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Does your plugin have individual profile/team member pages? All of your demos are lightbox versions. If so, are there different themes/configurations of how the individual page is laid out? Sorry if this is posted – I searched your site and didn’t see anything.

Hi, while the plugin does include member pages, their styling and structure depend on your theme, not Modern Team Showcase. – Regards, Kartik

Hello, what does front end editor facility means?

That users can fill out front end form and then they will be on the list?

Hi, the front end editor refer to the plugin’s team showcase editor that is available on the front end of your website as well to make it convenient for you to edit your team showcases. While you can create and edit forms and put them up on the front end for your members to edit it themselves, these forms do not generate new members. They edit the profiles of existing members. For further queries please use the support mail: wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

Hi we’d like to have a team page of artists so we want their artwork to be priority and secondary would be their face, say in a lower corner etc. Can this do so?

Hi, I think a different tool may be required for this job. Good luck find one asap! – Regards, Kartik


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Hi, i having issues saving team members, i fill in the form, submit, save, but its still blank, it doesnt save the information?

Hi, Please drop in your query at the support mail wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik


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Thanks for this great plugin, I have few questions and hope you can help me with it

1. I can not get the profile info and image in lightbox, I’ve only got a “blank” screen (dark in fact): http://www.topos.brussels/members/

and how can I get these members infos in lightbox only (not linked to profile page)?

2. How do I get members info (fonction, email, phone,..) in the profile page ? I only have name and picture.

3. I would like to have a drop-down menu for category (taxonomy) filter because I have a lot of different categories, is it possible ?

4. Is it possible for member to change his info on their own profile page only ? Having an access trough front or back office ?

I’ve already sent you an email last week-end but I will forward this one too.

Thanks for support. Best regards, Spiritol


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Hi, please provide support, I really need your help… Thank you.

Please check you inbox. Thanks!


spiritol Purchased

Thanks for reply !


I have a question before purchase.

Is it possible to protect all the team directory by a password or just have an access to logged users?

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards,

Hi, What you can do is to create your team showcase grid and then set it up on a page and use another password protection plugin to protect that page. That should protect your team member information from the general plugin if you need. – Regards, Kartik

Thank you for your quick reply.

I thought about this solution, but seeing the demo of your plugin, I believe that the profiles pages will still be accessible by direct link, right? Like http://modernteamshowcase.com/profiles/mindy-hill-3/



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Hi There,

Loving the Plugin just having a few issues with the members loading especially on mobile.

To even view them I am having to refresh the page at least twice.

Please can you help?

Thanks so much

Hi, I am glad you are loving the plugin! I just visited the link and the showcase is working on mobile for me (iPhone). No need to load twice. Perhaps the issue is something else then? Maybe try viewing from another device or ensure you are logged out, or try viewing in incognito mode. It is not a known issue with the plugin so I do not have a quick fix but we can get to the bottom of this, please send your reply to the support mail wordpressaholic@gmail.com so we may discuss further. – Regards, Kartik

You can change the urls for your team members so that it becomes unobvious to the general public. But if you want a more strictly secure solution, you can look into plugins that could add password protection to specified post types, in this case ‘modernteammembers’. – Regards, Kartik