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Very nice effects!

Thankx! -Nolan

Your plugin looks great, but I have one question. Is it possible for my members to create their own portfolios from the frontend, or can it only be done from the backend?

It is compiled by shortcode on a page that populates posts based on a category name. The user would have to have permission to post, create a category and page with the shortcode to do this. So it depends on your permission setup for your site postings, pages and category creation. Hope this helps, -Nolan

Hi can the front panel open wider? Can you tell me how to get rid of the double ups on the panels I only have two posts but four panels. Below is the link to the page I’m referring too.

If you wish to have the front panel images wider you can make the following changes to the img containers on hover. lines 791 and 865 of the css file:
.mooimg:hover .mooimgwrap {
    right: 100%;

.mooimg:hover .mooimgwrap2 {
    left: 100%;

This will open the front panel images completely. Hope this helps, -Nolan

Thanks for your quick reply the page looks good now, thanks again for your help.

No Prob – Good Luck! :)

Great plug-in. I am having a problem with the icons showing up. They only show up as the code and not the icon.

Must be a styling problem – Please email at with a link to your site with the plugin activated. Thanks, -Nolan

HI, I’ve just bought this, it’s fantastic …but the featured image from the post is doubling for the left and right panels – rather than have one image that separates, I have two that draw back. Can you help?

Please email me with the link to your page and I will try to figure out the problem. -Nolan

Can I get an external link inside a lightbox with your plugin? Tks.

They must have a custom api or origin permissions setup on the target domains to pull from them. So on a target domain, you would be allowing cross domain ajax calls by adding the following:
// PHP
header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

// Apache (.htaccess)
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" 
Then on your domain that is requesting you could use an ajax request to pull from a cross-domain site but this comes at a big risk since you just allowed anyone to pull data from your site. The lightbox I am using will not allow for this as it is setup so you cannot achieve this with my plugin. Hope that helps. -Nolan

They actually don`t, because im already doing that without set any script on the external site as I said. We need this script just if I want to change something on its css, whats not the case. What I want is just an iframe being opened inside a lightbox, does your plugin do that? Thank you.