Discussion on MonsterTV

Discussion on MonsterTV

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Needs more gifs! :)

Hello. Thank you for the purchase. What are your goals? I can make more animations but it’s a paid service because it’s the hard process. The regular price is $5 per one vector icon + animation.

Can this be used without visual composer?

Hello, I am receiving Syntax error on my page: “MonsterTV plugin. Data read problem Error context: Syntax error”

What might be the problem?

Is this plugin still compatible with latest Wordpress / WP Bakery?

Yes, everything works. In case of local incompatibility and errors I will help you.

hello , also i want use some youtube video on the site without showing that they are from youtube ? can you show me an example if it possible with this plugin ?

Hello. I’m sorry the plugin does not support video. It works with Lottie, SVG, GIF, PNG and JPG.

I recommend you use the standard HTML5 video tag. Something like this:

As far as I know, the YouTube controls and logotype cannot be completely hidden for ordinary Youtube users. nice plugin. ;)

Thanks so much

Great plugin! I was wondering if the only way to display the final image is with shortcode or is there a some snippet that can be used?

Hi, silverz. Thank you for your kind words!

There is a snippet to show only an animation from the plugin, nothing more. A working example with a connected player

You should specify the path to an animation file.

It can be found in this plugin file:”... / your-wordpress-site-dir / wp-content / plugins / monstertv / inc / sources.json” Another common example:

It’s not very comfortable way but native. You can use this on any site. I hope I understand what you wanted. I will be glad if you officially rate the plugin.

Hi, Can I upload and use a lottie json file of my own. Also can I replace any image within the animation.

Hi! Yes, you can use your own Lottie animation files inside the plugin.

Hi, do you still support the plugin, since the last update was in 2019?


It’s good. Please send me your JSON by email Which version of WordPress do you use?

V 5.5.1. I’ll send over the JSON file now. Tnx