Smart Cash - Multi Company Accounts Billing & Inventory(SaaS)

Smart Cash - Multi Company Accounts Billing & Inventory(SaaS)

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What is Smart Cash ?

Smart Cash is multi company supported (SaaS) Accounting software with CRM, Billing and Inventory features. Smart Cash system build with Laravel. It is very easy to use, highly secure, clean and professional design. You can use it for your multiple business and also you can earn money by selling subscription to other company.This script comes with all necessary tools and features which can be used in different types of business. You don’t need to pay monthly/yearly for this script. Only one time payment and life time use. Each company can manage his business separately. This Script comes with multi language feature so you can translate this script into multiple language without knowing any coding knowledge. This script also comes with one click auto installer so you can install this script in your server without any extra technical knowledge.

Core Features

  • Multi Company Supported
  • Subscription Based System
  • Multi Language
  • PayPal & Stripe Supported
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Product Management
  • Service Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Purchase Order
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales Return
  • Invoice & Quotation
  • Accept Direct Payment from Client
  • Bank & Cash Accounts
  • Income/Deposit
  • Expense Management
  • Recurring Transaction
  • Supplier Management
  • Unlimited Staff Management
  • Dynamic Access Control
  • Tax Settings
  • Email Template
  • RTL Supported
  • Many More …

Login Details


Email :
Password: 123456

Demo Company

Email :
Password: 123456

Demo Client

Email :
Password: 123456

Update Notes

Version 3.3.2 – 20-November-2021

+ Fixed Contact Delete issues
+ Fixed Product descriptions while convert Invoice
+ Fixed Expense Category issues on expense report
+ Fixed Euro Symbol issues on Invoice Export
+ Disable Transfer Edit button
+ Fixed Others Minor issue

Version 3.3.1 – 24-August-2021

+ Fixed Invoice PDF Export Issues
+ Fixed PDF currency symbol issue
+ Fixed PDF Logo issues
+ Fixed Others Minor issue

Version 3.3 – 05-August-2021

+ Fixed Invoice product description update issue
+ Fixed Quotation product description store & update issue
+ Added Product description in purchase order pdf export
+ Fixed product cost instead of product price in purchase order
+ Fixed Others Minor issue

Version 3.3 – 13-Jun-2021

+ Fixed PayPal Payment Issues
+ Fixed Purchase Payment Issues
+ Fixed Invoice Payment Issues
+ Fixed Others Minor issue

Version 3.2 – 17-May-2021

+ Update Laravel Version to 8.12
+ Update whole user interface
+ Added GST/Multiple TAX adding system
+ Adding Invoice Filter
+ Adding Purchase Order Filer
+ Update PayPal Checkout
+ Update Stripe Checkout
+ Added Google Login
+ Added Facebook Login
+ Added Role Based Permission
+ Improve Security
+ Added Invoice Payment without client login
+ Fixed Inventory Issues
+ Others Minor issue Fixed

Version 3.1 – 02-May-2020

+ Make Contact Login Optional
+ Contact Email Issue Fixed
+ Invoice PDF Export
+ Quotation PDF Export
+ Purchase Order Printing
+ Purchase Order PDF Export
+ Supplier Email Issue Fixed
+ Tax Issue Fixed
+ Others Minor issue Fixed

Version 3.0 – 11-Jul-2019

+ Completely new build from Codeigniter to Laravel
+ Change Name to Smart Cash
+ Add Invoice
+ Add Quotation
+ Add Inventory
+ Added ton of new features

Version 2.1 – 13-Aug-2018

+ Improve UI
+ Improve Performance
+ Add Yearly Income VS Expense Chart
+ Fix Some Minor Issue

Version 2.0 – 25-May-2017

+ Add Membership System
+ Add PayPal & Stripe Payment gateway 
+ Add Transaction delete option
+ Add Company Information for user
+ Separate Currency option for every user 
+ Increase Security
+ Update UI

Version 1.2.1 – 13-March-2016

+ Add Loading Progress Bar
+ Fix Some Minor Issue

Version 1.2 – 10-March-2016

+ Multi Language Support
+ Free User Sign Up
+ Minor Bug Fix
+ UI Upgrade

Version 1.0 – 15-Nov-2015

+ Initial Release