Mood Scanner Android Aapp - Admob

Mood Scanner Android Aapp - Admob

Android app developed in android studio. It is compatible with android 6.0 version. 



This is the Prank app which is used to show the mood of the user. Every time when you scan it will show you different mood. Enjoy this prank app and share your mood with your friends.


Application Features :  

1. About 20 different emotions and feelings.

2.A lot of fitting icons (emoticons) for each of your emotions (each for boys and girls).

3. Uses multiple parameters to find out how you are feeling.

4. Nice looking UI.

5. Professional designed icons.

6. Sharing: Share your mood via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

7. Works offline, There is no need for internet connection.

8. Easy to use. 9. Support 24×7.

10. Well Documented.

Demo : Demo Apk Download From here 

What you will get is : 

  • Full Application Source code. 
  • Well formed Documentation. 
  • Support 24×7 hours.