Mokets (Mobile Commerce Full Application) - Using Titanium SDK

Mokets (Mobile Commerce Full Application) - Using Titanium SDK

ti.paypal module : Download Here
Current config value is good enough but if you want to know more about paypal setting/option : Download Here
When your app go live, you might need to generate live AppID : Paypal Developer

Notice About Titanium License

Please aware for Titanium SDK license at here :

Change Log

Version : 1.1.8
Released Date : 19 May 2016
1) To compatible well with latest stable Titanium SDK 5.2.2 GA
2) To work well with latest xcode7.3 and iOS 9
3) To support latest Android5.0 and 6.0

Version : 1.1.7
Released Date : 18 May 2015
1) App crash when submit forgot password (Mobile App)
2) Textbook height increase at checkout confirm page (Mobile App)
3) App crash when click paypal button in Android version (Mobile App)
4) When message dialog come out, background is totally transparent no more grey color at background in Android version (Mobile App)
5) Update native modules to support 64 Bits and Titanium SDK 3.5.0 and above

More Detail :

Version : 1.1.6
Released Date : 6 Apr 2015
1) When shop create, to get latest id from ‘mk_shops’ table.

More Detail :

Version : 1.1.5
Released Date : 30 March 2015
1) Missing language string at Inquiry Page (Mobile)
2) Missing language string at Review Page (Mobile)
3) User Profile Page is moving around as horizontal when scroll at iPhone6 (Mobile)
4) When checkout, item price is wrong if item got discount (Mobile)
5) When scroll at item grid, price is undefined at next pagination (Mobile)
6) At Android, when profile photo upload from camera, it is auto rotate. (Mobile)
7) If not available feeds for followed shop, it show alert message. (Mobile)
8 ) Item discount percent at transaction list (Backend)
9) Manager Account’s role and access right (Backend)
10) Normal Account’s role and access right (Backend)

More Detail :

Version : 1.1.4
Released Date : 13 March 2015
1) If there is no transaction history, loading window will stop.
2) Delivery and Billing Address Missing at Profile Page
3) dialogbox error message at ItemList Page

More Detail :

Version : 1.1.3
Released Date : 20 Feb 2015
1) Favourite Item with attribute got length error
2) Missing some language string at config.json

1) If only one shop, it will skip shop list page. It will auto load single shop layout

More Detail :

Version : 1.1.2
Released Date : 1 Feb 2015
1) Category and Sub Category publish/unpublish status issue (Backend)

More Detail :

Version : 1.1.1
Released Date : 30 Jan 2015
1) Tab Issue at Shop Create Page (Backend)
2) Read Paypal Setting Values For Shop table instead of config.json file. Table schema is effected. (Backend + Mobile App)
3) To responsive more when click shop at Shop List Page (Mobile App)

More Detail :

Version : 1.0.0
Released Date : 28 Jan 2015
What’s is new in this version?
1) Item Attributes Feature
2) Each Shop have own shop admin account
3) Each Shop have their own standard currency
4) Each Shop have own basket so user can checkout individually
6) Other Payment Options added such as ‘Cash On Delivery’ and ‘Bank Transfer’
5) Email Notification when user checkout with COD or Bank Transfer

More Detail :

Release Note

Version : 1.0.0

Mobile App
1. Shops List
2. Categories List
3. Items List with Sub Category Tab Menu
4. Item Detail
5. Item Images Galley
6. Item Like
7. Item Rating Stars
8. Item Review
9. Item Favourite
10. Item Inquiry
11. Add To Cart
12. Basket
13. Checkout Confirm
14. Paypal Payment
15. Paypal Success
16. Paypal Cancel
17. Shop Page
18. Shop Contact Message
19. User follow shop feed
20. User Favourites Items
21. User Transactions History List
22. Shop Follow List
23. Profile
24. User Login
25. User Register
26. Forgot Password Request
27. User Logout
28. Facebook Share
29. Twitter Tweet


1. Dashboard By Shop
2. Shop CRUD Management
3. Currency CRUD Management
4. Categories CRUD Management
5. Sub Categories CRUD Management
6. Items Management CRUD Management
7. Discount CRUD Management
8. News Feed CRUD Management
9. Item Likes Management
10. Item Review Management
11. Item Favourite Management
12. Item Rating Management
13. Item Inquiry Management
14. Registered Users Management
15. Shop Contact Message
16. Transaction Report
17. Analytics Report Using Google Chart API
18. System Users Management
19. Export Database

1. RestFul API

All those features are ready to start and good enough for your full application development and customization. If you want to know more about it, please drop message to

Found Any Bugs? No worry at all. Please report to Appreciates it.