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I have submitted a few emails and am really needing to get some help getting this setup. I feel like the documentation is lacking and this seems very hard to get setup initially. I need help getting the the logic setup and also getting items to show up. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, Apologies for the delay. I have replied to your email, please check and feel free to ask anything else about the plugin. – Regards, Kartik

I submitted support last week and submitted again today.. Will try here as well:

On the site I am creating I have Loan Officers showcase and want each loan officer to be able to update their information by use of the shortcode.

When I add the shortcode to each loan officer’s page the form shows. There is no prompt for password.

Can you guide me on how to get this setup correctly, please? I am not seeing how to in the documentation.

Hi, Apologies for the delay. You can use the form builder to add a password field to the form. But you do not set the actual password in the form builder, since you might want to have a unique password for each of the members. You set the password in the editor page for the member. Just enter a password and submit the form (along with rest of the form details). This way the person will have their own unique password. – Regards, Kartik

Does this plugin work with Cornerstone and Theme X?

Hi, the latest version updated today is compatible. It should be available for download by tomorrow. – Thanks! Kartik


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Hello, I am having trouble with the plugin loading. It sits on the page and tries to load without success. I have deactivated all plugins, changed themes and it won’t load in the builder showcase either. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, Pleas send the link of a page where this can be seen to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Thanks! Kartik


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I found the issue, it appeared to be trying to use logic to show the images and the page was waiting to load until the images showed.


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Hi there, I’m trying to activate the license for the plugin. Unfortunately, I had it installed on another WP-page. This page is, in the meantime, however deleted and I cannot deactivate the license from the other website as it doesn’t exist anymore. Can you deactivate the connected old site which is not in use anymore? Thanks, R

Hi, Replied to your mail. It has been deactivated so you can use it elsewhere. Cheers! Kartik

Is there a “Meta Key” for Groups? Or a way to generate/display a group label in a component? ie Instead of “{{MTS Job Title}}” replacing that for one that displays the group/s that member is part of.

Sorry we finally figured this out this needed to be {{category}} after digging through the documentation.

How do we get the “Read More” link to utilize the lightbox like in your demo page? Currently we are using the default {{post_link}} and it opens a new page instead.


You could use some HTML like this:
<br /><span style="color: #005581; cursor:pointer;">Read More</span>

Replace #005581 with some color you want.

Cheers! Kartik

Perfect thanks!


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Hi Kartik, i have sent several support emails, could you please help as the plugin is not working in responsive for me. Thanks.

Hi Ace, Like I explained in the mail earlier, the issue is not with MTS, it is the settings you have in visual composer. The column has been set to be hidden on mobiles and tablets. So even if you remove the MTS shortcode and enter any content instead of it, you will find it is hidden on mobiles and tablets. You can find these settings in the column editor > responsiveness tab. I have changed it for you. The MTS grid now shows up on mobiles as well. – Regards, Kartik


ACE1988 Purchased

Many thanks for the support, indeed this has sorted the issue .

How do I add a contact form to each team members profile page? ALso how do I set the To email address to use whatever email address is set for that individual contact? I could not locate any documentation on this. thanks

Hi, You need to create separate contact forms for each of the members using the Contact Form 7 plugin. Then you can drop the shortcode for the member inside their content area or their Description field in their form. It depends on which of these fields you are using to show up in your lightbox. If you need more more information please drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

I’m having some major issues with the plugin and my bilingual website. When I try to edit using the advanced editor on the French version of my site all of the listings disappear.

Also the filters aren’t working when viewing the site on a mobile device.

I’ve not heard back from my support emails for a few days, please help asap. Thanks :)

Hi, MTS is fully compatible with WPML. Perhaps this has something to do with using multiple CPTs or another conflict. Please see my reply to your mail. Let’s connect asap and resolve this issue. – Regards, Kartik

Can I filter any of the views? For example, can I setup a user filter and use the circles?


I am not sure I understood your question. Filters can be applied to any of the grids. Filters are based on categories/groups assigned to the members. WordPress native ‘Users’ has nothing to do with MTS. The plugin sets up a custom CPT for you called ‘modernteammembers’ and you create member posts in that. For further discussion please email wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik


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Can you tell me what I would put into “Additional query args” if I wanted to only show team members that were at a specific location. Any help is appreciated. I would also like samples of items that can be placed in here. I might want to only show team members by a group as well. On this showcase I would want to hide the search and the filter and only pull in team members that meet certain criteria.

If there are any other queries please feel free to drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for support. – Regards, Kartik


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Hello ! Fast question, How i can turn of redirection to profile page after I click on name? http://prntscr.com/fv5bq2 <—screen.

So how can I get these members infos in lightbox only (not linked to profile page)?

I only want to have lightbox without redirection to profil page, when I click on name. Thank you


For this first ensure lightbox component is selected in the settings. This enables lightbox.

Next in the link settings options ensure all the checkboxes are deselected.

Then your lightbox should link from anywhere on your member cells including the name.

Regards, Kartik


aldaronn5 Purchased

thank you ! Works great!

Hello, I need to adjust the max amount of characters/words in the Lightbox for Description but can’t see how to adjust. Some sentences are cut off.

Hi, Could you please provide a little more details and send it to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for a prompt resolution? – Regards, Kartik

Hi, I’ve just sent a message on the support system but this may be easier. We are using the ‘custom page URLs’ with your plugin and the issue is that we want to hide / turn off the default created /profile/ pages for each person as they are not formatted etc but these keep ranking on Google etc.

How do we permanently turn off the default created pages?


Images keep going from full resolution back to medium resolution – even when changing the resolution from the preview page. {{featured_image | full}} –> {{featured_image | medium}}.

This is a frustrating bug, and the support system does not appear to work, so I am submitting a comment instead.