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Hello!! Great script!!

I think it is exactly what I’m looking for. Just let me ask: Is there an option to set the minimum number of images per row? or a minimum width for each image?

I was navigating through the demos and on mobile devices, iPhone 6 for instance, landscape images are almost always one by line. I would like to have always 2 per line, no matter the size of the device. Is there an option for that?

Thanks in advance and congrats for the great job with this script. Julio

Hello!! Thank you for your interest in my script! You can’t define width for an item, but you can define maximum height of a row. So for small screens you can define smaller ‘maximum height’ property and you can get more than one image per row as a result.

Hi there lovely looking script, does this allow us to grab images/albums from Instagram or Flickr or are the images held locally? If it can grab the images will buy today :)

Yes you can

Its very nice and I loved it and will recommended to my friends and client . thank you so much .

Thank you!!!

Hello my friend and well done for your script! It is awsome and i personally thank you. I want to ask only how can i load more different pictures avery time load more button is pressed? In examples load again and again the same pics. I read also your great documentation but still did not find it anywhere? Thanks in advance!

hi, it depends on your script :) Example loads the same pics because it’s just an example. In real situation you have to write some lines of code. Please, write me on my e-mail and I shall give you a detailed answer.

Hello, great job!. I have a question before buying your work, in the example shown images but I can embed a video on vimeo. Thanks.

Actually it’s a photo grid, so the only thing you need is a set of images (icons). It is a matter of lightboxes to show video. Moon Mega Grid supports integration with ColorBox, PrettyPhoto and PhotoSwipe. So yes you can, with some extra lines of code :)

Hello man,, Does it support thumbnails? or loads the big file at the first screen?

Thanks man. What’s the coding stracture to create a list of images like that at a webpage? For example i have the thumblails and the large size urls.. Whats the code to do it? Its not clear from your examples.. I want to be sure it will feet my needs after i do it.

Hi, man… You can choose one of three ways: 1. You can make a json-file with your structure, and the script will load it by ajax (most common way) 2. You can define your data object when you are initializing the Grid instance. 3. You can create your markup and the script will parse it (but you will have to make your own parser function) The third method is not preferable.

Hi First of all thanks for your amazing work on this gallery. I’m using your gallery in my ASP.NET website and I need to add required scripts for each gallery dynamically to the page, While I’ve managed to find a way around this, an error comes up each time I do that, So I was wondering if you could help me with this:

TypeError: t.Templates[i] is undefined ...,e,s){var n,a,o;return null==s&&(s=!0),n=t.Templates[i].defaults,null==n&&(n={})...

Thanks in advance

Hi Thanks for your reply, I tried as you instructed above and unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem, I have uploaded a sample page containing this problem in the following address: I would really appreciate it if you take a look at it and let me know if you came up with a solution. Thanks in advance

Hi! Try:

MMG.Gallery(‘Sunny’, {

instead of:

MMG.Gallery(‘sunny’, {

it’s important

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your amazing support, it’s now working like a charm.

Hi, how do I remove the load more button. I want to load the images when i open the page. For now I need to click on load more to load the image in example

for now i will put the files in http server for development.

This script is based on AJAX and it should be placed to a server before any testings.

ok thanks. Im doing it now. :)

Hi! Can I link to a normal url and open the new page, instead of opening an image in a lightbox? Thank you

Yes, you can open in the built-in lightbox, you can choose a different lightbox, or you can open any page instead

hi, thank you for great job on creating this wonderful plugin. I need to open an url instead of opening an image in lightbox. I am generating gallery with html markup. how should I set url for image? thank you.

1. Insert an attribute ‘data-exclude’ to an element in your markup

2. Add this code to the ‘each’ block of your parser function :

var excluded = $(item).attr(‘data-exclude’); if (excluded) elem.excluded = excluded;


3. Add excludable: true to the grid options See:

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to write me to my email

hi I followed your instruction but I could not link items to external link.

this is what I did:

1- Add custom url in item:

div class="mmg-img mmg-color-0" data-exclude=''

2- Add following code in ‘each’ block of parser function.

var excluded = $(item).attr(‘data-exclude’); if (excluded) elem.excluded = excluded;

3- change grid’s option to this: grid = MMG.Gallery(‘effectName’, { retina: 0, excludable: true, grid: ’#someID’, height: 400, lightbox: { retina: false , type: false }, parser: parser });

after all this, when I click on an item, the lightbox come up again. please tell me why it’s not working.

thanks in advance.

I suspect that you didn’t add ‘mmg-external’ class to the classList: class=”mmg-img mmg-color-0 mmg-external” If that doesn’t help write me on my email and please enclose the code of the page (markup and the script)