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Hey guys, we are updating this plugin with more Social Network, Twitter will come upnext. Comment your request bellow for other Social network or Data you want to put into this All in one analytics plugin. We are looking for your!

Great work GLWS :)

Thank you very much mate ^^

Great work :-) GL

Tks mate ^^

Hi, Nice plugin! what instagram analytics does the plugin do now? Also when will the next updated with twitter additional features be released (days,weeks,months?)?

Twitter will be uploaded tomorrow mate, we are working on it. Multi Twitter Account. Next will be Linkedin ^^

What about instagram? What type of analytics will be measured? Will instagram have multi accounts as well? When will it be released by?


You are pirated some of my products such as Google analytics multi website. Your product will be brought down within the next few days.

Tks you

Yes please, you r talking no sense. Do whatever u want

It’s disgraceful

Mate, u gave no proof, no code, nothing to discuss. You just come to warnnig us like a boss and overlook all my proof. Who are you and why u acting like this?

please fight xD


Holly, this’s what I need dude, I’m waiting for Linkedin and Insta. I’m working mostly on Insta. P/s: that guy what awful. Dude there are 1000 plugins out there have same feature like Form, livechat… customers will choice the best and fixed for them, Imaging if every guys that having those plugins start fighting eachother because of that haha

Tks mate


Works on Multisite?


What u mean mate, this plugin allow adding multi GA and Facebook page and Tw Account also ^^

I’m mean about WordPress MultiSite.

I’m not sure if it worked mate. Haven’t test it before ^^

can print pages instagram? i want see reports

Instagram analytics will be relaesed soon mate

Hi, Please answer the following:

1. What about instagram? What type of analytics will be measured? 2. Will instagram have multi accounts as well? 3. When will it be released by? (days, weeks, months)?


Hey mate, we are working on it!


It’s a very interesting plugin. I have some questions:

1) I have a site currently running on Ultimate Member plugin. Is it possible that this plugin to adapt to users/members in that each can sign-in/connect to their personal social media accounts and then display the data’s dashboard using a front-end interface? Reason is I’m running an closed influencer network. Hence it would be good both admin and the user can view the data.

2) If a profile is private, eg Instagram is it still possible to display the data?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, yeeloon

Hi mate, sorry for late response. 1/ Right now i’m not sure about member login mate. never actually test on it before. 2/ GA, FB, Insta need Token to access but TW is not


the data can export to excel?


Hi mate, sorry that I can’t be sure but will check it now. Because PHP to Excel we never try before :D

i need to buy Mona Pokedex – Pokemon Go knowledge base wordpress

Long story mate, but It will go up again soon, I will inform you

hi any demo for insta please? need to see before buy! thanks and all the best

Hey mate we are not finish Instagram yet T_T

Hey @MonaMedia,

I’m actually very interested with this plugin. I believe it has a lot of usage if you can consider replicate functions like this below:

https://www.catjira.com/wonderqueentv https://www.catjira.com/charlenewongsy

...whereby it allow users to sign up and connect their respective social media accounts and fetch the relevant social data with an option to display on the front end (instead of using the WP-admin dashboard).

Would the above be something you can consider to develop?

Thanks, yeeloon

Hi mate, nice suggestion but Front end submission is a huge feature to be an add-on of this plugin ^^. We will but maybe upload for another plugin

hi, can users register and add their own websites?

Sorry mate there is no Front end submission

Just want to know what is this plugin is for. I tried using your demo where it shows only the google analytics tags and twitter code and fb code. Unable to view any analytic data whereas the screen shot shows the data.

hello waiting for you to fix facebook on your backend and add instagram analytics before I buy : )

looks like an amazing plugin, but your live preview is not working :-(