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nice one, good luck with sales.

would have loved this as a wp plugin…

Thank you!


Can you communicate an example of json file ?

I tested your example, but that does not function. :)

I would like to use it since a file php (array).

Thanks! Mick

Hi! Of course, I can. You can send me your version of JSON response and I will correct it.


Thank you for quality for your work and your reactivity ! :)

Your script is perfect! :)

5 stars


very great script , whish you lots of sales ! :)



Would it be possible to add a pagination with a significant number of results (<< next – prev >>) on AJAX support?

Thanks! Mick

The new version is out. Ask for help if you need it

Did you integrate the table heading? Thanks again!

What table heading?


I keep getting the JavaScript error message below. “Unable to get property ‘fn’ of undefined or null reference”.

$.fn.ready(function () { $(’#app-templates’).monolist(); });

In my page, I am using other JavaScript files. They are listed below:

jquery-1.7.min.js jquery-ui-1.8.16.min.js jquery.mousewheel.pack.js jquery.fancybox.pack.js

How do I resolve the error?


Thanks! It is exactly what I need. I put img tag inside the button. Here is my code:

// value in this case maybe "Events & Happenings".
$.fn.monolistData.buttonTemplate = function (value, imagePath) {
return '<button type="button" class="ml-button">' + 
'<img alt="" class="ml-button-image" src="' + imagePath + '" />
<br /></button>';            

After testing, I noticed a few things. 1) Button click is weird. It works fine in FireFox and IE when either the image or button is clicked. However in Chrome, if you click on the image inside the button, the list display becomes blank.

2) I’m trying to display the image inside the button based on the “value” (it’s category name in this case). For example, I might display “category-events.png” for the value “Events & Happenings”, “category-miscel.png” for the value “Miscellaneous”, etc. But it seems to me that the imagePath is null or blank. Any tips?

For your first problem, please send me a message here & I send you back corrected js files.
For your second problem, please try this:
$.fn.monolistData.buttonTemplate = function (value) {
    var imgPath;
    switch (value) {
        case 'Events & Happenings':
            imgPath = 'category-events.png';
        case 'Miscellaneous':
            imgPath = 'category-miscel.png';
            imgPath = '';
    return '<button type="button" class="ml-button">' + 
'<img alt="" class="ml-button-image" src="' + imgPath + '" /><br /></button>';

Thanks! I’ve just sent an email to you as well.

What is the unminified, uncompressed size of the javascript file? Thanks.

Basic version – 15kb
Data version – 13kb
AJAX version – 15kb

Hello, Your javascript is exactly what I am looking for for my website but I have the presale question. I don’t know at all how to deal with the javascript, so I would like to know if it’s easy to integrate within the theme. Do you have this script in plugin ? Thanks,

Do you have link to that page? Maybe sketch of what you want?, this is my page, I want to create a page with the list to link to designers shows ^^.

No. My plugin won’t suit your needs, I mean to do what you want here, won’t be just put script & that’s it. You have a pagination here. If all of your shows was loaded altogether than it would be easy, but the performance (page load) will lack. You still can achieve what you want with my plugin, but you’ll need a developer, who can write server-side code.

How to hide the % button and make a specific character the first character to display ,my list is too long I cant show all items? and how to make some letters as (similar), in arabic the letter Alef can be written in 3 different forms ( ? ? ?) but they are the same and the plugin will only show one.

Hi! The plugin can’t unite different written forms of a letter to one button.
How to hide the % button
You can’t hide % button unless you enable multilingual support. This feature is based on the assignment of the regular expression’s letters interval. So you need to understand that multilingual feature is limited to Javascript RegExp possibilities. I don’t know the Arabic language, but the basic principle is to point the first and the last letter of the alphabet. For example, for the Russian language you can init plugin with this option:
    addLettersRange: '?-?',
How to … make a specific character the first character to display
As pointed in the docs:
By default, after plugin initialization the first available navigation button will be selected. You can assign any button selected. For example, if you want to choose a letter ’s’, you need to initialize the plugin with the next option
    initLetter: 's'
The plugin can’t unite different written forms of a letter to one button.
But you can bypass this by using data navigation version of the plugin. Basically, what you need to do is to assign data-ml-nav=”your preferred written form of Alef letter” to items.

can this show all letters, even ones without any posts, just disabled

Your posts are loaded on first request (with basic html page response) or will be loaded lately with AJAX requests?

You deserve more sales than you are getting. This looks like a great script.


Hi, Does it support custom hierarchical taxonomy?

What do you mean by that? Navigation by first letter, than by first two letters? Or something different?