Mokets(Mobile Commerce iOS Full Application)

Mokets(Mobile Commerce iOS Full Application)

Please be aware for “Extended License” of “Envato”

Release Note

Version : 1.0.10
Released Date : 4 Oct 2017

Change Log
1) Clear warnings and notices  (Backend)
2) Show customer phone number at transaction (Backend)
3) Item Attributes & Basket Workflow Modification (Mobile)
4) To show shop information from item favourite (Mobile)
5) Some UI alignments (Mobile)

Effected Files From Xcode 
- Mokets/AttributeModel.swift                         
- Mokets/AttributeTable.swift                        
- Mokets/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard                  
- Mokets/BasketCell.swift                           
- Mokets/BasketSchema.swift                          
- Mokets/BasketTable.swift                          
- Mokets/BasketViewController.swift                 
- Mokets/CheckoutConfirmViewController.swift         
- Mokets/ItemDetailViewController.swift              
- Mokets/ItemsGridViewController.swift               
- Mokets/SelectedShopViewController.swift            
- Mokets/ShopProfileViewController.swift             
- Mokets/StripeViewController.swift                   
- Mokets/TransactionHistoryDetailViewController.swift

Effected Files For Backend
- application/controllers/rest/transactions.php
- application/controllers/attributes.php       
- application/controllers/categories.php       
- application/controllers/contacts.php         
- application/controllers/discount_types.php   
- application/controllers/feeds.php            
- application/controllers/items.php            
- application/controllers/main.php             
- application/controllers/shops.php            
- application/controllers/sub_categories.php   
- application/models/attribute_detail.php      
- application/models/attribute_header.php      
- application/models/feed.php                  
- application/models/sub_category.php          
- application/views/attributes/edit.php        
- application/views/attributes/edit_detail.php 
- application/views/categories/edit.php        
- application/views/feeds/view.php             
- application/views/shops/create.php           
- application/views/sub_categories/edit.php    
- application/views/templates/mokets/index.php 
- application/views/templates/mokets/nav.php   
- application/views/transactions/search.php
- application/views/transactions/view.php
- system/core/Common.php 
Version : 1.0.9
Released Date : 23 Sep 2017
1) Support iPhone X and iPhone 8 with Xcode 9 & Swift 4
2) Some UIs alignments improvement 

Effected Files For Xcode
- Alamofire-master/*.* (Latest library replaced)
- SQLite.swift-master/*.* (Latest library replaced)

- Mokets/AboutViewController.swift
- Mokets/AppDelegate.swift
- Mokets/BasketViewController.swift
- Mokets/CheckoutConfirmViewController.swift
- Mokets/Common.swift
- Mokets/Config.swift
- Mokets/ContainerViewController.swift
- Mokets/CosmosDistrib.swift
- Mokets/FavouriteItemsViewController.swift
- Mokets/ForgotPasswordViewController.swift
- Mokets/ImageSliderViewController.swift
- Mokets/InquiryEntryViewController.swift
- Mokets/ItemDetailViewController.swift
- Mokets/ItemModel.swift
- Mokets/ItemsGridViewController.swift
- Mokets/ItemsMapViewController.swift
- Mokets/LoginViewController.swift
- Mokets/NewsFeedDetailViewController.swift
- Mokets/NewsFeedTableViewController.swift
- Mokets/PSUIExtensions.swift
- Mokets/PaymentOptionsViewController.swift
- Mokets/PinterestLayout.swift
- Mokets/RegisterViewController.swift
- Mokets/ReviewEntryViewController.swift
- Mokets/ReviewsListTableViewController.swift
- Mokets/SearchResultViewController.swift
- Mokets/SearchViewController.swift
- Mokets/SelectedShopViewController.swift
- Mokets/ShopProfileViewController.swift
- Mokets/ShopsListViewController.swift
- Mokets/StripeViewController.swift
- Mokets/SweetAlert.swift
- Mokets/TransactionDetailCell.swift
- Mokets/TransactionHistoryDetailViewController.swift
- Mokets/TransactionHistoryTableViewController.swift
- Mokets/TrasnactionHeaderCell.swift
- Mokets/UserProfileEditViewController.swift
- Mokets/UserProfileViewController.swift

