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Can I use custom pictures as the icons?

Yes made u can

is it possible to change the way the reactions are shown so they show all icons without the need to click on the icon?

Pre-purchase question:

Can I use just two reactions: Agree or Disagree per each post? I mean I need that the users can vote if they agree or disagree with each post

Also I need that every time a post is opened the users can see the % of reaction of this post (Example: Agree 52% Disagree 48%)

Also I need to have a general counter on the top of the website with all reactions % (all the post reaction %)

Is that possible with your plugin?

Is is possible to display all reactions by default and have no need to click or hover the single icon at first?

Why is the developer not responding to comments and support questions? I bought this plugin and I am getting zero after-sales support.


If I install this plugin, it will replace automatically from the standard rating system in Wordpress?

Im asking that because I have already rating system in my theme (listify), and I want to automatically replace to your plugin

Pre-buy question, can users in bbpress see who reacted for each emoji?