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hi, great work! why don’t you put ipad version of your projects? :)

kind regards

I prefer to create only iphone app but really good iphone app :)

Thanx for helping me resolve issue great stuff. I cant wait to finish this app with you documentation . I going to look into your other work to see if it fits any of my upcoming projects

I got it working thanks for the response. So I finished up the app and I have an iPhone developer licence. Do you have any instructions on how to publish. I a newbie to this

or even how to assign a bundle ID to the app. That is where I am getting stuclk

Hello !
add me on skype : moncocopilote
see u on skype !

Hi! Does this App use storyboard? I hope so :) Thanks, Kris

no i use .xib files.
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Hi all,

I am curious: is there anybody who already finished developing an app based on the Flateo template and published it on the app store?

If so, please let me know the name and I will download your app (free or paid).

This offer is only for the first one who posts the name of the app. :)

Hello !
Good question :)
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That makes 2 of us.

People come to see when they have trouble, not when they have their app approuve by apple :)

I need to use this app for Arabic Language, is it ok? Also can I get feed from Wordpress?

Hello !
– I never test for arabic but I think it’s ok !
– No this app use xml file on a Web Server.
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hello, I am having a problem with the app, when I add the xml URL of my WP it doesn’t work. can you give me your email to send a screen shot

Thank you

Hello !
This app doesn’t work with WP. The app works with the xml files I put on the zip.
My skype if you have question : moncocopilote
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Thank you very much one more question, does the app have a push notification?


No, just my blogeo has push !

Bravo pour l’objet mis en avant :)

It’s a very good app and she is very powerful with a beautiful design!! GLWS

Bonjour !
– ça fait plaisir de voir des français !
Bonne journée et Merci !

hi, can you please tell me… how is the Youtube video played? Is there some kind of custom player, or is the app using native youtube player via SDK or iframe embed, or linking to native YT app… I’m asking… I need to comply with YT policy and I need working YT ads in the video (pre-roll, in-stream – all that is supported on iOS platform by YT).

Thanks for answer :)

– The loads the video on a UIWebView !
Have a good day :)

Hi, is this written in Objective-C or Swift?

Just saw the video and saw it’s Objective-C. :-)

Hello !
– Yes it’s Objective-C
Hava a good day !

Hi, can this App use for WordPress site? I mean, getting the XML data from WordPress?

Hello !
– No, you have to use the xml files, that you have put on your own server
Have a good day !

hello moncoco, is your app optimized also for iphone 6 and 6 plus?

Hello !
– This app can run on full Screen on iphone 6 – 6+
Have a good day :)

Does this app have push notification functionality?

Hello !
– No push for this app
Have a good day !


Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to make this App. I ran it locally and it looks beautiful, but I’m trying to edit it and I am hitting a weird error. Can you help?

Receiving this – Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘* -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be nil’

But, I am using YOUR example .xml file, on my own webserver. I cannot figure out why I am receivign this message, when it runs fine when I leave your own link in.

Thanks so muhc :)

I am using XCode 6.4 on iPhone 6, targeting 8.4. Thanks :)

– Add me on skype : moncocopilote
– Like that we can fix this more easier :)
Have a good day

I got this all sorted :) I’m so happy to say my App is now live on both Android and iOS market! I used your App as the base navigation and customised almost everything else with regard to how I needed my App to be, but thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to helping out people who are stuck using this App! 2 small things I noticed which held me up considerably were 1) your News.xml has a small typo on it, which caused me problems when parsing on the iOS app, so people may need to make sure all the tags are closed okay :) and 2) the App didn’t appear correctly on iPad running iOS 8.3, but some tweaks fixed this for me and although my App wasn’t universal, they rejected the first copy due to the layout issues on iPad not being fixed, so I had to edit the source code and resubmit it. But anyways, thanks so much!

Hello !
– Thanks to you !
All The Mon Coco team is happy to hear your app are online :)

hi, can you add a form to mail in the app ?

Hello !
– You can click on the mail icon and the mail app is going to pop. I think it’s a better way, because the mail app is more complete than just a mail form :)
– But if you really want a mail form, you can find some instructions on google very quickly
Have a good day :)

I was wondering if i want to change photo page to another news page? How can i do that?