Music Android App Template + Music iOS App Template| Songs App| Streaming App| IONIC 5 | Musicvic

Music Android App Template + Music iOS App Template| Songs App| Streaming App| IONIC 5 | Musicvic

Musicvic allows users to listen to millions of songs and podcasts for free! Listen to artists you love and enjoy music in many languages. The awesome looking app can be used for both Android and iOS platforms. It is optimized coded and easy to customize.

Musicvic is a music sreaming app template with 25+ screens.

List of Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign in Screen
  • Sign up Screen
  • Social login Screen
  • Forgot Password screen
  • Choose Language Screen
  • Choose Artist Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Search Screens
  • Radio Screen
  • Play Radio Screen
  • My Playlist Screen
  • Create Playlist Screen
  • Playlist Song Screen
  • Add Song Screen
  • On Song Option Screen
  • Song Play Screen
  • Song play Expand Screen
  • Album List Screen
  • Album Song Screen
  • Artist List Screen
  • Artist Song Screen
  • Choose Artist Screen
  • Account Screen
  • Account Setting Screen
  • Subscribe Screen
  • Subscribe Account Screen
  • Insight Screen
  • My Profile Screen

  • Changelog & Update History

    Version 1.2
    25 April 2020

    New: Multi Lingual
    New: Arabic Language Added 
    New: Portuguese Language Added 
    New: Indonesia Language Added 
    New: French Language Added 
    New: Spanish Language Added  
    Update: UI Improvements
    Update: Other Bug Fixes
    Update: Ready For iOS 14 and Android 11

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