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does this product give the ability to choose the starting line numbers?
example: i have some code in a script and it begins at line 99 and goes to line 199
can the line numbers be set to begin at line number 99?
if not would this be a considered to be added?
very nice work

Hi DuCarlion,

Till now now but it is considered to be added.

Kind Regards.

Awesome work. I added it to my Like’s :)

Thank you for your kind words

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks alot

Looks great! GLWS ;)

Thank you for your kind words.

Hi :)

I don’t know WP like that. I’m still learning by what I read and see as I go. With that being said, can you please break it down for me? haha

I’m looking to add shortcodes to my themes Editor…would this help out?


Hi, actually i don’t know what do you mean with “theme Editor” .bits shortcodes used in wordpress posts and pages editor .by wrapping any markup ,bits will show it in modern format .


!! BUG ALARM !! :)

Hey Clivern, nice plugin, good work. But since I activated your plugin, I have on the frontend, on all sites additional <br> in different places in my source. Maybe it is an css problem, but it is your plugin, so check it please.

I got nothing Clivern ??

actually this reply 4 days ago when i send updated file to you .version 1.1 released ,you must be updated your plugin .just download from codecanyon and upload to your host .

Yeah, the ”.just download from codecanyon and upload” part worked for me, thanks!!

Hey clivern,

I already have translated the bottle plugin, and i’m glad to translate bits, too. I just finished with the translation and i sent you an email. But i need access to the plugin (on your demo side / or something else) to double-check the translation (context & syntax).

My proposal is, i send you my translation file and you load it into your demo page. So i can check the translation. Its that ok? Just answer on my mail (maybe look into spam folder)!


because br tags encoded .could you add this code in wordpress native posts or pages not custom page processed by any plugin or theme.

Yes I told you it only appears on the custom post type, the others (side, post) are fine. But the author of the plugin told me it comes from Bit. I sent him a mail again and I’ll refeer to this comments. Maybe he can fix it.

Thanks for help my friend!

kind regards

Ok, please contact via .


just bought your plugin, but doesn’t work in comment i use WP3.9, i have a custom theme, but even with wp built in theme, it works in post but not in comments

Thanks for help


Actually i discussed this topic in bits showcase part 4 .please read this post carefully.

Kind Regards.

Hi, Is your script can work on my PHP website ? i am not using CMS (wordpress) ? If yes, is it possible to choose the tag to highlight like ( PRE ) only ?


Hello rezker,

Actually it is a wordpress plugin and can’t work with php websites. You will need a jQuery plugin link codemirror or highlightjs.

Kind Regards.

Thank you for your reply :) and awesome plugin :)

The line numbers are not showing up. Help?

When inspecting the live rendered code, the “

Nevermind. was missing wp_footer()

You are welcome.

Is there a single list of all shortcodes / types of code that are natively supported?

Hello mendatech,

Please visit and other parts and you will get a list of all shortcodes / types of codes that supported.

Kind Regards.

I can’t click submit button on shortcut screen.Can you help me please?

Hello vnit,

Try to clean your browser cache. May be it causes the problem. You can use to send more data so i can understand the problem.

Kind Regards.

Is there anyway you can open up the demo site so I can actively try the plugin by e.g. making a dummy post?

For example, besides the short codes, does the plugin have the option of using an Add Code window via the visual toolbar? (The thing about short codes is that they make it harder to switch between plugins if needed.)

Hello bjsatola,

Actually there is a tinyMCE button in wordpress editor that will help you to pick the right shortcode and the right configurations. You can check this page for further info

Also showcase links that exist in item page will help you to understand everything about the plugin.

Best Regards.

So the tinyMCE will only select the shortcodes instead of directly injecting the required

 and  tags into the page... Thank you.


Does it support XML shortcode also? Actually my site is on Android and mostly I will using JAVA and XML. Will this plugin work?

Hello imabhisheksaini,

Yes it supports java and xml. You can find them in and

Best Regards.