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Will this work with other themes than the default? I am using fortuna



I tried to setup on OC v1.5.4.1, but it not works. vqmod finished setup successfully.

does it matter if the currency is not in the US Dolars ($)

We try to use currency Turkish Lira.

How to solve this problem ?

Error: Could not load language module/pedido_minimo! :( please help… entire module area is out.. :(

kinda… solved it by myself… the language was different from what you have in folders…


Would like to purchase this mod.Will it work with shoppica?


I would like to say, that you need to update this plugin.

Firstly WTF is on checkout controller? Why here must be redirect to cart? Its much more easy, to update your code on cart.php controller.

Your code: if ($total_cart<$this->config->get('pedido_minimo_valor')){ $this->language->load('module/pedido_minimo'); $this->data['attention'] = $this->language->get('text_texto'). $this->currency->getSymbolLeft().$this->config->get('pedido_minimo_valor').$this->currency->getSymbolRight()."." ; }

MUST BE CHANGED TO: if ($total_cart<$this->config->get('pedido_minimo_valor')){ $this->language->load('module/pedido_minimo'); $this->data['attention'] = sprintf($this->language->get('text_texto'), $this->currency->getSymbolLeft().$this->config->get('minimum_order').$this->currency->getSymbolRight()); $this->data['checkout'] = $this->url->link('checkout/cart', '', 'SSL'); }

If you made this changes, any additional code on checkout.php will not be.

I think, that you will change it :) :silly:

I don’t wan’t make any confused, but on checkout controller must be redirect if order total is lower, the plugin author was right, but it need to be correct to much more clearly php code ;)

Is there a way to disable the javascript alert box and remain only the inform message on the checkout page?

no have update for opencart 3.0.x?

I’m interested to help you to make the Opencart 3.x version. Is it available on git somewhere?