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Looks good. Does it support

Inserting images into the todo item? And copy pasting?

Will buy when it has this.

Hi ! So you can’t Inserting images into the todo item like in the note app by Apple. But YES you can copy and pasting text ! Thx for the interest to my app !

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Beautiful and minimal interface !
Good luck with sales.


Hi moncocopilote!

Great app. Where can i change to Font Colors and the Background Color?

Regards Andi


Ok, i got it. But i don’t know where i can change the color fot the Cancel/Save/Done Buttons. Also i did not found the place to change the format ot the date…

Regards Andi

For the “enter and edit test” click on “DetailViewController.xib” and textview. You can change the font on the right side and the backgound color. For the GMT+1 find this line on “RootViewController” : [dateFormat setDateFormat: "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss zzz"];" and replace it by "[dateFormat setDateFormat: “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”];”

In my app, i use the button of iOS 7 so you can’t change the color.


Thank you for supporting me!


All the team of mon coco pilote want to give a good support to iut customers ! Don’t Forget to rate the app ;)


My App “eNoter” based on your source is now in the App Store. Unfortunately, saving is not working correctly. When i let the app open and input some notes, everthing works fine. But when i “kill” the app and restart it again, all the notes are lost. Can you help me?

Regards Andreas

Your app have red color ? I delete it ans download it a gain and on my iphone it´s work ! Can you delete it ans download again ? So, you click on news note, enter text and save, close and open the app and the note are gone ? Very strange.


I just made a test on the iPhone of a friend of mine. There is the same problem. When he i killing the app (double tap the home button, then swipe up) means stopping the task and starts up the app new, the saved notes are gone.

Are you realy sure that the app i working on your iPhone? Or are you just closing it (push the button, open a new app, note app is still running in the back) and reopen it again?

Thank you for helping me. Andi

Hi ! yes i killing the app, double click and swipe up the app to close it. I am on ios 7 and you ?

Is it a new release of Reaminder from Sax155 ?

Good luck ;)

Who is Sax155 ?

This app doesn’t save the notes. If you close the app and reopen it, the notes you entered during previous use of the app are not there.

Hi ! this app saves the note. But if you launch again test build with xcode yes xcode delete the note because he launches the app with the empty files. HAve a good day :)

I’m testing on a real device, and it does not save the notes. There is nothing there if i shut app down and then restart it. Xcode or not.

I’m doing this on my iphone and it’s work … http://moncocopilote.com/fullapp/NoteApp.mp4

Seems interesting…does it save the notes or not?

Hi !
yes it save the notes :)
have a good day !

I have the same issue as few people mentioned earlier regarding note not being saved.

This is how to reproduce it:

Open your app, create new note, then instead of just double tapping the home button and killing the app, just push home button once so the app goes into background mode, after that try to kill the app, it won’t save a note when you do this. Please fix it or let us know how to fix it.


Hello !
Yes i see the bug, i just send an update to Code Canyon. The update will be release in 2 days or less I think !
Have a good day !

is the update fixed? ill buy when it is, thanks.

Hello !
– The update fix the bug when you put the app in background and kill it doesn’t save the note but now it’s OK :)
Have a good day !