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I do not see an option for Moneris CA eSelect PLUS at

Is there somewhere I can see this plugin working? Currently on my site placing order isn’t directing to the Moneris hosted payment page.



This was happening because the plugin was not compatible with latest version of WooCommerce. But It has been updated to resolve this issue.

What URL am I suppose to put in approved URL and Declined URL.

My client are paying and getting charged on their CC but WooCommerce keeps cancelling orders saying that they timed out.

The url for your site would be like same for both fields.


I just installed this plugin for my client and I’m getting an error at checkout: “invalid store credentials”. I have the correct ps_store_id and hpp_key input on my site for the store. I noticed that their Moneris account says Moneris e-selectPlus (no mention of CA). Would that make this plug-in not work on the site? Any guidance would be appreciated.



I have installed this plugin for my client, They have an active “Moneris e-selectPlus” account in Canada.

I am getting “Invalid store credentials.” error on the click on Place Order Button on checkout page. Store ID and HPP key are valid and verified.

I also tried to enable /diable the Sandbox mode.

Any guidance / help would be appreciated.



Can you please send the site logins through contact form on our profile page so we can check it.

Can you tell me what version number you are on? I didn’t set up this plugin for my client but I was wondering if they have the latest version. 1.2.1? Also, do you know if there are any compatibility issues with the latest version of wordpress? We are having issues with redirection errors after someones payment is processed? It’s going to a dead page and we can’t figure out why. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have an issue maybe you guys can help…my moneris works, they end up on the hosted page, client pays i send them back to my site to a thank you page, the issue is, the orders in woocommerce stay as “pending” and an email never gets sent to a client till i check them off as “processed” any idea how to fix this issue?

any chance you can help me out…its a week with no reply.

Resolved over email.

great customer service, thank you for all your help buddy

can I make my own custom fields when creating the hosted page e.g. like a tip or invoice number fields


I think yes but you need to check Merchant Guide for this. As these will fields would be added from within the Moneris account if possible.

Hi ,

I am getting “Invalid store credentials.” error on the click on Place Order Button on checkout page. Store ID and HPP key are valid and verified.

And my website is:

Can you help me to fix the problem?

Hi! I am trying to use this plugin. Can you answer my question in the screen short?



You need to select “Sent to your server as a POST” Also you need to set the Approved and Declined url. You can find it in admin panel under WooCommerce => Settings => Checkout => Moneris

And yes you can use the Enhanced Cancel.


This plugin works today? Can I buy this plugin and be totally sure it works with moneris canada?

Thank you.


Does your integration with Moneris Canada support interac transactions?

is this not supported anymore? I see one comment from 14 days ago as well as mine unanswered

Would recommend avoiding this plugin until the author can update it to support data preload for the hosted pay page. As it is it appears to leak your HPP key during transactions and when combined with an attacker who can spoof a refer URL you will find yourself getting a phone call from Moneris letting you know carders are bulk testing using your HPP key. The plugin does work it may just result in a headache . It did for me

If the plugins is compatible with woocommerce 2.6.2 and wordpress 4.5.2 ?


Yes it would work fine with latest versions of WooCommerce and Wordpress.

Hi, with your plugin i need ssl certificate ? can accept Interac for Canadian Merchants ? thank


It is always good to have a SSL certificate on site. So we recommend having one. As this a hosted payment page Interac payments depend on whether they are active in your account. You should get in touch with Moneris support as to whether you can accept interac payments with this integration. But i think you should be able to accept them.

Hi, why do I have to manually mark my Orders as complete? (i.e. every order shows that Orange clock “Pending Payment”.. and I have to manually match with Moneris CA to see if the order went through or not.) Please advise.

Can you please contact us through contact form on our codecanyon profile page.

Hi, is this compatible with Wp 4.7+? Ever since I moved to latest version of WP Woocommerce will not receive response from Moneris even though payments are processed. Thanks!


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page and send us the site link so we can check it.

Can you confirm this is compatible with and that Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC) work. ??? Do you expect to update this any time soon? I see the last update was in 2015.

Trying this plugin and it has issues:

1. Stock doesn’t update after products are ordered (think this is related to 2.) 2. Orders stuck on pending payment even though customer made payment (so order status is not updating properly) 3. outdated documentation it’s unclear what other info needs to be filled in on the Hosted Paypage Configuration page at Moneris. 4. What should the Response URL be? Post or Get? I have it set to POST 5. I’m using the url

Please advise

PROBLEM RESOLVED. GREAT SUPPORT, PLUGIN WORKS AS EXPECTED! I experienced an issue because I entered a wrong value for the url. Thanks for the quick response @patsatech


dailce Purchased

Not sure if this is related to this plugin, but I’m not sure if the users cart is cleared when they are brought back to the website from Moneris. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be enabled?

Hi. Can i use for “carte bleue”?