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Great script! Good luck with sales!

Thank you.

Can we change thousand mark using dot not coma. Example 1500 = 1.500. Can change the currency into other currency ?

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Yes I change it.

can change language ??

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Yes please contact on skype

Hey I buy and test this app it’s stuck on first page. What I do wrong?

Please check your mail I will send you solution.

I try your update but it still stuck.

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CAn you please help me? I have this problem Error:(7, 5) uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 8 cannot be smaller than version 9 declared in library C:\Users\DorianHaxhiaj\Desktop\Android Exercise\MonthlyExpanseManager1\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.google.android.gms\play-services\7.0.0\AndroidManifest.xml

Please set minsdk version in 9 because use in admob ad to set 9 is compulsory.

I did it but it give the same problem. Can we please talk skype because i need help.

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I got stucked with this app in first screen. How do I go about it?

back button pressed and you got massage Please set password message and set the password ok.

sory im new in java and eclipse, how to connect to db

i couldn’t install sample apk shows like I’ve the app already?

i couldn’t install sample apk shows like I’ve the app already?

May I know how can I access the database and view the contents in the database? Please assist.

I click on the button ‘Forgot’ the 2nd time I launch the app, it does not send an email to the email address that I have keyed in on the 1st time I launch the app.

App using DB? Thanks

Eclipse or Android Studio ?

Hi, Can i get full source code ?

Please send me code for android studio


andi_ Purchased

Hello, it’s not working with Android Project. Can you please help me in here?

hi is there a link for a lost or forgot password? thanks

can we get an update of the app?

Please send me code for android studio