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hello,can insert ads between list ppopular post? like 3 list popular, 4 ads, 5-7 list, 8 ads, 9-10 list ?

Sorry this is not possible.

Hi there, I just installed ur plugin and published it as widget and as shortcode in two different positions.

The widget shows the posts but the shortcode displays nothing.

Another thing is, when I go into page edit at backend it crushes wordpress layout. When I delete the shortcode everything is fine. I think its the combination with the divi theme from elegantthemes but I don’t want a support ping pong on this issue. Is it possible that you look inside the code to see whats happaning there?

Best ragards and a relaxed weekend,

Hi again,

sorry the delay, to much work this week.

It ok for now. I’ll use the widget to publish it and this works great.

But one thing. The displayed title inside “go_trend_post_content” div class is just a “a”-tag and not a title-tag. Is it possible that you ad a dropdown to choose what behaviour the title has – e.g. h1,h2,h3, etc. ?


hello , well yes i can add a tags dropdown to choose from , but the the problem is that the “go_trend_post_content” div is using the css property “vertical-align: middle;” which only works for div tags , in h1, h2..etc this style can’t be applied

hmmmm and a change to “choose title font” and below a dropdown with “title align” and no div for title?

Meanwhile I changed the font now by css overwrite : )

Hi there. Just installed the plug-in. And it’s pulling other stories from Categories that I didn’t select, even if I have chosen to “Filter By Category”.

hello , we need your log-in details so we can fix the plugin because there is a thousand possible cause of the problem , trust us :grin:

I’d like a refund please.

There are 54 people who bought it and did not get such a problem. This means that the problem is on your side, and like i told you there is a thousand possible cause of the problem , anyway if you want a refund follow this link :

Good day i just bought the plugin and i can get it to pull from the category i selected, its pulling from different places i didnt select.. Can you help please?

Hey bless day can you send me your email so i can send you this info, would not want to put it in the forum .. Thank you

Also is there a way to track the data of this plugin in the back end so you can monitor on a daily basis how post are doing and there position status ?

problem solved , thanks :grin:


kentta07 Purchased

The setting “Filter by Category” is not working. What should I do?


kentta07 Purchased

Now, I’m using version 1.2. Will it be version 1.3?

plugin updated :grin: