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Hi, is there a way to set a max-width so that the images do not get bigger than their actual size? The problem I’m having is that the images are growing bigger than their original size and looking fuzzy on mobile. Thanks

Hi Pecktron, Perhaps you could try configuring the showcase to use a higher resolution for the images than the default? There is a question in the FAQs on the showcase editor pages that discusses how to increase the team member image resolution in the showcases. if that does not help with your need, please feel free to mail me at wordpressaholic@gmail.com and we can work out another solution. Regards, Kartik

i need subcategories filter ..i have seen that this plugin expand all categories and subcategories filter :( how i can enable subcategories filter ?? it is very important for me

Hi Benjo, I have replied to your mail. MTS does not have a facility for ‘sub category filters’ at present unfortunately. All categories are presented as filters in the same level. You can have multiple simultaneous filter sets, but that’s a different feature. – Regards, Kartik

Hi, is there anyway I can get my images to display square? I have the ratio set to 1:1 and my images are all 1500×1500 but they are displaying as 16:9 it appears? Thanks!

Got it

Problem in the multi-filtered, all my members have their respective groups, applying various filters, only works the first. In the frontend when I try to choose another option, shows nothing. I want to do this: the Vertical


members have their group correctly.

Filter 1: https://i.imgsafe.org/0dfbb9af80.png filter 2: https://i.imgsafe.org/0dfbc01db3.png view Front end: https://i.imgsafe.org/0dfbd6b132.png

only work me the “Cargo” filter

Correction to my previous answer – you can in fact use the Groups taxonomy in multiple filter sets. So the groups that you give your members can be separated into multiple sets while setting up your filters. Please drop me a support mail and I will assist.

Hello, finally I could solve the problem of the filter manifold, and works very well https://i.imgsafe.org/488a81bf2f.jpg my query is now as follows: the dropdown to search by term, shows me all the terms, is a search for a term. https://i.imgsafe.org/48900b7e56.jpg Is possible that there is something like this: https://i.imgsafe.org/48b7b758e3.jpg search with multiple terms


Hi, This search in many terms system is not part of the plugin right now. I will keep it in mind for a future feature however. – Regards, Kartik


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Can you tell me how to remove the profile link in the lightbox? It is the only attribute with no delete option.


Hi, please drop a mail at the support mail id: wordpressaholic@gmail.com for assistance. Regards, Kartik

Is there a way to import a large database of users via CSV?

Hi PDesigns, While there isn’t an integrated facility for this, you can use any free CSV import plugin to do it. There are some small details you need to keep in mind. Drop in a mail at wordpressaholic@gmail.com for import instructions. – Regards, Kartik

This plug-in is conflict with with flatsome theme, could you fix this

Hello, Are you sure this is a conflict with the Flatsome theme or another plugin or script on your site? I ask this because I have not come across an issue between MTS and Flatsome (or any popular theme) before. You can narrow it down by deactivating other plugins to find out if the problem still occurs. Please send a support mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for assistance. – Regards, Kartik

Great support thank you

Hi wordpressaholic, great Plugin! Can you tell me why I have to load the page twice on mobile devices until it loads the showcase?

Please check your inbox. The issue should be resolved. On the Bridge theme you just need to disable ajax loading for the page where MTS is being used. Thanks!

Thanks for the fast help and the solution. GREAT Support! GREAT Plugin! So Powerful.

Im glad you like MTS :-) For any other questions please feel free to drop in a support mail at wordpressaholic@gmail.com. Good day! – Regards, Kartik


1/ How can I translate “No results found. Reset Filter(s)?” on pages where there is no team member?

2/ How can I hide/disable “View full profile” in lightbox?

3/ I just can’t save font color in lightbox style in Member Template popup. The color is never saved.


Hi, Please drop support mails at wordpressaholic@gmail.com for assistance. – Regards, Kartik


In the interest of expediting the process, please find replies to your queries below:

1. If you are using any translation software for your site it should pick up the strings:

No results found. Reset Filter(s)?

No results found. Clear search?

These strings are located in wp-content/plugins/modernteamshowcase/modernteamshowcase.php line 736 and 738

You can directly change them in the plugin file mentioned above however, if you do so then the strings will return whenever you update the plugin.

2. Did you try using the newer version of the plugin that I sent you over our last emails? You can download it directly from CodeCanyon now as well. They should have the view full profile box disabled automatically. You just need to load a new preset. But if this is not an option for you then I can direct you to some CSS code that you can use to hide that link. Please drop a support mail for that.

3. The Member Template does not handle styles for lightboxes right now. That feature is a work in progress. However, you can achieve this with some simple CSS code. You can insert this CSS code in the showcase through the MTS preset editor or the main editor > Overall settings. Or you can apply this CSS using any CSS plugin that lets you insert code into your site. Or enter it into your child theme’s stylesheet.

.wmts_lightbox .wmts_element, .wmts_lightbox .wmts_element * {
    color: #a5a5a5!important;

Just replace the #a5a5a5 part in the above CSS code with the new color hex that you need. If you have an issue doing so or need more properties to control other settings please feel free to drop a support mail for further assistance.

