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“This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.” :/

Hi Codeevolved,

Which error is that?

Thanks Solid Designs

how to use this forms?

HI Abhi1246,

These are CSS3 Form components for creating forms – they do not include PHP so for that you can contact me and i give you pointers or you use a library like PHP Mailer for seding forms


Can these work with styling Gravity forms?

Hi infomaticmarketing,

That depends – it may actually requere using Javascript to add wrappers to gravity forms for this to work

Ok. Is that something you could help with if I purchase? I am sure it would be helpful as a case study or to show others it would work.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ricardo let look at this i will give you some pointers


Your product looks great, but I need the information which is submitted sent to an email account, and as you know, PHP its necessary. Can you add this extra file? What’s the extra cost? Thanks in advance!


I can add the PHP processing for you when you get an extended licence


Hi AS. Thanks for your time. What would be the final cost besides the extra $1.80, in order to get all the data submitted in an email account? Thanks again!

On the purchase box you just choose extended licence instead of regular then i will integrate PHP and AJAX for you – thats all no other costs

Nice. How flexible is the grid? Can I show 3 fields in a single row?

Hi pluginpunch

It can accommodate up to 12 columns / fields

So yes 3 is supported – you can check the demo here

Beautiful :D Good luck with sales guys

Thanks Mahadji

If I am getting this right your selling materializecss_com whats free?

Hi TwistedCat,

I am honored that my work can be compared materializecss but my work is original and has nothing to do with that work you pointed out – if you find any similarities its just a coincidence and maybe its because there are not so many ways you can do material components without similarities.

I understand Envato does review of these products before they are published and probably they should have pointed that out to me in the review

Thanks for your concern

This plugin is so great, thank you!

Thanks Kendysond

Hi, can this be added to gravity forms?

Depends on how gravity forms is styled

Is this a working contact form?

No its a CSS HTML form

Is there a bootstrap version?

Hi Bootstraphunter,

No but it still works with Bootstrap 3+

hi, any chance you gonna make this for wordpress?

Not yet for now

I see you said you would add php mailer file, if someone buys Extended support, are you still doing that? I would like to purchase this, but need to be able to send the information inputted, so would need help.

Hi njolakoski

Yes i still do this


Awesome! Really nice!


I have bought Modern Material Forms although have found problems with forms displaying incorrectly on WordPress using the Genesis Framework.

I sent you two support emails detailing these problems but aren’t sure you have received them – please can you let me know.


Let me look at the emails will get back

Is there an update on this? Need to get it working please.

What’s happening AdvanceStudios? If you don’t want to provide support for your product then please provide a refund.

Has this item been abandoned by AdvanceStudios?

Any news AdvanceStudios?

Two weeks and still no contact? Have AdvanceStudios left the building?

Hi there,

Not sure if this product is still alive but just a heads up to let you know that the demo site is down. I’d love to see the demo sometime.

Best wishes

it’s a shame this Demo doesn’t work.