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hello,can insert ads between list ppopular post? like 3 list popular, 4 ads, 5-7 list, 8 ads, 9-10 list ?

i think its needed because google have new recomended ads type the name “in feed”

you can see this for sample see the popular sidebar its beautifull. infeed ads in some feed like on popular or somthing feed

ok we will update the plugin next week ,

Hi there, I just installed ur plugin and published it as widget and as shortcode in two different positions.

The widget shows the posts but the shortcode displays nothing.

Another thing is, when I go into page edit at backend it crushes wordpress layout. When I delete the shortcode everything is fine. I think its the combination with the divi theme from elegantthemes but I don’t want a support ping pong on this issue. Is it possible that you look inside the code to see whats happaning there?

Best ragards and a relaxed weekend,

Hi again,

sorry the delay, to much work this week.

It ok for now. I’ll use the widget to publish it and this works great.

But one thing. The displayed title inside “go_trend_post_content” div class is just a “a”-tag and not a title-tag. Is it possible that you ad a dropdown to choose what behaviour the title has – e.g. h1,h2,h3, etc. ?


hello , well yes i can add a tags dropdown to choose from , but the the problem is that the “go_trend_post_content” div is using the css property “vertical-align: middle;” which only works for div tags , in h1, h2..etc this style can’t be applied

hmmmm and a change to “choose title font” and below a dropdown with “title align” and no div for title?

Meanwhile I changed the font now by css overwrite : )

Hi there. Just installed the plug-in. And it’s pulling other stories from Categories that I didn’t select, even if I have chosen to “Filter By Category”.

hello , we need your log-in details so we can fix the plugin because there is a thousand possible cause of the problem , trust us :grin:

I’d like a refund please.

There are 54 people who bought it and did not get such a problem. This means that the problem is on your side, and like i told you there is a thousand possible cause of the problem , anyway if you want a refund follow this link :

Good day i just bought the plugin and i can get it to pull from the category i selected, its pulling from different places i didnt select.. Can you help please?

Hey bless day can you send me your email so i can send you this info, would not want to put it in the forum .. Thank you

Also is there a way to track the data of this plugin in the back end so you can monitor on a daily basis how post are doing and there position status ?

problem solved , thanks :grin:

The setting “Filter by Category” is not working. What should I do?

Now, I’m using version 1.2. Will it be version 1.3?

plugin updated :grin:

Hi, thanks for the plugin.

I have a question: I need to show post views count on each post, can you tell me how to do it?

I just need the code, I know where to put it.

Thank you.

but you are asking for feature that is not in the plugin , How will I do this ؟

You use visits to count views, do you think that’s how views should be counted? with just a page refresh the visit will be counted, anyone can cheat and it’s not real world counting, no IP/Cookies filtration, the plugin is not how it’s supposed to be, everyone would expect it to count unique visits using some methods or at least use the IP/Cookies filtration, first of all I didn’t ask for a refund just because of that, that’s why I asked you to help with few codes to make it work how it’s supposed to, but apparently there is no help. I think you are an Arab, I am an Arab too, so please can you accept my refund request?

so after using it for 5 months and rating it 5 stars you want a refund ? the plugin count views , not visitors , you can read the item description , second thing, being arab has nothing to do with this , if you want a refund please read the refund rules : thanks.

hi i get the plugin today and i have a lot of visitors but there is no post appear in the widget

i am using cloudflare

do i need time for post widget to appear

شكرا لك انا فعلا اواجة تلك المشكلة هل تنصحنى بثيم معين مناسب للكمبيوتر و الموبيل ؟

هل تريد ان تشتري ام مجاني ؟ , اذا كان ثيم مجاني فأختار ثيم twenty sixteen هو افضل ثيم مجاني تصميمه جميل جدا قي جدا ضد الاختراق لانه من تصميم نفس شركة الردبريس , اما اذا كنت تبحث عن ثيم مدفوع فيوجد العديد من الثيمات هنا في ثيمفوريست يمكنك ان تشتريهم بتخفيضات , لكن صراحة لن يفرق كثيرا لانه يوجد ثيمات مجانية بقوة المدفوعة , شكرا :grin:

شكرا لك نتمنى فى التحديث القادم للاضافة ان يتم وضع المواضيع بطريقة يدوية سيكون خيار مهم يحتاجة العديد من الاشخاص و شكرا

Goodday , i am receiving this message when i install the plugin on my site: Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; foratthemes_go_trend has a deprecated constructor in /home2/caribca1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/go-trend/go-trend.php on line 98

Can you please assist with this matter asp please..

Hello , sorry for the delay, we are working now to fix it now and and will update the plugin , you will get an email when its updated. :grin:

plugin updated and bugs fixed :grin:

hello guys i am not sure how long it takes for this plugin to work, i just purchased it and added it as a widget on my site but i do not see any posts would love some help, maybe it needs time to collect all data to see which one is trending?

Unfortunately this error has occurred due to an error in your wp system caused by another plugin you are using , we can not find out which plugin are causing this because you are using 27 active plugin which we can’t do something about . any way we can refund you if you want :grin: .. thanks

bummer … your plugin looked the best and wanted to use it….. oh well sorry to hear it didnt work man, but yeah a refund would be great

to get a refund , please use this link :


Lgames Purchased

Thanks for plugin. It’s working. BUT widgets settings do not load. Tried 3 different browsers. Also i disable my cache plugin. But still can’t see settings. Wordpres 4.9. Screen –

hello , what version are you using ?


Lgames Purchased

Go trend – Version – 1.4 Ultimate Social – Version 6.0.7 I can send plugin if needed

Unfortunately this error has occurred due to the error in another plugin (Ultimate Social) and we can’t do any thing about it , you can try contacting the plugin developers they may help you solve it , any way we can refund you if you want :) ... thanks

Tried installing your plugin on my site but it shows me this error below , can you please fix as it doesn’t look pleasant to have this error on the page. Would be great to get it resolved.

The error i am receiving: ’’Notice: Undefined index: order in /home2/caribca1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/piklist/includes/class-piklist-wordpress.php on line 192’‘

Please contact me ,Have a great day further

Hey, great plugin!

But how do i change the headline format? At the moment your widget is making every word begin with a capital. That kind of headline is only used in Englisch – i want it to just the headlines i defined in Wordpress. Don’t even know why someone would invent that first letter in capital-rule. Do make it clear:

Your widget takes a Headline example “This is a regular headline” and makes “This Is A Regular Headline” out of it – i don’t want my things manipulated by your widget, i just want you to show them. Make that please disappear. Thanks.

Please provide a solution asap, it’s really a silly bug.


Hello, Can you please give me your email I will send you a customized version of the plugin, thanks :grin:

Hey, that would be awesome. Please send it to david[at]! Thank you! :)


subster Purchased

Dear Sir, the plugin seems not work properly: You see on #4 Bitcoin Misery Index in a Trader Perspective When I look up in the database columns by your plugin there are just 28 views, there are many posts, that collected already much more. Please check your work. Thanks

subster Purchased

No support here?

Hello, apologize for the delay, we have updated the plugin please re-download it. thanks.


This plug-in does not work with the divi theme. It threw off spacing, formatting etc. I would like a refund please. Let me know what you need from me.


looks awesome can I use for projects like this?

we are making new startup mmj store

Hello, yes sure you can.