Monster Truck Stunt 2 - 3 Track For GamePlay

Monster Truck Stunt 2 - 3 Track For GamePlay


1.1 Updated libpng lib for Google Play Store.


Monster Truck Stunts 2 is on of those games that is easy to play but hard to master!

The main purpose of game is to be easy flip reskin and highly converting App.

Drive Monster Truck 2 in this awesome game. Jump and be best driver out there!!!

Sometimes you need to lean your Truck front or back to jump and land on the ground!

You have 3 Tracks to choose from, 3 Worlds In Game, choose on that suit you the best!!!

Left side controls are for back/brake and forward/gas.

Right side controls are made to correct your landing to lean forward or backward.

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Monster Truck Stunt 2 - 3 Track For GamePlay - 1

Try the game:
Monster Truck Stunts 2 .apk


Source code with universal support, Phone and Tablet support.

Game Artwork is included with .PSD file

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