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Hi mate, maybe i made things seem complex when using same demo URL. Emoji is a plugin so you can add emoji/ecomoticon IN YOUR CONTENT. Mona reaction is for VOTING SYSTEM. But I will change the demo URL for more clearly ^^ Thank you mate

Great work!

Good sales! :-)

Thank you very much mate!

cool plugin.. can you make it responsive? all the smilies dont fit on mobile

Hey mate, tks for purchase my plugin, ?re u talking bout responsive of admin editor? If yes, i will put it in my next upgrade few days after. Lolz i never thought that people really use admin page by phone before. Sorry man

thanks for the quick reply.. yea i do alot through my phone but also i have mce-editor on the front end for bbpress and my visitors cant see all the smilies.. thanks man

Checked the demo, but I received this message from Google: The site ahead contains malware

Attackers currently on u44219592.pwww.webhosting.telia.com might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information (for example, photos, passwords, messages, and credit cards).

Actually I have no idea mate, this is bug from Codecanyon I belive, because the error page is also: http://codecanyon.net/item/mona-emoji-custom-funny-emojiemoticon-on-your-postpage-wordpress-plugin/16222462 lolz

Weird indeed, because right now the demo works and I don’t get this message. You can remove my post (it might scare new buyers ;-)). Great plugin, I’m considering purchasing it. Thx!

Thanks to inform us mate ^^

This is a very cool plugin, does it also come with the animated gif ones? The monkey and the guy getting run over by the bike

Oh, they’re kool huh:D Btw, right now we still didn’t included gif collection here. But you can make it yourseft by adding some emoji ( very easy ) and wait for a few days so we will release some kool gif emoji mate ^^

Sounds great :)

If it available for comment from Post ! It will great , Maybe U can Make it Reponsive ! Decrease Price around 10$ . integrate it with reaction Plugin From U To 1 Plugin . I think u will get More Sales and Buyer . Hope this help !

Hi mate, thanks for some advice, btw, can you tell me more about responsive cuz k don’t understand why this plugin need one. Anh sorry for the price because codecanyon decided it:( And yes, good idea we will make full plugin about emojis ^^

Yeah ! http://johnpolacek.github.io/scrolldeck.js/decks/responsive/ Here is Sample of Reponsive ! U need To Design it with CSS . This plugin missing too much for $16 . If Comment On Post Had Emoji , it too cool . Post Only Had Like And Dislike Icon , Reaction not helpful and too much choice ! it difficult for client ! U know ! Maybe U need Make it too simple but powerful on site ! Reaction -> Like/Dislike Vote . Emoji -> Full On Post And Comment Though ! Reponsive emoji for any device !

any word yet on making this responsive?

I made an update mate. Ready to upload, just wait for Codecanyon to approved

Hi, This plugin can be use by user for comment from Post?

Wp default comment is kinda hard to include any things inside mate, but I’m working on it. Hope it work

hello, i buy and cant activate the plugin?why?

1 moment mate, i’m checking. Problem happen because of we changed our Envato account name ^^

Hey man, you can check it again ^^

Does this come with animated emojis

Animated emojis allow. But we didn’t included any collections of it

GOOD WORK<3 I LOVE IT.:)Thank you.:)Could you tell me the recommended Emoji’s image size when uploading Emoji. Please tell by pixel number.:) Thank you for reading.:)

hi mate, I made an option in admin to show default size of emojis. You can change that number to size if you want. Beside, I recommend size arround 200×200

Thank you so much.:)

tks mate

So this is a plugin I can add to any HTML document?

When can/will it be available for HTML?

I’m sorry but what u mean mate ^^

I didn’t read the full title before I bought it….lol. I see it is only for WP :/. I’m trying to use the plugin for a website I have but it’s not WP based

On admin setting, can add more icon right? OR will be limited on what you have this plugin only?

Yes plugin allow add more icon. Another question:
It is availeble auto function also which i write :h then pop-up under of that a lof of more related such as heart icon, etc….

Hello, is this plugin responsive?

How does this look with BuddyPress? Can you provide screen shots? Thanks!

I was excited. I thought this was emojis that are available when messaging. The people can pick from like phone messages or the Facebook message system.

This seller only have 13 sells and not even replying to message. Messages left unanswered after 8 months. No thank you.