- Mokets/SWRevealViewController.m

- Mokets/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard

- Mokets/Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/Contents.json

Effected Files For Backend
- N.A

*** This version must use with Xcode9 ***

Version : 1.0.8
Released Date : 8 Aug 2017
1) Item Attribute Price Bug Fixed 

# Effected Files For Xcode 
modified:   Mokets/AttributeSchema.swift
modified:   Mokets/AttributeTable.swift
modified:   Mokets/ItemDetailViewController.swift
Version : 1.0.7
Released Date : 17 Jul 2017
1) Item Attribute Bug Fixed 
2) Improvement for missing images binding for Shop, Category, Sub Category and Item

# Effected Files For Xcode 
modified:   Mokets/AttributeSchema.swift
modified:   Mokets/AttributeTable.swift
modified:   Mokets/CheckoutConfirmViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ItemDetailViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/StripeViewController.swift

# Effected Files For Backend
modified:   application/controllers/rest/items.php
modified:   application/controllers/rest/shops.php
modified:   application/controllers/rest/transactions.php
modified:   application/models/attribute_detail.php
modified:   application/views/transactions/search.php
modified:   application/views/transactions/view.php

*** These 2 image files are important. Please put at "uploads" directory.
new : uploads/image_not_found_big.png
new : uploads/image_not_found_small.png
Version : 1.0.6
Released Date : 20 Jun 2017
1) Offline Data Caching (New Feature)
2) Animations & Transactions (New Feature)
3) About App Page (New Feature)
4) Other minor improvement for UI alignment.
5) Basket badge count bug fixed
6) Galley popup Bug Fixed 
7) Load Only Published News Feed Bug Fixed

#Effected Files From Xcode Project 

new file:   Mokets/About.swift
new file:   Mokets/AboutViewController.swift
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Back.imageset/Contents.json
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Back.imageset/back.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Back.imageset/back@2x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Back.imageset/back@3x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Email-Circle.imageset/Contents.json
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Email-Circle.imageset/Email-Circle.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Email-Circle.imageset/Email-Circle@2x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Email-Circle.imageset/Email-Circle@3x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Phone-Circle.imageset/Contents.json
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Phone-Circle.imageset/Phone-Circle.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Phone-Circle.imageset/Phone-Circle@2x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Phone-Circle.imageset/Phone-Circle@3x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Web-Circle.imageset/Contents.json
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Web-Circle.imageset/Web-Circle.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Web-Circle.imageset/Web-Circle@2x.png
new file:   Mokets/Assets.xcassets/Web-Circle.imageset/Web-Circle@3x.png
new file:   Mokets/Reachability.swift

modified:   Mokets/APIRouters.swift
modified:   Mokets/About.swift
modified:   Mokets/AboutViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/AnnotatedPhotoCell.swift
modified:   Mokets/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard
modified:   Mokets/BasketCell.swift
modified:   Mokets/BasketViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/CategoryCell.swift
modified:   Mokets/CategoryRow.swift
modified:   Mokets/Config.swift
modified:   Mokets/FavouriteItemsViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ForgotPasswordViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/InquiryEntryViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ItemDetailViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ItemsGridViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/LoginViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/MenuListController.swift
modified:   Mokets/NewsFeedDetailViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/NewsFeedTableViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/PaymentOptionsViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/Reachability.swift
modified:   Mokets/RegisterViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ReviewEntryViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ReviewsListTableViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/SearchResultViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/SearchViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/SelectedShopViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ShopProfileViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/ShopsListViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/TransactionCell.swift
modified:   Mokets/TransactionHistoryDetailViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/TransactionHistoryTableViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/UserProfileEditViewController.swift
modified:   Mokets/UserProfileViewController.swift

#Effected Files For Backend 

new file:    application/controllers/abouts.php
new file:    application/controllers/rest/abouts.php
new file:    application/models/about.php
new file:    application/views/about/*.php

modified:   application/config/autoload.php
modified:   application/controllers/fileupload.php
modified:   application/controllers/rest/shops.php
modified:   application/language/english/ps_lang.php
modified:   application/models/feed.php
modified:   application/views/feeds/gallery.php
modified:   application/views/items/gallery.php
modified:   application/views/shops/gallery.php
modified:   application/views/shops/view.php
Version : 1.0.5
Released Date : 25 May 2017
1) Fixed For Basket Calculation Bug
2) Fixed For Xcode 8.3.2 warnings 
3) Fixed For Special Characters at Search Results 
4) Added Shops Publish and Unpublish feature from Backend 
5) Implement  One user -> One Rating workflow 

