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Game developed in which platform ??

Hi there
Game is based on Cocos2DX Platform ( BuildBox2.0 Game Engine )

can it imported to android studio? and do you provide images to reskin it or we should create it ourselves? thanks

Hi there,
You can import into Android Studio, but we will advise you to make all change first in Eclipse Engine and then to import code.

With download folder you will get all images hat have been used in game in PNG file, together with PSD file for easy reskin process

so do you provide other images beside you have used?

No, this will be Reskin Process already. You will need to change our images with your in PSD file and save it.

I didnt use this app. No ads working. And eclipse has more error.

Already Replied.

what is the difference on this for Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2

This game have multiple race words to choose for playing, as other one have just one race to play.

Getting the error skipping file ’.dummy’ due to ANDROID_AAPT_IGNORE pattern

Please do not run game in any Simulator, use your device to try game.
IF you will need more assistance please let us now.

ok, thats right now

You welcome.

Ads is not working, i need active something?, i changed the ids right but doenst appears, tks

Please continue communication on email, no need to messages twice.

i send u the informations, please tell me if u recieved

We have received inf that you have send us, please bear in mind time difference and working hours.
We will have look at it and will be back to you.

hello admin eclipse no suppoted by android only need android studio pakge

Here is link to video importing Eclipse Project into Android Studio
Please make all change in Eclipse first and then import Project into Android Studio.

hi when i import the android file to eclips it gave me a problem in google play service lib and the build path

Did you update your google-play-lib-service in SDK manager?
Do you follow steps described in documentation file importing both source code and google-play-lib-service into Eclipse.

yes i did import both source code and google-play-lib-service into Eclipse but still gives me an path error

Delete project from your Eclipse, and delete Project from your computer.
Make new file download and unzip file, importing new source code in Eclipse.