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Does app supports multiple rss links? If I create bottom tab and make 5 rss links source for example.

Thank you

I want to have 5 rss links in 5 button tab-bar :) p.s when I get home I will try also on Mac

Ok so at this moment no you can just add 1 rss feed, but i’m going to make an update to allow the user to add a lot of rss feed. thx for your attention to my app !

You are welcome.Sorry to hear that but I will be first in line to buy it when you update it. Thank you.

How detailed are the instructions for setting this up?

Thank you! we want to provide a quality service to our customers. Email send !

How much would it cost me for you to set up the app and submit it to the app store using my account. i will provide the graphics and name and app store account

Hi ! You have my email, si make me an offer by email ! Thx

I see sharing buttons on video , does the app have sharing capability?

Hi ! the sharing button on the video is inside the website. So yes you can share with this website but not inside the app. But if you want share button in the app tell me and i will make an update soon ! Have a good day !


Have you made the update yet to allow you to have more than one RSS feed? I just need to be able to enter multiple RSS feeds and have them show within the same window.

I’ll buy it once it has that functionality. Thanks!


Hi ! i’m sorry i haven’t find the time to make the update. Have good holidays :)

Can I translate the language of the date in my language. Can you help me? example: Freitag, 20 Dez 2013 13:48:18 +0000

You’re welcome :)

I have a another question. If I archive the app I get 7 more warning errors with “DOC_ = xmlReadMemory ([data bytes], [data length], ””, nil, XML_PARSE_RECOVER);”   and 1 warning error with “int startIndex = [article abstract length];”.

Don’t worry it’s Very little warnings.

I had submitted the app a week ago. Only it was rejected because it crashes on the iphone5s and on the ipad. It may be that I have done something wrong or that’s so common? They can test it maybe? Thank you.

your feed is not good. When a go into it i have : “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /var/customers/webs/ni132914_1/index.php on line 23”
If you like my app and my quick support please rate my app :) have a good day and happy new year !

I have the fixed quickly. I have already rated. :)

ok thank :) good luck !


I am interested in your app, yet I’d like to have iAds enabled. Is it possible?


Hi ! For now this app doesn’t have iAds. Have a good day :)

suite a notre conversation, combien de temps faudrait-il theoriquement pour ajouter cette option?

Pour l’instant je ne fais plus de freelance. Je ne peux pas vous dire mon délai car je suis sur des grosses applications. Bonne soireé !

How can I fix the crashs with no internet connection? They could give me the code. Thanks.

yes i send you the folder now :) Don’t forget to rate my app if you like my job and my support !

I have the app already rated 5 stars. Thanks for the fast support! :)

You are welcome :)

The crash has been fixed with the update only my feed will not display correctly. You can fix that it looks like before this somehow? :(http://apfelfunk.com/pictures/tniaaS30.jpg

Hi ! Can you add me on skype ? We can fix that more quickly :)
Skype : moncocopilote


I am really interesting to buy . However I dont have Mac, Xcode. I have developer account. Do you provide extra service to put my rss ? since other seller also give extra free this support.

google news RSS okay ? if the user enter the “read more ” in excerpt, is it open new browser ? or still inside on this phone ?

thanks a lot

Hi !

I’m sorry but i can’t understand how you can ask for free work. If your boss tell you to do two hours at office fro free you are going to answer yes boss ? I don’t think so.

All my team has really good skill on Xcode development so yes we doesn’t work for free, you can see our items on Envato Studio for App Submission on our profile page.

– For google news this app is ok !
– Still in this phone
Have a good day !

hii, I think you dont need to angry guys. Just ask you neef fee for that. I just comparing with another seller. I am okay if should pay more but you did not need to angry.

Thanks a lot

I’m not angry but asking for free job …

Here at Envato, all author do really good job. And like all around the world, the good job is not free.

Have a good day

It work with? iPad 1,2 , iPhone 4s, 5c .. or all device with ios7?

Hello ! Iphone 5,5c and 5s.
have a good day :)

Seriously? I have tested on my iPhone 4s ios7.1.1 and it work

You may have some trouble on the bottom of the scroll view i think.


10.6: Apple and our customers place a high value on simple, refined, creative, well thought through interfaces. They take more work but are worth it. Apple sets a high bar. If your user interface is complex or less than very good it may be rejected 10.6

We found the following issues with the user interface of your app:

- Was not optimized to support the device screen size and/or resolution; see screenshots for example.

These examples identify types of issues discovered in your app but may not represent all such issues. It would be appropriate to thoroughly evaluate your app to address these types of issues.

  • * * *

Resources for learning how to improve your app:

- Review the UI Dos and Don’ts

- Watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps to understand the basics of great apps

- Watch the video “Designing User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad Apps” for practical design tips

- Read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and double check that your app’s user interface adheres to these valuable guidelines.

- Read the App Design Basics section of the iOS App Programming Guide.

- Watch the iOS Development Videos to learn about programming and design tips.

Ok let me know ! :)

Email: “An update to your purchase of Moncoco-RssReader v1.1 – RSS Reader for iOS 8 by moncocopilote is now available in your downloads.”

Where is the changelog? Why version is always 1.1?

Hello !
– I just change one word on the all app for iOS 8, so i let v1.1 :)
Have a good day !