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Hi, good work. I have few questiuons. what about wordpress version, it will be avaliable in future? What about video content, could I use it easy? What about special characters like ?ó????????

Hi hexel, thank you for your comment. It is in our roadmap, but due to the complexity we can not give a date. Any possible content in html will work in Modularux, that includes video. There are several demos included with YouTube and vimeo videos.The same applies to the rare characters.


Very nice, is there planning for an html version that does not take the content from external html files but from inline html content

Hi nokiko, The purpose of calling external html, is to be “SEO friendly”. You can use “inline html content” in the json instead of using an external url file, you can put “index.html #ID” and use an id.



Thanks! ;-)

when I viewed the demo for ur item, I saw a side bar, does that for showing us the demo or it will be included into the item, if it’s available with the item, I will purchase it now, I’m asking you that because I will use your item as interface for my project

There is a Wordpress version in our roadmap but I can’t give you a release date.

okay, thank you for your quick replays

Thank you for the interest.

Hello author. I’m actually a developer where my client purchase this software. It works great. However i’m not sure why it’s not show properly in ipad/mobile. When the boxes are loading then start to take their own position, only half/quarter of div display while the rest blank. But when i start scroll a little, the rest of boxes which is previously display blank finally show. I already refresh it lot of times and it consistently display half of the boxes first. Then when i scroll a little, then the display will be full. Please tell me where i can giv u my development website link. It’s great if u can check whats wrong.

i figure out why. the div involve is ‘wrapmsnry’. In modularux-1.1.js, the width is based on content which might giv wrong input. so i straightly hard code it to ‘100%’. _


Nice solution. Glad this works for your client. If you need help or have any questions please contact us.


Hello,author. i hav another question. In div id of ‘Content’, is it possible to sort the display list where if the user click on the div, that div will appear first then following by the others? Currently the sorting list for div id of ‘Content’, is hard coding. Which is, whatever div users click for that certain data-section, it will display according to that hard code.

Hi, Right now that’s not possible. The opening order always be defined by the data-section. You can change this behavior from the method openitem, when ordered to open sections:

$samesections.sort (helpers.sortSections);

You can change the helpers.sortSections to order as you want. It is a “hard code” solution as you say.

We added to our roadmap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So, hard code is the only solution,right? Ok, thank you for the clarification.

Hello,author. i have a question. In the computer browser, only in PC, click on a text area in Modularux html template, there is no any response to creat the new category div layer. why?

Hi, Thanks for your purchase.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Could you send us a screenshot or more detail to this email support@j3dlab.com? and we will try to help you.

Amazing work, Goodluck with sales!