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Super work my friend :) Very useful!!! wish you luck and many-many sales

Thanks a lot for your compliments pal :)

Do you offer installation ? Thank you

Hi looks great, just installed it and it is frozen on the INSTALL page, nothing happens and it says LOADING Can you help please ??

Thank you in advance!


Hi, I got your email also will have a look around… Thanks by the way.


Cool, thanks hoping to get this out this weekend !

Mailed you :)

do you have rtl support for this ?

also is there rss , xml site map an does it support utf-8 characters in posts and names etc ?

But the coolest thing about it is that the HTML layout is 100% independent from the whole PHP part :)

in the Documentations we have clearly explained how to modify the HTML layout and add your own HTML pages to the system. It’s actually a 30 seconds job! You yourself can easily add a site map page to the HTML pages, just like how we’ve added About and Contact pages… (of course we’re also always available to answer to your questions or customize the system for you)

what I mean is auto update for RSS and sitemap. So there is a lot of programming that I can’t do :)

Aha, so you mean, you like to receive the RSS feeds of the newest topics, etc… right? We didn’t use RSS for the current version of forum, but still you can subscribe to your favorite topics and receive the new updates via email when there has been a new post.

Hi – just purchased and cannot install – have an error about birthdate cannot be null.

Urgently need help.

Anyone going to answer?????

Mailed you. thanks.


Many thanks all sorted :)

can I add buttons with links to the sign up page, i would like to add social media icons and email icons so that members can be redirect to lo gin with their social media accounts and or emails. I have a plugin that does it. Will this work can I add buttons with links to the sign up page is it customizeable?

Ok what I want to do is add the social media icons to your sign up page. The icons will be links to trigger sign up or sign in. Know what I mean? I already have the plugin so when you go to the sign up page it already has the icons that you just click to trigger the sign up. I think the icons just have the links embedded in them to trigger the sign up.

Here is the plugin I am using its called “Social Login” – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-social-login/

And is this a theme or a plugin the Logn/Sign Up is at the top of the site. Will that be the same in my webite the Login/Sign Up at the top of the page, its kinda of hard to know where the Login/Sign up is at. Like if you were new visiting the site you wouldn’t know where to sign up at. Would that be the same in my website if it installed this plugin? Is there a way to move the Login/Sign Up form somewhere else so that it can be seen or found easily?

We accept freelance jobs through our profile page. Please send us an email from here. Thanks.


Pre-sale question: Can this be integrated with a previously built user system? My website already has a member database and login with PHP, but looking to add simple forums without too much work to integrate.


Is your website a WordPress? If so, you might like to use this same system but its WordPress plugin and it can be integrated with your site’s WordPress users. But when you install this php system, when new users like to post a new forum or answer/reply a question on a thread, they obviously need to sign up for the first time, just like any other forum systems…


Looks all great, bought it but the captcha isn’t working so nobody can sign up :-(

Please read the Documentation and requirements for the captcha code to work. thanks.

Very clean design, good luck with sales!


Sawadeee Purchased

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I can not install it to DreamHost server.