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I am interested, but I would like to see animations for electronic commerce.

My online store is selling cell phones. And it would be good to add animations, for home delivery, withdrawal in the local, payment of credit card and cash, payment from the mobile, product guarantee for 1 year, online support, support via chat ….

I do this work for free, but I’ll be glad if you share my product in any social networks.

Once I buy this product, I will send you my mail. Do not worry. It is for personal use.

good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Thank you, same to you!

interesting product! nice. more animations please!

Thanks you for the comment! Please, say me. What an animation will be useful for you?

I love it man! very beautiful, can I’ve a custom animation for the following please? http://imgur.com/a/cvunB

Am I correct in assuming that you want to have three custom animations made by plugin author? On the topics:

- Making a new mobile app - Starting a new business - Selling a product online

I’ve got this error http://imgur.com/a/8k4JA any idea why?

Hi! Please, send me an email with information about your WordPress (version) to: hello@svgsprite.com and I will help you.


Gentle reminder please

Thank you, man!

Good work, I’ll buy it tomorrow.

Thanks! You can count on my help.

^^ Hey, :), i forgot; in a “https” site it has a problem n not showing an image. just as info. :)


Is it possible in type Inline Page Widget to put rectangular sizes for the end of the posts?


Hello! Can you make a site screenshot with a simple sketch of banner in the right sizes and send it to hello@svgsprite.com ?