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Presale question:

Hi, do we have the ability to only have this shown in the bbpress first and original comment of each thread? (not every single persons reply)

Hi mate, sorry we don’t have that part yet

hello, where do i get the smilies from your demo?

Hey mate you can send me support request so I can directly send you those things ^^

Pre-sale ?? – This plugin looks fab. I love that you can customize what emojis appear and I love that the reaction count for each post appears in the admin dashboard. Two questions:

1 – With the bbpress update, can I just select to have emojis appear in bbpress only; not any other post or page type?

2 – Will the reaction count appear on the bbpress topics and replies dashboard pages (as it does for the post page in your demo video)?

3 – I’m most interested in being able to see what bbpress get a significant number of unhappy faces. Is that easily possible with this plugin? Like, in the topics dashboard, can I sort by posts that have reactions?

Hopefully this all makes sense. :-)

wow, way to just not answer a question (posted here and via direct email). was very much interested in getting this plugin but disappointed by the lack of pre-sale customer support.


FireIFA Purchased

Hello, im buy some months ago, but i cant use more, the plugin request licence, but dont work, can you help me

We submited a new update on Codecanyon mate, you can wait for few hours to get it :D


FireIFA Purchased

tnaks mate!


FireIFA Purchased

:( the error continues, i cant activate the plugin,

Is the plugin work on comment of buddypress?

question 2) Is it pop-up count like facebook with listed username of who was action. All(20) each reaction also have number count and listed.

HI, +1 ? (Any ETA on this working with buddypress activity)

hellooo, i thought, the black smilies were inside the plugin? i have to upload them on my own?where can i get?

Awesome! Funky. Please add: Widget with (Most reacted Posts = Fun, Sad and so on..)

with love from europe,

Any update on the php version? Does this post work on the main index template or only in the single post page?

I don’t know if it was the update or what but now I’m unable to have the ability to fake reactions on the post backend.

Hi mate.

I recently bought your plugin and I am loving it!

I just have one little question. I think the plugin takes some time (more than I like) to react to the mouse over action. Is it possible to reduce that reaction time?

Hello Mona.

I wrote to you via support, but you didn’t answer. Hope you read my message here:

The plugin is adding some

labels in my homepage. I know it is the plugin, I did some tests.

Could you please help me? Thank.

It is turned off :(

I am still having issues.

hey mate, could u send me support ticket and better included your ftp if possible :D

Hey, can you guys please update the plug-in for the latest version of wordpress (4.7.5) I bought it and I can not use it because it will not let me activate it.

Thanks in advance! ;)

hi mate, plugin are updating. Waiting for review from Envato ^^

+1 @EvoFuzion, I can’t seem to activate it. I just moved my domain to a different hosting and can’t seem to get it to register.

hi mate, plugin are updating. Waiting for review from Envato ^^

Hey, I can’t get the “Fake” vote from my dashboard anymore. Did you remove that or what happened?

Also, is there any way to make options appear faster on hover? Currently, I have to wait an entire 1.5 seconds before the options appear.

Hi mate, about Fake problem, can u provide me your FPT and wp-admin ?

This hover effect is base on JS so that maybe the main reason.

Hi friend, I was about to buy when I noticed there is no shortcodes. I need them so I can put mona reactions in my landing pages. Other plugins log reactions by “wordpress page id” when people use them in LPs with shortcodes. Could you do the same?

mate this plugin is used on post and page and you can’t add through shortcode

HI, Any ETA on this working with buddypress activity ?

Yes mate it is

Author has gone MIA :/

Mate… im here, any thing i can help?

Hi, your plugin seems exactly what I want. Does it add the most voted reaction icon to the post title/or image, so that it is visible before the post opens in i.e post grid?