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fully responsive?

The only option is a set size and full screen

a set size you can change

Where is the error?

It was on the live preview. It’s gone now but there is now a fatal error

It should be working now.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Server not found

Firefox can’t find the server at demo.monetizerpro.com.

Live preview is down. :/

Sorry temporary patch back up now

can i embed videos from vodlocker ,putlocker , sharelocker with it ?

dont work

Please provide more detail on what doesn’t work.

I have tested out the install, uploading of videos, each video type, as well as google chrome, mozilla firefox, and internet explorer and everything appears to be functional.

I am sorry you are having problems, please provide more detail and I would be glad to assist you.

Hello, i would like to buy this plugin but i dont know it is compatible for my requirement , i have a site http://www.radiolord.com/ then i need to make a post like this http://www.radiolord.com/?p=24518 i need to add a multiple streams one post, i need to get know it is possible with your this plugin ,please reply me, Thanks

This plugin does not have streaming online channels, but I am interested in adding this. It can only stream youtube, and vimeo right now.

wondering if i can link content from Amazon S3 storage solution?

It does not have this feature, but I will add it in on the next release.

I have added an update to make Amazon S3 videos embeddable in your website.

No skins? where do you put the Key to unlock?

The videos show but the skins do not?

If you could please go to a page on your site that the skins do not show, right click on the page and select view page source, then please copy and paste the contents in an email to support@monetizerpro.com

Hi. I have an interactive swf file that I want to play on screen. Its an interactive book when the user can actively turn pages. Will your plugin be able to embed it using a shortcode in a post or woocommerce product?

I dont understand. I have an animation swf file. When I upload it, it will be presented as HTML5 and be compatible with all browsers?

No, the swf file is a back up in case the html 5 mp4, ogv, and webm do not work.

I will add in a swf file as an option at the next release.

Plugin does not work for me. Only displays shortcode. Example: http://vemcoconsulting.com/videos-test/

This case has been resolved.

I want to use this player on a flash drive. I want to plug it into a usb port on my television in my store so that i can play a promotional video. Are these things possible with this video player? Also does this player loop? My television does not have a browser or the internet.

I do not believe the player will work without a browser.

working on WordPress 4.4.2 – i cant see the youtube icons on the toolbar

Thank you, I will look into this.

Hi, Just purchased and its not working with Avada theme. It stops the fusion page builder from loading

Try out this new version 1.307 I uploaded.

It seems support for .mov files has run out. I have removed it from ver 1.308 tell me if this fixes the error you are experiencing.

I have some embedded codes (video live stream code), will this player accept it?

What site are they from? You can embed Youtube and Vimeo using just the video id, flv, mp4, and wmv you need to upload the video first and then it can be placed into your page.

“demo.monetizerpro.com took too long to respond.”