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I was wondering about: paypal – payza – skrill

Exchange Bitcoin to Bitcoin. Seriousely?

No have function bitcoin to bitcoin. Please contact with support if you have questions

What is the Status of this script?? Is this fully functional now? No more error? Still under API and all money exchange supported or added in this script already? I’m asking question cause I want to buy the script but I read lot of negative feedback.. Also Demo is not working…

I saw your script (BitExchanger v2.0) and I have urgent question: - now I have $100 in paypal, if I move it to skrill, what will it take as transaction ?

Will be like payment to company address.

you said 1cent from each 1 usd, right?

Can you send me the username and password for the Admin demo at

I don’t know if this has the features I want…I need a platform where I sell stuffs like PayPal, bit coin etc….all users need to do is click Buy…and it will show a form… For example if u buying PayPal it shows u where to enter your PayPal I.d and give u my bank to pay to..when I receive payment I credit the paypal acct.. Pls let me know

Email us to offer you

I sent u a new email with the screen shot of what I want…. Can u edit this for additional charges? Reply to email pls

Check your email

hi i like your both script i have some qustion one can i add multi coin exchange in bitcoinsmarket script and can i ad more new coin in BitExchanger script do you have any androids app also for it

Hello contact with to answer your questions

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more than 2 weeks , he say will do every day to me , but still nothing , this is the way he support his clients, still have many bugs , i really dont know when can solve it,

We know how to aolve if have bug. We tell you many yime that you want is custom edit and its not bug..

ok, i know you are working on it , thanks!

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dont buy anything with then they dont give any services check this transaction in my paypal account with the name “intraweb” i paid it from his website and bought 2 scripts but never got any service

Can you go to now live chat is online.

this is not my email send you email now check

Hi your script is pretty good but compared to your other scripts the design lacks a little bit if you can change the design i can buy it

Thanks but this script use changer api for exchanges. If you want full exchanger contact us

can you make a good customer support ?

The issue you want to fix is not issue from script, its made by your modifications, so we work to make something to fix your issue.

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, admin username and password is not working..

Try now.

Hi, Thank you for reply still not logging in. admin / admin

Thanks Umair

Try now.

I need help. When I try to exchange to Payeer or PM, it says invalid account. I’ve sent a few support emails and have received no reply. Anybody able to assist? Thanks

Send support email to

Just sent. Hope there is a reply this time.

Well, no reply to that email after 36 hours later.

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Hi Do you provide PHP source code? Because I want to modify to add new cyptocurrencies. Kindly reply urgently thanks.

yes you receive full source.

Hello can i use the design in multiple domains ?

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

How much would you charge for a good design? I am interested in buying it but if you can add that service.

Contact us via support email to help you.

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