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Available in IOS ?

Yes, it is.

Can I import in eclipse ?

Maybe Not, Suggest you use ZerobraneStudio or Sublime Text. this code is written in Lua, not Java or C++.

What is the difference between this 2048 & other 2048 in the market??

Basically it’s same to other 2048. And this unicode source code is for Android, IOS and windows phone. :)

Why is it that the share option has only Facebook & twitter? Can we add more??

Yes, we can add sinaweibo and tengxunweibo easily. Do you want any other social networks to be supported?

how we can add rate me button ? i see there is method for it . thanks

Hi, there is a rate button in game over screen. You can reference it: 1. to add a button in createScene function: common.createButton(scene, “RATE”, centerX-60, 370, 100, 22, 4, 10)

2. then add this condition in buttonListener function: elseif action == “RATE” then local options = { iOSAppId = global.iOsAppId, supportedAndroidStores = { “google”, “samsung”, “amazon”, “nook” }, } native.showPopup(“rateApp”, options)

3. make sure configure the iOsAppId in scripts/Global.lua.

that’s it!

hi, i don’t have a mac. Corona composer gui does not have a Windows and/or Linux version. Can i still edit your code to modify some stuff in the game like adding a banner or interstitial ad.

Yes, You can use my code if you use windows/linux system. and you can modify the code as you need. by the way, admob banner and interstitial are integrated in this source.

Where can i set leaderboard-id for ios? which line number and which file?

in Global.lua, set the leaderboard id:

M.gameCenter = {[“scoreCatgory”]=”CgkIjoKftosTEAIQCA”}

also check build.settings, and set the google play game app id:

googlePlayGamesAppId = “655901573390”,

that’s it!

oh, for ios you don’t need to set google play game id.

Hello, Author.

This is great app. Smooth moving, Light app.

I think different design demo.apk and lua package.

Can you update package file?

Best regards.

Sorry, I don’t know what is different design.


I done settings leaderboards. But, I can’t login gamecenter.

How to settings?

check global.lua, and update the ledaerboard id to yours: M.gameCenter = {[“scoreCatgory”]=”CgkIjoKftosTEAIQCA”}

also remember to update appid in build.settings: googlePlayGamesAppId = “655901573390”,

then it should work :)

Hi there, before I make a purchase, I need to know if its easy to make UI changes. Can I apply my own design/skin to this app?

it’s very easy to reskin this template. Write me email if you have any problems. but read the document first :)

Hi, I try the demo and buy the template. But this template not like the demo https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.ouguolin2013.moon_2048 . I need the template like demo. Thanks

Sorry I forgot to update demo link. if you like, I can give full refund to you. if you like the winter graphics, you can buy it from graphics river and reskin it.

Ok. Pls refund. I’ll buy Moon’s Splish Splash Pong Template. Or will send you 2$ to get this template without refund 2048 template.

please contact envato market for refund.

I need demo apps for moon 2048

give me demo apps for testing this game

Hello i cannot able to reskin the app please refund my money

where is the document

it is very poor i can not do anything by this document

my skype is: ouguolin@sina.com, let’s have a talk I will answer your questions.

please give me demo apk (android demo)

check it here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7igd3kqthvn29d/2048.apk?dl=0

I just got around to reskin the template and my programmer found a bad bug in it. Here’s what he said “Bug occurs when you click leaderboard button first and then click the menu button. It fires event for leaderboard instead of menu.”

Could you please fix it and send an update asap. Thanks!

okay, no problem.

Hello, there are included well documentation? And which programme i can use for the create apk?


The leaderboards does not working please fix it