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Hello, can you help me solve this problem? http://prntscr.com/flyyy8

The program does not see Backend

Thanks for your purchased the app. Have you setup correct URL at config.java file? Actually, I already mentioned at my UserGuide. Cheers!

I sent config.java to you email

Hi, I have been watching your previous versions and current one for a long time now almost 2 yrs now.. I loved the way you worked with the backend and how the app also evolved.

The reason I love ur work is, ur company name which is derived from the English word “PANACEA” meaning “A cure for all diseases or A solution for all problems . by definition.

There are few things I would like to bring to your notice to improve the app to the next level.

1. Since you are already using firebase. you can directly use Firebase Authentication to let users authenticate by their -email addresses & Password. -Google Sign-in -Facebook Login -Twitter -Phone Number

Since most of the users are android, all have a gmail associated to their google Playstore. So when they use google sign their s no need for them to have a separate password setup and simplifies the registration. We can also get the email id once they are logged in. Ref: https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/android/password-auth

2. When a user registers we also make them to create a profile in the first time, Like -Full Name -Gender -Date of Birth plus -Mobile number which we need to verify with otp. For free you can use Twitter Digits or even the Google Firebase which give free100k sms credits/month.

3. Once the app loads shows all the available list of stores. I have few concerns can u provide search option and filter option. - Search by name of the shop, with filter by distance, locality, city, country For the filters to work, The latitude n longitude shld be collected using google maps api. Along with address filed at the time of store creation their shld be 3 more fields,Locality, City, Country. So when a user logs in with the help of GPS we get the Country and city. Later the user will select a locality based on which the shops in that locality are loaded.

4. Slight UI modification. Example -There is no provision to see the shop information until we go and open a product. which should be available in the list view as well as when we open a shop, as an icon on the top navigation bar. -The quantity box of the product should be added with Plus/Minus buttons for easy quantity selection plus default quantity to be set to 1. -The shop list now loading has shop image ,Name and description. But Its wld be gr8 f we Show Shop Image, shop logo on the left in circular form above image, Shop name, and then shop address plus Reviews count / Ratng average,

5. A custom payment gateway for easy adaption in that particular country. Example mine India where I am looking for atleast one local payment gateway as it gives full freedom to my users for online payments.

6. Registered users are visible only once we go to a shop in the backend. Better to have a list of registered users in a separate page. and when we we visit the Shop page it shld show users who are the customers of that shop n made some transaction before in that shop. This way you can create an option for each admin in the backend to send Firebase Push Notifications to hs registered users only. where as admin can decide to which shop users or to all users.

Can we discuss on the above things plus few more additional in skype or some where , so that we can also talk about the customisation cost.

Regards Pradeep (skype: frnds.funmaza)

Thanks for your reaching out. I am really appreciates for your feedback for some enhancement. Unfortunately, I am not available to help you for your requirements because it requires for huge modification and customization. Currently, I am rushing with on going projects until mid of August. After that, I would be available sometimes for freelance work. My freelance rate is 25$ per hour so total estimated cost is based on development hours. Currently, it is hard to say for cost because your requirements are like advanced level. Sorry, I don’t use Skype but you could drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com anytime. Cheers!

Hiii .. Can I try the web demo panel and its android apps? And can you help install and setup on my hosting server after I buy? Because I do not understand program language.

Thanks for your reaching out. You can try demo apk here https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3xwbnpo612nc9a/app-debug.apk?dl=0
For backend you can take a look here : http://www.panacea-soft.com/mokets--admindemo/index.php
Username : admin, Password : admin

But please take note, that demo apk is not link with that demo backend because some user are playing for dummy sample data.

I could able to help for backend setup but need to charge accordingly. Please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com for more details.

If you don’t know at all for programming and technical background, how do manage for Android Studio and necessary SDKs setup & configuration for your working environment?


Does Brazilian currency support? And the initial screen of the app has to be of another form?

Thanks for your purchased the app. You update the currency accordingly from Backend. Yes, if you want to modify for initial screen, you need to modify some coding. Cheers!

And paypal payments?

Thanks for your reaching out. Currently, paypal is not yet support. Cheers!

hello dear, i have a problem in this source when i edit a item (product) from admin panel, and i open application to see the product, the appclication crash

how can i fix this problem?

thank you

Thanks for your purchased the app. It is your data issue because when you edit the item, you did provide for correct format and necessary information. If app got the coding issue, it always crash with my sample data also. So, please make sure to be like my sample data when you edit from backend. Cheers!

i m having my website www.edhik.com using codeigniter , can i integrate your app in my website

Thanks for your reaching out. Honestly, I am not so sure because although CI is same but database structure are different. Moreover, it need to think about APIs also to communicate with mobile app. Cheers!

Do you have website with same admin panel?

Thanks for your reaching out. Currently, frontend website is not available yet but we have the plan to release as the website around September. So, I would inform you accordingly. Cheers!

Can you make front-end fast if I need ?

If you really need as urgent, I could able to help as freelance but price would be high. You could able to drop message to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com

does this have GPS feature to make driver know where the order is? or its just like your other app?

Thanks for your reaching out at here. Sorry, there is no GPS feature at this app also. Cheers!

does android apk show only one shop? so every shop have each android aplication.

Thanks for your reaching out. It will show like this for only one shop from Backend.

hi, how can i turn off cache featue (offline mode), i want to get data from server directly without check cache. thanks

Thanks for your purchased the app. You need to modify some coding because this offline feature is not like setting control. Cheers!

The store has panel to register? Or does the administrator only register the products?

Thanks for your reaching out. Only admin can register the products from Backend. If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!


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Can I make my application add up to 3 dollars?


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Hello, do you have support in spanish?


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It seems that the documentation is for experienced people only because there are missing some steps that a beginner like me need to understand. I have tried to follow the instructions but I can´t go ahead because some missing steps and I don’t know how to do next.

Thanks for your purchased the app. Sorry, I could use only English. Okay well, I would like to know more details what kind of things you don’t understand from my documentation. What issue are you facing right now? You could drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com for more details. Cheers!


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Thank you for your answer, I have sent you an email!

when i try demo apk, in checkout step. have stuck only load.. why like this?

Thanks for your reaching out. Please try with this apk https://www.dropbox.com/s/goxa8vjb5frhajt/app-debug.apk?dl=0 Cheers!