer class.

VERSION 1.1 (9 July 2014)

- In edit-manager and edit-moderator pages, the ability for removing the assigned departments has been added.
- Some functions related to mysqlnd has been fixed.
- CaptchaCode problem has been solved.
- A javascript problem for searching section in different browsers has been solved.
- Loading button has been added to some forms.

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