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Cool theme, good work arnolem! :)

Thank you extreemer, it’s the first add-on theme of SimpleAuth.

I’m having trouble getting the modern theme to show. I’ve changed ‘theme’ => ‘modern/modern.php’, and added // infront of ‘theme’ =>false but it’s still showing the default sign-in page.

Any ideas?

Hello Stevelooyd,

Have you installed the SimpleAuth.php file and the “Theme” folder in the same place as your page to be protected?
If it does not, you must have a problem with a filepath.

Thanks for the prompt response, I can see what I was doing wrong now. I’d copied just the Modern folder over rather than Themes/Modern. Excellent service.

Ok, it’s good for you now ?

Hi, Can I add a custom logo for my client and remove the flags?

Hi ! You can create your own theme, or customize an existing theme. For removing flag, simply disable this feature in the config file. Thanks !

Hello, Do you have any documentation on the security of this script? Do you protect from XSS?, Session Hijacking?, Brute Force? How is that handled? and also Network eves dropping?


This is an addon theme for SimpleAuth, will only work with SimpleAuth php script, make sure you purchased SimpleAuth before.

All information about security is here : http://codecanyon.net/item/simpleauth-very-simple-secure-login-system/232148#item-description__features

To answer the question quickly :
– XSS, no problem (escape)
– Session Hijacking, no problem (dynamic session id)
– Brute Force, no control, use complex passwords
– SQL injection, no problem (no database)
– CSRF, no problem (only POST action)

Ijust bought this with accidental clik :/ what is this ?

If you want, you can ask send a refund request

It’s great _, but you must by SimpleAuth Script before install this add-on.