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Nice work GLWS :)


fantastic work :) !



How difficult would it be to add a third radio button “transferred” on the add transaction page next to “paid” and “received”. this option would be for if you are transferring money within your own accounts, so this type of transaction would never affect the overall balance.i would purchase if it had this feature. thanks.

Thanks for your interest in my script. If you need a change to add new option “transferred” on the add transaction page, you can do it if you are a developer otherwise you need to hire a developer for this change after purchase item. Thanks

is it multiuser?

Yes it is multiuser. You can have as many user as you like for types(admin and user). Thanks evian2004 for your interest.

Thank you for your response.

Could you please indicate point to point what is required to convert this script into SaaS? In this way a lot of users will be able to register and track their finances.

Thanks st1s

cant download report and need view only function (for user only for view)

Hello, any updates coming? I tested that It is not mobile responsive.

Sorry I tested it mobile responsive, can we anything about the reports. They need to scroll horizontally.

Can you add: 1. Bill Reminder 2. Create custom Names and categories.

Sotware has issues, any updates according to new php version?

hello, can this app be customized (name,logo,colour,add features) can this be used as SaaS

can you make changes & customize app for me

Yes sure. Please email me your requirements to make changes.

I have mail requirements to you no response from you