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Hello is this possible to bottom to top (Drop UP menu) navigation if yes, than i will buy…


The submenus only drop down, they do not drop up. This can be accomplished however with modifications to the jQuery plugin, if you are familiar with coding in JavaScript.


In FF and IE 9/10 when I enter over an menu element with cursor I have text “undefined”. Also the social elements are in

    element that isn’t enclosed by
  • element – it’s incorect HTML syntax.

The menu works fine in all browsers including Firefox and IE 9 and 10, as you can see with the preview.

If you are having problems, then it is probably something specific to your implementation, maybe an error you made or something related to your page.

If you can give me a link where I can see the implementation that you did, I can look over the code and we can work together and see what the problem is.

If you don’t want to post the link here, in a public place, please use the contact email,, and send me the link where I can see the menu implemented.



I really liked the script. Though i have some issues i have to solve before purchasing.

1. Is it possible to change the hover effect of the items to something simple? I don’t like the left-to-right fade effect. I just want a simple fade effect or just a CSS hover effect.

2. Is it possible to have different CSS styles to the sub-items from the master items? As i realized, u are using the same styles to uls and lis in the master menu and in the sub menus.

Thank you in advance.


Based on your questions, I have another menu in my portfolio that I think will be better suited for your requirements. Please go to my portfolio and see the “Modern Menu” project.

This menu here does not have the possibility to turn off the effect. It was made with JavaScript particularly to be able to create this effect and does not have a pure CSS alternative. Also, the dropdown options are the ones displayed in the preview.

The other menu that I have mentioned is made with CSS, it has a simpler hover effect and it has multiple options for the dropdown.


Hello! Yes indeed, Modern Menu is great …. so pity i need the vertical orientation and it seems it doesn’t support!

Yes, the other menu has only horizontal orientation.

Why not responsive for mobile navigation?

But… one of the most beautiful navigations I’ve seen ;) Great! Nice work!


The menu can be used in a responsive site. On the development of the site, different dimensions can be defined for each state – desktop, tablet, phone – and when switching between the states, the menu can be rebuilt, resetting and going through the initialization function again, so that the new animations are built based on the new sizes.


Just to clarify for other people that are reading the comments, the menu is responsive and the responsive functionality consists of the menu resizing horizontally to fit the available space and the right side elements repositioning accordingly.


Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the drop downs not working and the social media buttons (right side) not appearing in IE 9? It shows perfectly fine in all other browsers and versions of IE I have been able to test. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The website in question is

Thank you! Jeremy Rex

I have tested your link in IE9 on my end and it works well. The dropdowns as well as the right side buttons are displaying well. Maybe it is something on your end ? I have responded to your email and asked for a little more information. We can talk more there and find whatever may be causing a problem on your side.


Hi, Really really nice menu! But I have to ask:

a) Any plans to update it to be natively responsive? b) With reference to your previous answer about using this on responsive sites is there any chance of a screenshot of what that would look like and instructions on how to implement that?

Thanks, Stuart

If you can use the contact email to link me a few good examples that you were referencing earlier with your suggestions, that would be great and I would appreciate it.


Email sent as requested with screenshots showing impact of using width: 100% on a mobile device along with sample responsive menu where it’s collapsed to vertical drop-down nav to protect child

    ’s. Make that change and you may have the best menu…... :-)

....... where it’s collapsed to vertical drop-down nav to protect child <ul> items </ul>.

Hello, Can i use this menu in rtl site? (sub menu open to left)



There is no option to inverse the direction of the dropdown, unfortunately.


wow dude, since menu 1. I didnt check. awesome menu. after I checked hundred of. this seems so elegant crystal clear. thank for developing this great stuffs.

Thank you. Happy to see that you like it.

Could you help me. The drop down menu isn’t working properly and I have troubleshooted as much as I could understand and .. to my knowledge.

Do you have an idea of what went wrong with the transition I made?

I see that you have resolved the alignment issue that you have mentioned over the email.

If there is anything else, please let me know.


The vertical menu seemingly have some problem in Chrome 36 and Opera, Looking forward to fix it :-)

It was an issue with horizontal button animations that was causing them not to display properly. The issue was fixed in the latest update.


Needing Twitter Feed….I have posted the twitter.html file to server, updated the ‘twittername”, created my app, entered the codes into the php fields….but no efffect. Please advise… Thanks

posted via profile message. Thanks.

Just posting a clarification for people reading through the comments. This is a discussion regarding another project from my portfolio, not this menu. Wanted to clarify here so that there are no confusions.

Sorry. Not sure how I managed that mistake. (Y) This comment for his Modern News Ticker project.

A new update has been implemented:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing an animation not to display properly in some browsers.

Before purchasing the menu, I would like to know what happens when I use 20 items, it goes down or it does not work like that? thank you

If there are more top buttons than the available space, the buttons will go to the next line but the menu was not built to work with multiple lines of buttons, so this is not recommended. I recommend only using a single line of buttons, as much as the space allows.


Having an issue here: Menu works great on my PC (IE 10 – go figure) but not on my MAC running Yosemite. Can;t figure out why. Can you help?

Please disregard; I figured it out…


Works great!

How can I change that ‘login’ forma would show on mouse click, but not on hover /mouseover ? (and then hide after click again) It this is not possible, maybe it is possible that login form stays for 2-3s on mouseout ?

If you want to have a form that appears when clicking a button and disappears when clicking the button again, the only way to do this is with JavaScript. You can use the jQuery “toggle” method to define two functions that will be called alternatively, one on the first click, the other on the second click. In the first function you make the form appear, and in the second function you make the form disappear.

If you would like me to give you a specific example of code, link me your menu with the form that you have and I will show you what JavaScript to put in to make it work. You can either post the link here or, if you would like it to be private, use the contact form on my profile page and send me a private email and I will reply back with the example code.


tried it with “toggle”, but it then hides on clicking on username textbox also in .user_login class.

Added this, ant now it satisfies me:

<script> $(function() { $( ”.user_login” ).click(function() { if($(’.Flat_mega_menu ul .user_login ul’).css(‘display’) 'none'){ $('.Flat_mega_menu ul .user_login ul').show('slow'); } });


$(function() { $( ".Flat_mega_menu .fa-user" ).click(function() { if($('.Flat_mega_menu ul .user_login ul').css('display') ‘block’){ $(’.Flat_mega_menu ul .user_login ul’).hide(‘slow’); } });



But it would be great if I could hide() on clicking: body, menu, .fa-user, but not on .user_login :)

Nice Work anyway!

Glad to hear that you got it working on your site.

Regarding the “toggle” method, it depends on which element you applied it to. If you applied it to the whole element containing the form, then, indeed, the form would disappear when clicking a field. Try to apply it only to the top button so that it is not triggered when clicking the form.