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Hello, OLDenWeb where download Hillmix Game Map Editor? Site return 404 error. Please Help, or send editor on shipilov@nelset.com. Have a nice day, and thank you for good work!

Now the website is here – http://hillmix.sitehive.com.ua

Hello Sir. I want to buy but need to first some information. If I reskeen this game and upload it to playsore.. Is there any possible to banned my game??

Hello i want buy code source but i need know can I edit this game with eclipse and what last version lib google play service ?

Hello. do you think you’ll be doing an update soon? to add another option. thank you and have a nice day.

Hello, I open hillmix editor and it ask me to update latest version, but I can access your site?

Hello, please help me, Admob isn’t showing.I did change the package and I disabled the test ads in the strings.xml and enabled admob but still the ads are not showing up. The AdMob ID is working in another apps but here not, i tried different id’s. I even uploaded the game on Google Play but still not showing ads!!

Send me the link to the app, I want to see myself

Hello. I have this problem at startup Android Studio. the path D:/ android sdk does not belong to a directory.

You can check admob in test mode. But I think the real ads you will see after the app will be uploaded on the Google Play.


DeV-App1 Purchased

Okay, I too agree with you, thanks for your help. have a good day.

Hello everyone. for the admob_test is what you need to activate or deactivate (false or true)

<item name=”show_admob” type=”bool”>false</item> <!- Show AdMob (true/false) ->

<item name="admob_test" type="bool">false</item> <!- AdMob test mode (true/false) ->

I wan try demo , but site dosnt work !!

Why not works? There are a direct link to the app.