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If i want 2 sell a product & fix a price for it by this system , then can a buyer able to buy product , is it well documented

Hi kkkk2222,

There is detailed documentation.The documentation has following;

  • Detailed description of product
  • Sample code usages
  • Sample screenshots
    • I can say that, if you want to buy this product, documentation helps you on using this product easily.


Just curious what n is different about this than the other money booker script I bought on codecanyon? Maybe I can use upgrade :)

Hi webguy, In this script, there is several functions for moneybookers payment system.For example, you don’t need to initiaize a form for creating payment/donate buttons.It can be done by one command.Form generations are also has functions in multiple ways(One by one or complete).In order to use this script, just configure one file and you are ready to use!.There is also detailed documentation with multiple examples. Thanks

Does this support multiple payment gateways?

This payment system is only for moneybookers.

Moneybooker has a new API and changed their name

Thanks for your comment, i know they changed their system, i placed it into tags(skrill). People still search this payment system as “moneybookers”, so that’s why i gave this name.This moneybookers system contains latest API integration.

The button is not working? And why the title/description is not forwarded?


Moneybookers has changed their API . Thanks for your warn. For quick fix you can do these steps;

in MoneyBookers.php edit

public function addSubmitButton($caption) {
        echo '<input class="submit" type="submit" name="mbsubmit" value="' . $caption . '" />';

like this

public function addSubmitButton($caption) {
        echo '<input class="submit" type="submit" name="mbsubmit" value="' . $caption . '" />';

You’ve posted two times the same :)

Yeah you are right :) Sorry for that, and the correct statement;

You can change this

public function addSubmitButton($caption) {
        echo '<input class="submit" type="submit" name="submit" value="' . $caption . '" />';

to this

public function addSubmitButton($caption) {
        echo '<input class="submit" type="submit" name="mbsubmit" value="' . $caption . '" />';

Hey there,

Does this script have a callback function for when the transaction is complete, and what information does it send?



There is no callback page for this script. Because, in callback page there is db and billing operations.And there is many alternatiives for that. I leave them to this script users.



Does your plugin supports dynamic currency conversions while displaying the MONEYBOOKERS payment page or only a static one which will be specified only in site’s posts/pages??

No such a feature, i am doing that kind of extra things as freelance work


I’ve been trying to get this work but I continiously get

addElement('description', '', 'Item Name', 'single', 'text')?> addElement('amount', '', 'Amount', 'single', 'text')?> addElement('currency', 'EUR,GDB,TRY', 'Currency', 'multi', 'text')?>

Displayed on the page instead of the called object/input box

Thanks for your purchase. Probably, you are not able to run php. Your code cannot be compiled by php. It is runned as simple html file

Hope this work with Skrill as well

Have you managed to make it worked with Skrill?

Can this payment gateway accept (Credit Cards)? I tried the demo and all that showed was (Skrill Digital Wallet)...

Could you please check browser console log?

Where can I locate that please?

You can open console by pressing F12 while you are on chrome browser

I get this error when the script take me to Skrill

Unfortunately your payment cannot be processed because Skrill does not support this transaction.

Why is that?

if I need it and want you to install it into my PHP website, do you will do that !, if yeas, I will order it .

I have no interest in this product, please give us money.