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Hi! Interesting subject! How to put 2 modal ajax windows on one page? I register one more call in misc.js, but then the first doesn’t work (

Thanks for an interesting subject! Already itself I understood

Is it possible to integrate the ModernUI-Metro skin to an ASP.Net MVC 5 application?

This product contains HTML, CSS, JS so yeah, it depends a bit on the way you work but it should be fine.

That Skin is awesome. But, I looked up the files and it’s so complicated. Could you just help me to find some files?

Hello and thanks for your purchase – sure what do you need?

I haven’t bought any bootstrap skins so far, so I don’t know how to find the correct Css and js files to integrate my index. I mean in which file are the correct css and js files are located?

In the CSS folder we have all the compiled css files, minified or not. This can just be copied over to your project and included in the head. For the extra plugins we have the the EXTRA folder. So for example if I want to include the Circular Graphs I check the source code: on the bottom of the file we see which JS files are loaded and where they can be found. In this case that is <script src=’extra/jquery-knob/jquery.knob.js’></script>. Regarding the CSS file: it holds all the styles for each and every plugin so it’s a big file. To avoid wasting bandwidth it is always interesting to use a LESS compiler and only add the CSS styles for those plugins that will actually be used in the project.

Thanks for making such a great theme. I wanted to ask that which files do I need to add in my html file through <link> or <script>? I just want the necessary file names.

don’t know if you know of the F12 fucntionality in your browser?

What does that do (F12)? Yeah dropdowns don’t function. When I click on them they just wait as they are

when you press F12 in firefox or chrome you get the developer console that can help you debug. But do you mean the Bootstrap select in the forms extra page or other dropdowns? Sory, it could mean many things. You can always send me a message through my private profile and then we can exchange the files and i can get you on your way via regular email conversation.

Is it possible to have horizontal scrolling and then vertical scrolling below?

For example, hero section of the tiles, then a down button or something and then into the vertical scroll?

Look forward to your response.


Definitely possible but requires serious coding intervention to accomplish. It probably means making a whole new page HTML layout with custom LESS where you can stack vertically and horizontally scrolling sections.

Sorry duplicated because thought I had emailed… I’ve flagged for removal. Cool I’ll have a play around with it and try and figure it out!

So what you can do is use a container with fixed height (adjust for all devices) and the inner container can then have a fixed width with overflow enabled.


is it possible to use each component seperately, like i just wanna use tile page on my app can i extract css and js only for that component without others ?

there is a whole LESS structure included, then you can compile only the bits you need into bootstrap. Compilation can be done with winless or gulp on node.js.