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This only seems to be working for CA purchases. Do you have this working with us_ classes?

Hi secoxxx,

Thank you for purchasing our script.

It should be working fine with both US and CA accounts. If you have any troubles setting it up – please send us email through codecanyon profile page and we will assist you.

We wanted to let everybody know that we are going on vacation and will not be available for any requests ( including support ) from September 16 to September 24. All requests will be taken care of as soon as we will be back. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi I have this error :

Payment Status: API token mismatch

Transaction Response: Amount: $null Transaction Type: null Date and Time: null Auth Code: null Response Code: 0 ISO Code: null Response Message: API token mismatch Reference Number: null Goods and Services Order: $ Merchant Name: MyMerchant Merchant URL : Cardholder Name: Buyer Name

Ofcourse I have change some words on this error… Moneris tell me that I have the right Token… so what can I do?:(

Hi xemmex,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We saw your support forum thread – we will reply to that within today.

Hi There,

I’m interested in comparing your solution to one I developed for a client in the past. What functionality does this provide on top of the eSelectPlus reference implementation (SDK) for PHP provided by Moneris?

Am I right to say the prime advantage to using your’s as a base is the JS client-side validation on top of the built-in SDK ’s server-side, also the nice layout and accordion options?

Cheers, BC$

Hi bcmoney,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Main advantage is that you can start accepting payments within 5 minutes after downloading our product (considering that you have approved merchant account from moneris and SSL installed on your server). Other advantages are as you mentioned – js/php validations (custom, not the built in SDK ones). This is ready-to-go application.

I would like to know what kind of implementation this script is using ? Do we need a PA-DSS PCI compliant server to use the script or it is using the direct post or Hosted Pay page of Moneris ?

Does it store credit card or it only pass the values to Moneris ?


It uses direct post – all customers data is passed to Moneris and NOT stored on your server. You don’t need PA-DSS PCI compliant server in this case, however SSL is a must.

Thanks for your fast reply. I just bougth your script and it will surely be a great help to implement Moneris into our web application since it will give me a good direction to start. :)

Thank you for purchasing. If you will have any questions – please feel free to start a new thread at support forums – – we will be happy to assist

Hi Convergine!

I love your payment terminal products! So easy to use!

Quick question – any plans for adding recurring functionality (for Moneris Canada) ? (sorry if question was asked already.. )

Thank you again Lubovj for the kind words!

Yes, it is planned, but unfortunately I cannot provide ETA on this at the moment. Most likely it will be some time in September / October.

Hey Convergine, Is there an option to put more options in the description field? Such as a date picker?

Also, is there a tired pricing option? Or is it all pre-filled amounts or user filled amounts?



Thank you for your interest in our product.

Code is not encrypted and easy to understand/modify. You can add any additional fields per your needs.

As for tiered pricing – please explain a bit more what you’re trying to achieve.

Very interested in this. I’m working on a joomla 2.5x site….hoping I can integrate it. Would need to have yearly recurring payments plus first year is $xxx and further years are $xx. Is this possible?

Hi livvving,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

This is standalone application, and it will work on the same hosting as your joomla site, but you will need to put a link on your site for your customers to find that payment terminal page, or use iframe to show the payment page in joomla site. As for changing yearly payments – there are 2 options: 1) easy: change recurring payment amount after customer signs up, through moneris administration tool, or 2) modify the code to first charge one time $XXX and then right after subscribe to annual subscription with fee of $XX starting form this year + 1.

If I ONLY need to accept Moneris payments, is there any advantage (other than Wordpress capability) to using Credit Card Payments Wordpress with 9 other options?

Hi MonkeyBob,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

There’s no advantage. This is standalone application, not wordpress, and it is only moneris payment terminal (and optional paypal)

Hi there, I am just wondering if there is built in support for using a Moneris Hosted Paypage versus having to have an SSL and collect the credit card details yourself?

Hi yastech,

Unfortunately, no, there is no support for Moneris Hosted PayPage at the moment.

Screwed :-)

Found this module on

Bought, read documentation. Modify config.php

Not good ….while DNN is a dotnet platform.

Hi hsegard,

Not sure what is the issue you’re having. There are many sites which send traffic to – including the one you’re referencing. If you thought it’s a dot net application – you probably can request a refund from Envato for this purchase… you’d need to contact them at

If, however, you’re having issue with our product – please use support forum at – we’ll be happy to help.

hi, using moneris and host the payment page on my server, is there a way to verify the billing address to authorize the payment ?

Also, about the master card secure code, is it possible to make it work with that plugin ?

thank you

Hi odesignc,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Billing address verification would have to be enabled on moneris end, somewhere in account settings.

As for 3d secure / Verified By Visa -> those can be implemented through custom development at the moment.

When I try to make a payment with PayPal , I obtain this : Error! Your credit card is expired.

Hi agencewebphoenix,

Please use support forum for any support related inquiries – – we’ll be happy to help!

is there a way to make it work with wordpress with easy digital download “simple shipping” plugin ?

done i sent you an email :)

Email received, thank you. We’ll reply within today.

i replied you, let me know if you are ok so we can start

bu curiosity, is this one compatible with EDD (easydigitaldownloads) because it says wordpress:

Hi odesignc,

It is wordpress, however it doesn’t mean that it is compatible with any other wordpress plugin, like easydigitaldownloads. Our products were designed to work as a standalone payment terminal (either php or wordpress plugin) – they work fine without any interaction with any other plugin. None of our products will work with easydigitaldownloads without custom development.

would just like to confirm that this product can work as a plugin with wordpress as a payment form that clients can use to pay an invoice, they input the amount and the invoice number and then put through payment

Hi PGweb,

This is not a wordpress plugin – this is standalone terminal. If you’re looking for moneris wordpress plugin you should take a look at our Credit Card Payments for Wordpress plugin –