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Not able to download 1.3 from CodeCanyon, how do I download update?

Hi mate, please try again or you can submit a support ticket to me

Hey, what’s the recommended theme for this? I used Divi but the Pokedex list doesnt look good.

Hi mate, could you please email me your FTP I will help checking things

No need mate, all looks good now on my site. Hope the Evolve and Lucky Egg Optimizer would still be avialable on next update :-)

Where can I download the new version 1.3.1?

Just wondering why the Lucky Egg calculator no longer works for this 1.3.1 update?

Ya mate, so sorry but it was a sad story. We have to take it off because some guy said that is their work. But damn that simple math but they keep saying that till Envato tell us to take off

Well, rename it to something else like Lucky Egg Optimizer not pidgey calculator… :-)

How to update? do we need to just replace code by php?

Ill come to your office if you need help :) Thanks for your help

We are doing on your FTP mate ^^

Check things out mate. This template is huge and hard to making category php pages for it. Thats why it taking this long . Sorry for that

Editing the IV Calculator page (using shortcode) freezes the screen. THis is weird – I tried it in another webpage, and it has the same behavior? Other pages / shortcodes are just fine. What’s with the shortcode [mona_pokedex type=”iv”] mate?

Hey – I know I’ve already made a lot of comments here, but maybe you would find useful. Could you make your templates compatible with Child Themes? I’m lazy, I just don’t want to re-upload the updated templates everytime the parent theme gets updated.

Hi mate, we just want to lets you know that we consider all of your suggestions and I wanna thank you alot ^. We will discuss for plugin update today and get back with an notification ^

Hey Mona,

the translation is still a problem. If i scan for textdomain “mona-pokedex”, I just get 5 strings, I think it would be better to include all translations (backend/frontend phrases, pokemon names, pokemon types, item names, moves and other to the backend, so user can translate and (maybe) send to you to make the plugin even more valueable. Additional, this has the big advantage for you, cause if user don´t change names in post types but only show translations, you can still leave the filenames for images as they are. I think the main problem is, that you use textdomain in js-files, what is not WP-standard.

Oh and Icons for pokemon types would be very cool

I can deliver you both: High res pokemon Images and original icons

Have tried 25 themes alignment off and pages look bad, need a theme this works on

Hi mate, you should check out in the end of Documentation. I wrote down how to make pokedex work perfectly with everytheme. if you can’t do it, just send me your FTP throught support and I can do help

Any new updates coming? :D

Hi Mona,

can I have 6, 8, 10 or 12 pokemons in the pokedex per row? Where can I change this? Can you add a shortcode option for this?

Hi mate, we don’t have that part yet. did u try custom css mate, it simple really

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Is the new update working? Where can I download 1.3.2?

Will it include Gen 2 Pokemon? Can i add more Pokemon Data myself?

Hey guys, love the plugin. Do you know when it will be updated with gen2 and also the iv calculator, which is currently broken?

Hey guys, thanks for the update. It would be great if you could get the IV checker fixed :) Also, which shortcode do we use for the buddy candy feature?



rbf0019 Purchased

Just purchased your item and thanks, it’s great overall but have some questions and a few issues.

PIDGEY CALCULATOR from the screen shot is not anywhere that I can see?

LEVEL UP CALCULATOR requires the amount of days you’ve been playing?

I thought it was like the rest, where you entered your start date (which is what the game gives you on your profile page). So I had to leave the page to go to another calculator, or I could have just went to the calc that does it by the start date.

IV CALCULATOR BROKEN: The only one i got working was the Porygon that was set to default., the HP number is gone if you didn’t leave it for any others. Then i’m not sure what else is the problem.


rbf0019 Purchased

I meant to say the PIDGEY CALCULATOR wasn’t coming up from the short code nor does it show on yours. I just expected it with the plugin

Do you have an update for GEN 2 and 3?

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I purchased your plugin but it need to develop i think…

I need to: - Raid Boss And Counter Pokemons must add - Pokemon Generations must add

a cool tip for you, Tencent is making the global launch of the game Arena of Valor, it would be really cool a script where all the characters of the games and the items that can be bought during the game