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This looks neat! If you made a wordpress version I’d buy!

Hi Ganzuelo,

Yes, we are going to release a wordpress version that will include a set of different themes. You can follow us on codecanyon or twitter to be the first who will know about that.

Regards, Alex

Do the forms actually fully work? With no additional programming? And are the colors customizable.

Is the login function working? Does it read through a file of accurate logins and pwds and supply this verification?

Are they easy to initiate a pop up too?

Much appreciated – Brian

Hi brmille007,

Thank you for the question, unfortunately it’s just a CSS template without validation, you should install it by yourself or hire a developer.

Regards, Alex

Hey guys,

I’m excited to purchase the Wordpress version of moon forms!! Do you have an approximate launch date?

Hi ValiantMarketing,

Wordpress version will be released in two weeks.

Regards, Alex

Getting excited about the Wordpress version. ;) are you guys still on target? Jw.. Thanks again

Thank you for your interest. Yes, as I replied already above, the wordpress version will be ready about in 2 weeks. Hope you will save up your excitement :)

In three days from today or in another two weeks? Thanks jw…also I have extensive UI knowledge and would like to contribute to any additional functionality if possible.. Do you have a private forum where you accept such requests/ suggestions?

I am very glad that you are interested in our work. A wordpress version will be released in about 2 weeks (give or take a few days for testing). I am very interested in your offer. Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have the forum. If you like and you have free time to discuss, please contact me via email alex.kovalevv@gmail.com

Hi Alex,

What happened to the WordPress version. I’m sure a few of your very happy customers have been waiting for 4 months to buy it.

Hi gr8moe,

Unfortunately I’m too busy currently with other projects. Soon I will have free time to release the wordpress version and also new bright themes.

Regards Alex

Hey did you include the css instructions for the style of the validation error messages ? Like the preview image ?


Hi abdelinho24,

Yes sure

Regards Alex

So is there a WP version of your form? I really like your form design. Does your form include the CSS for all other form elements like dropdown, etc?


Curious, my client wants a form (optional pinned/fixed) like this, can your plugin do that? http://thewebstylist.la/idealcontactform.jpg

Curious, my client wants a form (optional pinned/fixed) like this, can your plugin do that? http://thewebstylist.la/idealcontactform.jpg

good sales =)