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Shine on! Looking to purchase from you.

thanks .

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No Its working.

Nice Work :) good luck with sales

Thanks .


very nice work ! big sales to you ;)


Is there any option or code to hide specific posts?


quimix Purchased

Can’t get any posts to show up. My blog is 5 years old with plenty of comments and views. Also, you have limited options for “last year, last week, etc.” why not juts “all time views” or similar? Very disappointing especially after paying way more that I wanted to for this widget.

Hello , the plugin start counting the post views after you activate it so you may not have any view yet , try to view your posts multiple time and see if it will work ,if not then please send me your website link and login info and i will fix it for you. and about the time laps , i will add more next update. thanks for purchasing :grin:

Hi there,

I have bought your plugin last week ago. I really liked it and also gave a 5 star rating. Today I open my site and thought: “WTF?”. I set the display of the trending posts to “last month”. And today the plugin shows “No posts found to display”. I guess because it’s the 1st of the month. But I really believed that it will show the posts from the last 30 days. In this case on every 1st of a month it looks like that there is no traffic on my site. Do you have a solution for this problem?

kind regards, Tom

strange , i tested the plugin today in both localhost and a real website and its working fine , can you please send me your login info so i can check the problem ? , thanks

To which email address I should send?

So you took down the plugin from the previous sale and began selling it as new plugin here?, how come i can’t download it from my previous purchase. by the way did you fix the bogus views count?

Hello , I apologize for your bad experience , just give me your email that you purchased the plugin with and i will send you the plugin.thanks

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my Email is talk2deejay{at}gmail.com Regards.

plugin sent, have a nice day.

Hi, I loved your plugin’s live preview, and I would like to purchase it and recommend it because of its beauty and simplicity, but I would like to know before buying if you made the time-lapse to “last 30 days” not last month as January, February, because it will show no post every starting of a month, did you fix this?

hello , 1- yes 2- no 3- yes

Great, I will buy it InshaaAllah, and if It worked perfectly I will rate it 5 stars and make a good review, this plug-in needs to be popular and known, It’s very weird (for Wordpress since it is the most popular platform for blogging), I don’t know why these kind of plug-ins are so few on the web for this platform and they are necessary/indispensable for every decent website. But yeah if the plug-in worked as expected, it deserves to be popular.

Thanks for thinking about making this plug-in.

welcome man,


negoz Purchased

I was interested in filtering by category. I have separate sidebars for most categories and this widget was supposed to show people interested – what interests others. But this is what most needed function does not work. Is it working properly?

Hi , the category filtering is working good , make sure you don’t have posts with more than one category , and thanks for purchasing :grin:


negoz Purchased

I have about 50 categories and subcategories. It is obvious that I have articles that are at the same time in SPORT and in the MOTO category or another. For example, it refers to a race and it is in both categories. BUT. Even if you tick to show up with AUTOMATION or SPORT, you will see posts such as MODA or SAFETY.

can you please send me your login info so i can check the problem , thanks


tiberon Purchased

I want to include all categories, but one. How does that work? Is there a way to make that happen? Basically, there’s a category that I don’t want showing up in it, but all the rest of the categories are fine to show up in the single widget.

Hello , sorry the plugin don’t support multi-category option right now, i may add it next update . thanks for purchasing :grin:

demo not working

it’s working now , thanks for purchasing :grin:

Hi, would be great if you could add Recent Posts as well..

hello , sorry currently we can’t do it , thanks for purchasing :grin:

Hi, is there a way I can pass the post category on the shortcode?


[go_trend id=’4’ categoryid = ‘categoryid’ ]

Any updates on this?

Hello , no you can’t ,but there is a custom sidebar to help you create shortcodes for the plugin , just drag and drop the widget in it , customize it , copy the shortcode and you can use it anywhere , Sorry for the delay ,and thanks for purchasing :grin:

Can I set popular posts for last month, this month or last week for example?


Hello , yes you can.


maxlomov Purchased


I just purchased and installed your plugin In Trend and have couple of questions regarding it.

1) how do I adjust line spacing for titles of posts in the plugin? Please see our site: https://testpress.news/fotografii-open-ejr-bridge-pod-yuzhnym-mostom-10-iyunya/. On the demo the line spacing is smaller and looks good comparing to my website.

2) post titles in the plugin turns into Capitalize Each Word case despite originally all post titles has Sentence case. How do I have the original case of post titles in the plugin?

3) when I put custom thumbnail size in Thumb on top mode, the plugin doesn’t crop the same size thumbnails for all posts (so thumbnails has different sizes).

Look forward hearing from you.


Hello 1 ) i saw your website and the line spacing is looking good , however the line spacing is an issue from the theme developer and not the plugin ,

2 ) sorry you cant , it must be Capitalized , ‘

3 ) the thumbnail size is also an issue from the theme developer , but if you want just send me your login info and i can customize everything for you , thanks for purchasing :grin:

rokie4765 Purchased

It can not be activated. Because i’m using Jetpack… :(

hello, i will check it now,