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I’m experiencing the same issue as @bornalex. Transactions are failing but some eventually get through to Moneris. I’ve contacted @patsatech and am awaiting reply.

I want to know if the plugin is compatible with the reccuring payment from moneris. The reccurency do not occur on a monthly basis but it is the user that select the reccurence date between 21 to 30 days.


Sorry but it doesn’t support recurring transactions.

Is your plugin compatible with WordPress 4.4?

Is there a difference between this plug in with “Moneris US eSELECTplus Gateway for WooCommerce” and “Moneris CA eSELECTplus Gateway for WooCommerce”?


Yes there is a difference as they both have different ways of interacting with the moneris api.

Hi, I keep getting Transaction Failed. API token mismatch


This plugin now work properly? If I want to receive payments from US and CA through moneris should buy two plugin?



You need to purchase the plugin based on from where you have account. If you have a account with Moneris US then buy a US version of plugin. And if you have a Moneris Canada account then you should get Moneris CA plugin.

Saw an earlier comment about getting a “Cancelled: 0” response. We are getting the same thing.


Can you please send the logins through contact form on our profile page at

My transactions keep failing – can you please give me a hand?


Can you please contact us through account you used to purchase the plugin. As it seems you have not purchased the plugin.

I’m LighthouseMaterials above – this is the account we used to purchase the plugin. I emailed you the site login details – would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

Ah, seriously? Support expired? We purchased this a while ago and never used it – only implementing it now. Can you not please help me out by taking a look and giving me a hint about what’s going wrong? or should I have bought the official Woothemes plugin?


Can you please resend the logins through contact form on our profile page at

I am about to purchase this plugin for my site – I see though that it works with WooCommerce 2.3.X and 2.4.X – my site is now updated to 2.5.4. Will it still work with my WooCommerce version? Thanks!


Yes it would work with WooCommerce 2.5.x

Hello, I was wondering if I could get some assistance, I’m getting the same error as some of the other guys above “Transaction Cancelled:0”, but it only happens when someone is using Mastercard, Visa processes are working fine. Thanks!


The question have been asked before but hasn’t been answered. Can’t find an answer.

Is this plugin allow charging Interac debit cards?


The plugin doesn’t support interac payments.

hey there, whats the difference between this plugin and the eSELECTplus?


This plugin doesn’t redirect customer to Moneris for payment and is based their Direct API integration. While the eSELECTplus is based on their eSELECTplus integration and redirects users to Moneris website for entering their credit card details.

Hello patsatech,

Is it possible to add Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode to this plugin? Do you have any documentation on how to do this or will this be added to a future build? Thanks.

Hi there,

Will the transition from eSelect Plus to Moneris Gateway affect this plugin at all?


Yes it would as they both are two different types of integration’s.

I keep receiving the error:

Card Expiry Date is a required field.

I know the cart is valid.

Please respond asap as I am working on deadline.


You should either get a theme that has support WooCommerce 2.6+ or add support for it to resolve your issue.

I have left several comments… and wrote many times via the support form and no one has responded. Can you please let me know what is going on?


You should either get a theme that has support WooCommerce 2.6+ or add support for it to resolve your issue.

Thank you. Plugin in awesome. Great support

Does this plugin support recurring payments?

Sorry but no plugin doesn’t support recurring payments.

Hi, i have 2 errors just instaling the plugin :(

The first one was resolved by changing this line : class woocommerce_mondca extends WC_Payment_Gateway_CC { <== Not the rght payment gateway (line 28) by this line: class woocommerce_mondca extends WC_Payment_Gateway {

But for the other error, i have no clue… This is the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method woocommerce_mondca::form() in /home/.../wp-content/plugins/woomonerisca-direct/gateway-monerisca-direct.php on line 230

I can’t pay by credit card, because i have this error instead of the form to write credit card information :(

Could you help please… Thanks Stef


Can you send us the site logins so we can check it. Please send these through contact form on our profile page at

Sure, i just did. Thank you

Resolved over email.

Hi there, We had 3 failed payments last week; ‘Transaction Failed: Null’, ‘Transaction Cancelled: 0’, and ‘Transaction Failed: DECLINED’. I see people have had these issues in the past and the solution was to update the plugin. We currently have the latest version (1.2.5), so does that mean there is a new version coming soon?


have you abandoned this plugin?


Can you please resond us to the email we have sent. We’ll be looking into it.

Does you plugin handle Verified By Visa or MasterCard SecureCode (different than CVS)? Any idea or plan to implement this?

Sorry but it doesn’t support as of now.