Monthly Expanse Manager

Monthly Expanse Manager

   If you can control your monthly money with Monthly Expanse Manager. It is a Free Application For Manage Your Money. Using this application you can prevent flow of money and save it. Useful application for you.

Download APK

Download APK

How to use:

Main Page

– Set password for secure transaction.
– Set Valid Email for recovery your password.
– Set your Monthly Budget.
– After Login into application.

Add Transaction Page

– Select your categories to pay money. If you can add more category to open “ Manage Category ” and Add it.
– Enter Full Description of payment.
– Enter pay Amount.
– If you give money in your friend add them in member field. Member Add in “ Manage Member ” tab.

Chart Report Page

– Select expanse date to see chart report.

Manage Members Page

– Give Money in your friend there name and number put here.
– If you delete unnecessary member delete it.

Manage Categories Page

– Would you like to add other category to add here.
– And delete unnecessary category if you can needed.

View Transactions Page

– Select your categories and Date.
– If you can wish to edit and delete category or expanse to modify here.
– Create PDF File for backup your transaction.


  • Secure Manage with Protection.
  • Add Transaction Details.
  • Add List of Category and Modify it.
  • Easy to Handle All Category.
  • View Transaction Details and Create PDF File of All Transaction and Save it.
  • Add Member to Classified, Which Member Include that Expanse.
  • Change Password and Forgot it.
  • Create a Backup of Your Database to Restore Your Information if Necessary and     Export it.
  • See Chart Report of Transaction.
  • No Need to Required Internet Connection.
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