Money Management Pro 2.1

Money Management Pro 2.1

What Is Tricky Money Management Pro ?

Multiple Business One Software

Tricky Money Management Pro is most easy Multi user Web based accounting system. It is full ajax based accounting system which has no page reloading. It is A multi User Accounting Software so you can create unlimited user and keep individual accounts. You can Manage Multiple business accounting using this software.

Features And Functions

  • Multi User Accounting System
  • Membership System
  • PayPal Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Multi Language Support
  • Create Unlimited User
  • Full Ajax based System
  • Great User Friendly Interface with Material Design
  • Super Easy to Install
  • Powerful Dashboard With Graph And Chart
  • Create Unlimited Personal Accounts/Bank Accounts
  • Keep Your All Income
  • Keep Your All Expense
  • Transfer Money From Account to Account
  • Keep Repeating Income
  • Keep Repeating Expense
  • Unlimited Income And Expense Category Support
  • Unlimited Payee And Payer Support
  • Unlimited Payment Method Support
  • Database Backup
  • Two Types Of User Management

Powerful Report Generate

  • Account Statement
  • Income Report By Date
  • Income Report By Day
  • Expense Report By Date
  • Expense Report By Day
  • Transfer Report
  • Income VS Expense Report
  • Report By Chart Of Accounts
  • Report By Payer
  • Report By Payee

Demo Admin

Username :

Username : 12345

Update Notes

Version 2.1 – 13-Aug-2018

+ Improve UI
+ Improve Performance
+ Add Yearly Income VS Expense Chart
+ Fix Some Minor Issue

Version 2.0 – 25-May-2017

+ Add Membership System
+ Add PayPal & Stripe Payment gateway 
+ Add Transaction delete option
+ Add Company Information for user
+ Separate Currency option for every user 
+ Increase Security
+ Update UI

Version 1.2.1 – 13-March-2016

+ Add Loading Progress Bar
+ Fix Some Minor Issue

Version 1.2 – 10-March-2016

+ Multi Language Support
+ Free User Sign Up
+ Minor Bug Fix
+ UI Upgrade

Version 1.0 – 15-Nov-2015

+ Initial Release