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I’m sorry, but I think you should post the source of design: http://dribbble.com/shots/595997-Weather-App-PSD-Freebie

Hi ! I think i can use it for create this app. If i have to post the source i’m going to do it. Where can i get this information ? Thx !

Animations are pretty cool! Good job

Make it like a Instaweather Pro Or InstaPlace

You mean the user can take a picture and put it on background ? Ok great idea thx !

slight bug found – when app is open on say monday – on tuesday the app will not update the day field

try it , open the app the go to date and time in prefs and set to manual then select another day – the back to app and see.

other then that nice looking design! would love to add more city’s – maybe a hidden side menu to contain the setting’s for adding other places.

Hi ! you don’t close the app when you change the date ? If it’s yes, i’m going to make a refresh button to fix that. Thx for the bug report and the hidden side menu idea !

how to integrate the api of the website http://www.wunderground.com/ ?

Hi ! In the .h file, you just have to put the api key here :

”#define API_KEY_WUNDERGOUND "http://api.wunderground.com/api/PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE/conditions/forecast/q/%,%@.json”“


Version 1.1 i see, is there a changelog what changed or what you have added since version 1.0?

Hi ! So i have fixed some little bug and the most important, i have add a refresh button with cool animation. Thx

import <Availability.h> error ???

Could not build module `Darwin` Why?

Hi ! Can you add to your question a screenshot ? And tell me more about your configuration. Thx

wow! Good functionality of work always comes together with nice UI design. Good luck to your sales!

Thx a lot ! it’s my first app on CodeCanyon, i hope to have good sales :)

Hi what are you planning on any updates, and what else you got coming to codecanyon ?

Hi ! in first time i’m going to make a side menu to change between celsius fahrenheit and after i’m going to had the possibility to had other places. Yes i want to create a lot of app to codecanyon, know i create a little Rss Reader with cool design. If you have any idea give me them !

Hi moncoco,

Thanks for the great app! I wonder what the progress is with the update to add different locations (favorites)? Which you write in the post above.

Hi ! This is a big update. I began to create the update today :) , but it will not be ready with a few weeks. This is a big job. Have a good day !

Hi moncoco, how’s the update going you promised?

Hi ! i have put the update on hold for 2 reasons.
I don’t have a lot of 5 stars and after that i don’t sell a lot my app and my room-mate has leave the appartment so i have to pay a huge rent so i had to find a night job to pay that.
I hope you will understand. When i find another room-mate i will do this update.
Have a good day and thx again for loving my job :)

Very easy to use ! Good work and good luke for sale !

Hi nice work, before purchase i need to know if can i insert an background image instead of a white background? Thanks

Hi ! Yes you can insert an image background ! You just have to put an image view and choose your image :) Have a good day !

Hi Mono, Copple of questions before buy. Can I change app language? Can I specific locations as preset and user change between each view? Can I add different background for each location?

Hi ! If you have some skill on iphone development you can do all of that but it demand some work :) have a good day !

When will a new version with more features be available?

Hey ! I don’t have time to do this now. Bit in next months i think i’m going to make an update ! Have a good day :)

support iOS 8?

Hello !
– Yes it’s ok for iOS 8 !
– I test my app on my iphone 6 + iOS 8 :)
Have a good day !

the weather refers to a single city?

The location of the iPhone when you launch the app :)

Pre-sales question: When you install the app it ask to access your location even when you are not using the app. Can that change to “only when using the app”? Thanks

Hello !
– Yes you can change it ! With a little replace of a line of code
Have a good day :)