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How to get App ID and Leaderboaard ID ?

How Can Remove Leaderboaard if i don’t need

Pls, Inform

To get App ID and Leaderboard ID you need to setup your game in Google Play Services. Of course you can remove it

Hello. Can i open the project with using android studio or eclipse?


your application is already present on Google play. if we buy, we can not add it to the store

It’s template, I have uploaded it on Google Play as demo. You can change graphics or some else in sorce code and make your app.

can you remove it from google play

i want to publish it

Hi , I buy this project today can you please tell me how to change the background because I didn’t find it on the drawble folder .

yes I find it thank you. isit possible to change the color by a picture ?

yes, you can replace file bg.xml with file bg.png for example

Thank you so much I love you man. I will buy the next project from you for sure

Hi after publishing the game after changing teh package name and everything , the google + sign in service keep telling me failed to sign in. please check your network connection and try again and it’s the same on my friends phones so can you tells me what the problem should be?should I change the app id to the same package name ? also should I let the leaderboard as it is because I am not pro

so I can’t use google playservices and BaseGameUtils directly from the project I downoad , I should import a new one ?

I don’t know why you cannot, in my Eclipse all work fine.

Flash thank you dude I understand now. Have a great weekend and sorry for thoses questions :) the problem wasn’t in your project it was mine because I didn’t understand that I should setup the game settings on the google play not in eclipse

To import into Eclipse, without any change tried to reproduce in Genymotion and generating APK but the APP does not start, it displays the error: Unfortunately, Monsters has stopped, or stopped Monsters. What can be?I realized the import correctly the two librarys.

Problem is in your Google’s OAuth 2.0 authentication. Please read here how to configure it – https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/OpenIDConnect

Hello, unfortunately the instructions are very superficial, you just tells you which folders to import and where to insert the “admob code” and “google play services id”.

Following this procedure can not even start the APP on Genymotion or an android smartphone. I use Eclipse and the APIs are correct as the screens showing in his instructions.

Bought two codes with you this and Remember Hat and find the same difficulty in both.

Hi, very nice app, can I change the Monster to a charterer of my own? Can you please add me skype: mmarhama I need to discuss some customization.

Thanks Mustafa

Yes, you can. I don’t do customization

Can you at least change the monster for my own characters, I have 4 characters?

I’m having an issue where the monsters are going to fast that they are not scoring when tapped. What line in Main.java do I use to slow them down just a bit?

line 77: final int show_time = 350;

many drawable files wich one i must change ?

Different drawable folders for different screen resolutions. Change all you need

How can I remove the leaderboard?

hi, please give me a document with your permission to use this because google dev account suspend my app and they want a permission from the developer please send me an email wajdi.baccouche1987@gmail.com

What permission? You don’t need any permission from me. Maybe you don’t replace my AdMob ID or package name in source and that’s why Google suspend your app.

google dev account suspend The api-project-72959600290 project does not meet the conditions for using Google. Describe your use of the API or project

My Google AdMob account has been suspended becouse some people who buy my sources don’t change my AdMob ID in source.

Hi what is the engine you used to creat this game

No engine, pure Java

what’s new in this update?

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio