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I don’t think you get any sales on that game with that price. You gotta match the rest of the items here in Codecanyon. That’s my advice of the day.

Nevertheless, GLWS! :)

Yeah, it is not about how much effort you put into your games. But you need to give a decent price for users in here.

You’ll sell more quantity if you reduce the price, but as you wish. Check my Stats by selling just $12-$18 games.

I disagree again. I had lower-priced games, as low as $14 and they didn’t do well, except the one that was purchased with the extended license for 5 times bigger price. And all of my prices are decent and fair for both sides as already stated.

Nice application at resonable price. Best of luck with sales.

Thank you very much!

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks a lot!

Is too expensive man, just look at top products that require 10 times more work that you put in your game and they are maximum 25$. You are overestimating your product, the buyer dosen’t care how much you worked on it he sees the product and trust me they will not pay that much for it.

Just a thought.

Hi. There are games that cost $39 of less complexity (a colored dots), after ADP was activated, and that’s just version for Android. Same game, version for iOS costs exactly the same price. That’s total of $39 + $39 = $78. Now, please bear with me. That’s more costly than my game which works on Android, iOS, Tizen, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, tvOS, Web Player, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 can be deployed to Windows Store, WebGL, and Samsung TV. Just a single project, exact same functionality on dozen of platforms. My word of advice to you would be to leave authors to decide prices on their own, because bickering about how much you’d like authors to price their products won’t lower the price. I made price be more than fair for both sides. I’m making more complex games and will definitely price them more. If I make a complex RTS game it will surely cost more than this game. But for me to dive into making something more complex I first need to see if there is a market for it here if people are willing to pay more. If not,I simply won’t be making more games, it’s not a big deal, I’m already making 50 times more doing freelance work. I’m new here, so I just want to see if this works or not for me.

Still is too expensive usually a user owns either an adroid or iphone. If I were you I would developed a version for iphone and one for android this way the price would have been less and you would have larger covrage.

I am in selling apps for more the 10 years trust me I know what I am saying. What are you preffering selling this 2 times per moth or have two aps for ios and android with lower prices and sell them 50 per month.

Don’t take this comment in a negative way I am just trying to help you I know how difficult it is to develp a game.

Regards. Tibi – FWD.

Well, like I said I’m a freelancer for 15 years and for the past 6-7 years I’ve only worked for people who have both Android and iOS and are releasing for both, so your friendly comment about how “a user owns either an android or iphone” doesn’t fit into my reality. Even people who owned just one of the two still wanted to release for both. Just because you’re presuming what you think is the case, it doesn’t mean it is, it’s just your presumption that is refuted by reality :)

So, again, like I already said, this is intended for people who are serious and want to re-skin easily and release for 2 or more platforms. This is not for people who want to play on their iPhone, it’s for people who want to make money with it by releasing for multiple platforms. Those people will recognize themselves, if there are such people on this market, if not, I simply won’t release more games here.

I agree with the commentators. This is too high a price for the job. My games are also on all platforms, but cost up to $ 18 and that’s fine. But as this section of code, the price of the game to $ 25 is normal

I think the purpose of ADP is for the author to set the price, not you. Are you the author of my game?

CoderGames Don’t let anyone influence you in your pricing. If you decide to lower your price later down the line you are free to do so. What I think some of the other Authors fail to realize is according to the terms of the ADP we are not allowed to influence each others pricing. This practice falls under the heading of “Price Fixing”. here is a link that details the issue: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204429024 “discussion about pricing of items in author-driven pricing categories is not permitted under any circumstances.”

Finally a voice of wisdom. Those previous guys were not fully aware of ADP’s rules and purpose, despite the fact that we all received email with links to inform ourselves about it. The biggest reason why ADP is introduced is to allow more complex apps and games to be developed. Authors simply were not motivated enough to put months of work into something that will cost $20. I’m one of those. It’s great to make a game with colored circles and release it for $13-$20 for a single platform, but to make a more complex game that works on multiple platforms needing only to be re-skinned and altered once and release for the same price, I don’t think so, at least, it’s not acceptable for me. So another advice to all the other guys who bickered about my prices should avoid commenting on my items from now on. You can avoid my items very easily, just look at the bottom right corner and if there’s a logo CG in it, do not click nor comment.

games1up, thanks again for stopping the chain of abuse.

And a note to everyone: I will not lower the price of this item, ever. In a way this will allow certain exclusivity to whoever buys it first. I hope there will be people here who’re looking for that, if not, then I will not release more games.

During my past years of freelancing I’ve noticed that, as far as we’re talking about games, exclusivity was very important to everyone who were hiring me, so they wouldn’t shy away from paying amounts of up to $5K for casual games and many times more for RPG, RTS and FPS games. That’s because exclusivity means more profit, whoever releases it first profits the most.

If people like that don’t exist on this market, this is definitely not a place for me or maybe I’ll start releasing colored circles, rectangles, triangles and lines kinds of games and see how that goes. Those are definitely worth $10-$20 with the source code.

Congrats on your decision of not lowering the price. The game is not worth buying and the graphics are not as good as they should be for that price.

Thanks. The graphics are deliberately basic, it is presumed that the buyer will re-skin the game before releasing. Source code and ability to change something once and release for dozen different platforms is worth the money, more money, but I lowered my original intention of releasing it for $99. Like I said I’m making 10-50 times more making custom games for clients, so there are people who pay money, it’s just that they’re not here, so this market is probably not for me, but I’ll visit it from time to time nonetheless, maybe even releasing more games. However, more complex games require more time and effort therefore they will cost more, so I’m not prepared to release such games here, if it means buyers here are used to buying everything for up to $20.

Clean and good, GLWS :)