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Hi, does this plugin allow you to remove lightbox links for all presets? Our company does not want to link to a full bio. Also is there an option without photos (just name, title, social)? Thank you!

Hi, when creating a new showcase the lightbox can be removed, also the link to profile. Also elements that you don’t need in the showcase. But these changes won’t be directly for the preset, just for the current showcase. This kind of change will require some assistance from me so we will have to discuss over email wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

I saw the demo and I like the UI and filters. I planning to buy this plugin for my website but first of all, I need some details about plugin as per the requirement for my website.

I work on a website for local community and I want to make the people directory. So Do I know that, is this plugin help me for make the input field form for the user (or for front end) and they submit their details and it will display on community page after approving from admin? And how many input field can make by this plugin?

I already mail you regarding this on wordpressaholic@gmail.com.

Your work is great.

Hi Dhiren, I have replied to you email, please check. – Regards, Kartik


I would like to notice a bug with pagination and random order. The random order is reset on each page of a team showcase. The consequences is that a same member can appear on several pages. ex: http://www.plurifinances.fr/la-societe-plurifinance/nos-agences-locales/grand-est/ Do you have a fix to avoid that? Thanks.

Hi, Please drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for support. – Regards, Kartik

Hello, yesterday we bought the plugin “modern-team-showcase-20170413” but when I installed the .ZIP in my wordpress it gives me errors in the admin showing several input in the bottom and in the frontend. Also the page gets slow, I use the wordpress version 4.7.3 and the only plugin I have installed is that.

What could be the problem?

Thank you, I’m waiting for your response.

P.D: send a copy of this message with printscreem to this email wordpressaholic@gmail.com

Hello, I have a problem. The search is not working. Please help

Hi, I already replied to your email yesterday. For further queries please write in to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik


For some reason email and social icons are only showing up when I am signed in as an admin. Is there a way to make these appear for people who are just site visitors?

Hi, this might be happening specifically for members who do not have an email or social icons entered for them. Please ensure that they do have this information added to their profile. This could also be happening if you have a cache plugin, in which case purge the cache and try refreshing he page. If the issue persists please contact wordpressaholic@gmail.com for support – Regards, Kartik

Thanks for the super fast response. I will try playing with the cache some and will email you if the issue still persists.

Hello, we are trying to edit the permalink used for staff profiles. Instead of /profiles/ we would like it to be /our-team/ is this possible without modifying the plugin? Thanks!

Hi Brett, this is possible by editing the plugin files. Please drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for details. Regards, Kartik

Do you have any sample of the single-modernteammembers.php file and how I can use the meta keys and display all the information. The visual builder only applies to the listing page and lightbox, I need to customize the details page. How do I query the meta keys in the detail page template and render them.

I have sent you three emails over the last three days and none have been answered. I need to show social media icons on the detail page if social information is provided for that user. I need some if/else logic in the template file so how do I accomplish this.

Apologies for the delay. Please check your mail. I can provide general information on the customizations but editing the member profile pages is not part of the plugin scope besides the {{Meta Keys}} facility. – Regards, Kartik

Also please check if your page builder provides any facility for enabling it on specific Custom Post Types (CPTs). And if it does, enable it on ‘modernteammembers’ – that should enable the page builder on the member pages.


mikec250 Purchased

Hi I have added more taxonomies and the plugin works perfectly to pick them up and allow use in the filter but the filter logic seems to be using OR and not AND when searching. ie, if the 1st filter is “All” then it does not matter what i select on the 2nd filter. For this example i am completely ignoring the provided “Groups” tax and just assigning an “Default” group value because i don’t want it. I only use the 2 new taxonomies i made. Is there a way to get the filter to use “AND”? Thanks Mike

Hi Mike, switching to AND is not part of the plugin feature set but I can show you what to edit in the code to make this change. Will email you the change shortly. Also, it sounds like an interesting feature idea for implementing in the next version of the plugin. – Regards, Kartik


mikec250 Purchased

Hi, where is the Ribbon text entered?

Hi, Any custom field of the member can be used in the ribbon. So basically any existing/custom form element can be linked to the ribbon. Use the Main Editor > Member Template: Double click the template to open it, double click the Ribbon element to open it > Content tab > Change the content to any custom field / meta key that you need to represent, inside double curly brackets like: {{MTS Job Title}}. Save the Main Editor settings and it should load the ribbons with the appropriate details. If you are unclear about any details please drop a support mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

Hi. This is a pre-sale question.

Does the (HTML/CSS/JS) output from this plugin pass the WCAG 2.0 AA (accessibility) compliance checks? If not, are there any plans on making sure that it does?

Thanks, - A

Hi Arzoum, WCAG compliance is on the list along with other major updates for the next big version upgrade coming to MTS by the end of this month. Please watch out for it. – Regards, Kartik


juliaguo Purchased

Hi ! I set the image as the featured image in the team member page. But the bio page CSS is really bad. How to fix it ? http://test.k2rentals.com/profiles/ella-stonem/?customize_changeset_uuid=f49915ac-8929-4302-85f4-0e1861e7f639


juliaguo Purchased

It seems there is no support for this?

Hi, Apologies for the delay in reply. While MTS creates profile pages automatically for your members, it does not cover the styling of the page. That will depend on your particular theme. In general the profile pages will appear the way regular posts appear on your theme. Or you could use some custom CSS to change the look of the page. For example to reduce the size of the image:

.modernteammembers .post-thumb {
    max-width: 200px!important;
    margin-bottom: 30px!important;

If you have more queries regarding the customisation please drop in a line to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

hi there – I have set this up on a draft page of my website but it simply loads and loads and doesnt display anything. Can you please take a look – I have sent you a couple of emails over the past 24 hours with login details

Hi, Apologies for the delay – this appears to be a heavily modified twenty-fifteen theme. While the plugin works perfectly well with the standard twenty-fifteen theme, this custom version seems incompatible with MTS because the plugin scripts are not even being loaded by the theme. Probably because some critical hook such as wp_footer or wp_print_scripts has been removed during the customization. But MTS needs these standard wordpress hooks to load its scripts and styles in the footer for SEO speed purposes. For more queries please contact wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

Hi, I am trying to change the resolution of my featured images. I followed the instructions and changed the ‘keyword’ in the settings from ‘large’ to ‘full’. Every time after I save, the setting reverts back to ‘large’. Am I missing something? Thanks!

My images are all blurry. Everything was fine one day and blurry the next. None of the settings changes that I make are saving. Every time I hit save, the settings revert back to the original configuration.

The images look fine on desktop, but on mobile, all are blurry beyond recognition.

Hi, the settings will revert if you use the ‘Load New Preset’ section as it downloads the default settings of the preset. Once you have used the Main Editor for customization please only use that. For support drop in an email with a link to the site at wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Thanks, Kartik


Dewayne Purchased

There seems to be an issue with this and Wordpress 4.7.5 this plug-in seems to use the old version of the UI media library and this must be the issue. Can you resolve this and send an updated version of this plugin. Very disappointing in this plug-in as it is un-usable at this point.

Hi, The issue must be elsewhere as MTS is perfectly compatible with the latest version of WP without any complaints. Please check response to your support mail. – Regards, Kartik

Hello! When I use the search feature, when I search by name nothing shows up. Should I be adding something to the “search in” section? Currently “title” is listed.

Thanks! Josie

Hi Josie, this should not normally happen but try logging out and using the search feature. Also check if your wordpress search feature is working normally or not. If it is working fine please drop a support mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik