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I bought it, but I just wanted to run on ios 7.1 or higher and only integrated iAd. You can send me a mail: I sincerely thank!

Hi, we have already send you mail.

Hi, I have received mail, and I’m glad of that. Thank you very much. ^^

You welcome. Good luck with game!


I bought this item and it’s crashing all the time when playing and it’s giving the following error:

the debug log: ” [VUNGLESDK] net queue ticking… [VUNGLESDK] SDK ticking… [PTPlayer] – add level section: 1484 (lldb) “

And then it crashes. It always crashes when it’s trying to do this “[PTPlayer] – add level section”

We was checking App on different devices and simulators and we have discover that Vungle Ads have some issue in serving Ads, and that that one is causing crashes in game.

We will fix this and make new code that we will update on CodeCanyon.

Thank you for your patience. If you sed us your mail or contact us threw our Profile page it will be faster to receive updated code.

it has been 27 days since i contact you about the app its been crashing and i can’t get any answer from you.

We have update code couple days ago. You should download new file and try it.

In plan is also updating code with different character, which is upcoming.

What’s new in the update?

Download new file from your Download folder, there is source code 1.3


I e-mailed you regarding the new update you provided. Please get back to me asp!

We have update code, go to Download folder and download new code 1.3 ( Disable Vungle Ads, Fixed graphic issue with iPad )

I already downloaded that one, you gave it to me in an e-mail. It’s still not working, Apple has rejected it due to crashing in iPad.

We will go threw files that you send us and try to fix it, We will let you now as soon as we fix it.

Thank you for your patience.

is this game build with buildbox or favor cocos2dx? this is xml base or code base?

It’s made with BuildBox.

Will you be adding an iap to remove ads?

We already working on adding IAP, it will be on our next update in upcoming days.

You told me before that you gonna to add more backgrounds to the game ? thanks

We still working on it, as we had some issue with code, is not finished still. We plan to release in upcoming updates of code.

What is new in the update?

Added Multiple Character Selection In Game.

What is new in this update?

We have update SDK’s and optimize gameplay.

Just bought it, but it keeps crashing during playing, it happens randomly. I’m playing on iOS 6 Iphone

Please send us your crashing report.

just bought the software getting error build path problems DO you have android studio version …or what is the problem

Please send us message through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 with screenshot of error.

as u say it built in buildbox, can I edit it in xcode. I am not a buildbox guy. pls confirm also game has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

Hi there,
Game have 64bit support and iPhone6S Resolution already.
For editing in Xcode, you will be limited with some of function in game, but we can assist you in this.
If you briefly explain what you was talking about when you say edit in Xcode, we can help you with this.
You can contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

In xcode like adding new ad framework banner and full screen ads at some place of my choice in the game. that is what i was talking about.

What we can do for you is to add heyZap Advertising in game, and you can through HeyZap Dashboard add 3-th Party Advertising Networks, for Banner and for Interstitial Ads.

Hi, there are three IAP in the code. I see all of them are “No ads” with different price. How does this work?

HI, you need to setup all three IAP in game
You never now how much someone is willing to give to remove ads from game, especially if they live you game.

Okay. By the way, I don’t see buildbox file in the project file downloaded. Since i need to make changes to game physics and button positions, can you send the buildbox file?

Please contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1