Regards, Kartik

love your plugin. But maybe you can add these features:

1. Organize details (meta) into columns 2. Show term of a meta key in ribbon and color ribbon by taxonomy or term color 3. Show fields assinged to a custom taxonomy of the post

if i have three different custom taxonomies for a custom post type… how can I list the terms of one of them assigned to the post?

Hi Digi, thanks for the feature suggestions, I will definitely keep them in mind for a future version. For now, as a workaround you can enter the terms for each member in a custom field and then use the {{Meta Key}} tag inside the template editor to have it show up on the member cells. For more details please drop in a mail to the support address wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

Hi first off I want to say that this is a great plugin, and it does exactly what I need it to do! Ok now that is out of the way I need help on how do I customize what shows under the department dropdown? Right now it lets me choose Marketing and Finance only. I want to have certain categories use the filter feature and certain ones use the dropdown feature you have.

Hi, I’m glad you like the plugin and would like to help you achieve your goals through it. The search drop down shows all the departments / groups that you have created for the members. By default there are two groups (same as categories) – Marketing and Finance. You can delete these and create as many new groups as you want. Whichever groups you add will be added to the search drop down. But please remember to ensure each member is assigned to at least one group through their member editor page > groups section in the right hand column. To discuss further please drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

I dont know why my member’s page return 404 any suggest :(

Hi, this issue can be resolved quickly. It is covered in the FAQs included on each showcase editor page. You just need to visit your WordPress permalinks page. WP dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. And your member pages will show up correctly. In case there is any further difficulty please feel free to drop a mail for support at wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

Work perfectly, thank Kartik

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Is it possible to have the bio image colored, and then when rolled over (before clicking to pop up) the image can turn black and white? I realize that it would be 2 seperate images which I would have.

Hi, At present, the reverse facility is available with MTS. You can have an image be black and white (the black and white version is automatically created), but when hovered on, the image will turn back into color mode. If you really need the image to turn black and white on hover, that is possible, and I can guide you through the process, however it will involve several steps as it is a custom solution and not part of the plugin as such. – Regards, Kartik

It wants my Envato username and API key it use?? What?

I just downloaded an installed this plugin. Most of the time, when I install plugins, it Activates and I’m able to start using it. This plugin is showing as Activated. HOWEVER,

Even after it’s activated, I cannot use it because it says “Hey! This plugin is not activated yet.” And it’s asking for my Envato username, API Key, and Purchase Code. First of all, I don’t know where to find my purchase code.

Second, and most important: Envato is says to NEVER give out an API Key to anyone, (especially along with my username), as this would allow that person to access my Envato account details. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP.

Hi, please see my reply to your mail. The license activation is for automatic updates. You can instead download the updates directly from Code Canyon as well. The API key is optional, in case of heavy server load during updates so that you can be provided an update directly from your own Envato account. – Regards, Kartik

Is it possible to show different departments as separate groups/table with a common search box on top?

see the reference design here: http://prntscr.com/dqy7gd

Hi, while you can have separate grids/tables for separate departments/groups, each grid/table will have its own separate search box. There cannot be a common search box for all the separate grids/tables. If you really need this custom setup, I could create it for a fee. Please drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for that. – Regards, Kartik

How to change color style on Showcase “Wide” Preset? And how to extend LightBox text area to full width of Lightbox. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_WcHQPxuGmCQVpMRVBWTU9MelU

Hi, please drop a support mail at wordpressaholic@gmail.com where I can provide more detailed instructions. – Regards, Kartik


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Hi – got a couple questions and a problem:

(1) I went onto ALL FORMS – BASIC and tried to add a couple of custom items like birthday, favorite thing, etc. but the new fields do not show up on the actual pop up page (using vertical layout). On the showcase I see nowhere to choose the new fields I created or a selection to use these new fields to show up on the member description box. How do I get the new fields I create to show up?

(2) I added a second filter function but it doesn’t seem to work. I have the items checked on what I want filtered and on team member I have both primary and non-promary items checked but the filter only works on the top filter but not the second one.

(3) I doesn’t seem to change my settings when I leave the showcase page. I make my choices/changes in settings pop up box and click save, go to the page and the new settings works. I also click the save settings button on the main page (not the pop up box)—IE I save twice. As soon as I close the showcase page, NONE of my settings are remembered

Thanks for help.


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Oh, also forgot to mention on Custom Fields – I also did follow the directions for adding custom fields from your 7 step FAQ – did not work (at least for me). Thanks


Please refer to my response to your queries below. Also, for further queries please use the support mail wordpressaholic@gmail.com

1. If you have already referred to the FAQ question in your showcase editor page: “How do I add custom attributes to my team members?” then perhaps point 3 is the issue that is causing the settings to revert.

2. Please try re-downloading the plugin from CodeCanyon and refresh your browser cache and see if the second filter works then. If not, please send me admin login details through the support mail wordpressaholic@gmail.com and I will look into it. Also, there should be at least one member attached to the group for it to work as a filter.

3. The Main Editor (popup that opens from the green button) and the Load New Preset section are two separate systems. The load new preset section will load a new preset with its own default settings. And this will overwrite the settings in the Main Editor as well. This is why when you use the Main Editor, and have added your own custom settings to the showcase, please do not use the Load New Preset settings section otherwise you need to re-do your settings.

Regards, Kartik