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I am interested, but I would like to see animations for electronic commerce.

My online store is selling cell phones. And it would be good to add animations, for home delivery, withdrawal in the local, payment of credit card and cash, payment from the mobile, product guarantee for 1 year, online support, support via chat ….

I do this work for free, but I’ll be glad if you share my product in any social networks.

Once I buy this product, I will send you my mail. Do not worry. It is for personal use.

good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Thank you, same to you!

interesting product! nice. more animations please!

Thanks you for the comment! Please, say me. What an animation will be useful for you?

I love it man! very beautiful, can I’ve a custom animation for the following please? http://imgur.com/a/cvunB

Am I correct in assuming that you want to have three custom animations made by plugin author? On the topics:

- Making a new mobile app - Starting a new business - Selling a product online

I’ve got this error http://imgur.com/a/8k4JA any idea why?


Gentle reminder please

The issue is resolved

Thank you, man!

Good work, I’ll buy it tomorrow.

Thanks! You can count on my help.



^^ Hey, :), i forgot; in a “https” site it has a problem n not showing an image. just as info. :)

The issue is resolved


Is it possible in type Inline Page Widget to put rectangular sizes for the end of the posts?


Hello! Can you make a site screenshot with a simple sketch of banner in the right sizes and send it to hello@svgsprite.com ?


dtyomer Purchased

Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://faqphone.com/yazarlarimiz/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint ‘http://res.cloudinary.com/svgsprite-com/raw/upload/v1480537619/donate_bear.json'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. Help krylov


dtyomer Purchased

Problem fixed thanks :D

dtyomer, thanks you for the purchase ;)

Hi there, pre-selling question, if ever we don’t want to use an animation, can we simply add an image instead?

Hello. Thanks you for the purchase. Yes, you can use any custom jpg, gif, png, svg images.


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Hi, there’s problem with any image either from plugin library or upload, it will look compressed on desktop, mobile looks fine. I already message you yesterday with link to my website, looking forward for reply.

The issue is resolved


redzrex Purchased

Thank you for the fix, awesome plugin :)

Are you planning to release any additional animations set?

Hello and thank you for the purchase. I am in the process. What animation will be useful for you?

I’m personally after more donation options.

It will be also a good thing to have standalone items that you use on your animations. Like the pulsing coin and heart, the floating priest… etc.

Thanks for your hard work :)

Is it possible that the link in the bottom looks like a button

Thank you for the purchase. You can add a customize any elements via CSS as you want. I made a mini-guide: https://svgsprite.com/monstertv/mini-guides/custom-css.jpg + a code example: https://svgsprite.com/monstertv/mini-guides/custom-css.txt

Nice puglin. I have one sugestion: If you ad a MailChimp integration it would be the best thing. Instead of a link an email form. :)

Thanks! I want to add it in the next big plugin update.

There´s a way to use de images without the plugin? The plugin is causing some bugs with my theme.

Can you make a screenshot of the bug? There’s a direct way to use animated images from the plugin. But you need some web coding skills. On this page: https://svgsprite.com/demo.htm?ex=4 you can see an example – how it works. Full guideline: https://github.com/bodymovin/bodymovin. I can send you source files on your email.


dtyomer Purchased

Update problem art_krylov. http 500 error

Hello! I checked it now on my sites (http & https) – there are no problems. Please send me any details of this error. In any case, I can send you the latest distributive via email.

Hi, can the description section contain external URL link? and will this work with mobile device viewing?

Hello. Yes, you can use links in the description section. Usage: https://svgsprite.com/monstertv/mini-guides/link-in-description.jpg. Mobile devices are supported: https://svgsprite.com/monstertv/mini-guides/mobile-examples.jpg