Effect Files List For Xcode Project 
- Mokets/APIRouters.swift
- Mokets/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard
- Mokets/BasketCell.swift
- Mokets/ResponseTypes.swift
- Mokets/ShopProfileViewController.swift
- Mokets/SweetAlert.swift
- Mokets/UserProfileEditViewController.swift
- SQLite.swift-master/SQLite/Core/Connection.swift

Effect Files List For Backend 
- application/controllers/rest/items.php
- application/controllers/shops.php
- application/language/english/ps_lang.php
- application/models/shop.php
- application/views/shops/edit.php
- application/views/shops/view.php
- application/views/shops/unpublish_shop.php (New)
Version : 1.0.4
Released Date : 13 Mar 2017
1) Improvement for iOS10 Push Notification
Version : 1.0.3
Released Date : 6 Dec 2016
1) Fixed for collection view issue on iOS 10
2) Item Attribute Bug fixed on iOS 10
3) Special characters fixed
Version : 1.0.2
Released Date : 11 Nov 2016
1) To support Swift3, Xcode8 and iOS10
2) Some improvement to compatible with Alamofire
3) Some minor bugfix according user feedback
Version : 1.0.1
Released Date : 15 Sept 2016
1) Total Amount Calculation bugFix
2) Login User Checking Logic improvement 
3) Register New User and Forgot Password Page Loading bugFix 
Version : 1.0.0
Released Date : 13 May 2016
# iOS Application Features
1. Xcode Project By Using Swift
2. Mobile Commerce App For Multiple Shops
3. Shops List
4. Categories & Sub Categories from Selected Shop
5. Items Pinterest Grid For Selected Sub Category
6. Item Detail Information 
7. Gallery Images Slider 
8. Like/Unlike For Item 
9. Favourite/Unfavourite for Item
10. Item Review Message 
11. Item Inquiry Message 
12. User login and forgot password
13. New user registration 
14. User Profile Management 
15. Change Password 
16. Searches by Keyword 
17. User’s favorites item list
18. Push Notification 
19. Admob Integration
20. Add To Cart
21. Basket Management
22. Payment Options (Stripe, Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer)
23. Checkout Process
24. Transaction History
25. Stripe Payment Integration

# Backend Features
1. Super Admin can manage for all shops
2. Shop Admin can manage only specific shop 
3. Categories and Items Creation 
4. News Feed Management 
5. Manage for User Feedback data such as like, favourite
6. Manage for inquiry and review message 
7. Send Push Notification to register device 
8. Data Analytics with Google Chart API
9. Easy to change another language from language config file
10. Transaction Management

# APIs Integration
1. Using RestFul API with JSON to transfer data in between Mobile App and Backend 


Q. What xcode verion need to install?
A. Please use 8.1 GA

Q. Will work with Objective C++?
A. No. It is using Swift3.

Q. Which iOS version will compatible?
A. iOS9 and 10

Q. How about Push Notification?
A. Yes, there is simple push notification by using Apple Push Notification Service. User can register their device from App then Super Admin User could send notification from Backend to app those registered devices.

Q. Is it included Backend & API together?
A. Yes, you can manage all content from Backend and then RESTFul API will transfer data in between App and Backend.

Q. It is included Backend & API as together?
A. Yes, you can manage all content from Backend and then RESTFul API will transfer data in between App and Backend.

Q. Do I need to know programming knowledge to modify the app?
A. Yes, especially Swift and CodeIgniter.

Q. What kind of server/hosting need to Backend? A. My backend is working fine with PHP Share Hosting. All my backend are working fine with DreamHost so I would like to recommend DreamHost.

Message To Buyer

All those features are ready to start and good enough for your full application development and customization. If you want to know more about it, please drop message to

Found Any Bugs? No worry at all. Please report to Appreciates it.

After you bought, don’t forgot to review and rating!


- Some Images From Google Search
- Alamofire Framework
- SweetAlert
- EZLoadingActivity
- RangeSlider
- Freepik :