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admin admin123 and use wanjiru and wanjiru

can not login for demo

PM me via support . but admin admin123 is working

wait for this..


It works commentator post?

I can try it?

it works

auto respond to comments in publications groups?

yes it works

Is this script still working with new fb API?

yes. still working. pm via support tab for support

Hi bro I have some questions. . Can I schelde posts in any time and script post automqaticly or I should keep m’y pc on ? Can I post withe multiples account et once ?

scheduling. not yet enable. but you can pm via support tab for more information

hello, is still work for auto comment on fb group post?

yes. it does work

Te hable por skype, pero no contestas…

Aun funciona el auto-comentario?

No logro poder usarlo desde el demo.

I’ll talk to you by skype, but you will not answer …

Does the self-commentary still work?

I can not use it from the demo.

Yes. It does Work.

Do you have to have the window open for it to work?

Or does it work with the PC off?

Does it work with cron jobs?

For Now it does Not work with cron


Azam789 Purchased

what user and password after installation finish ?

I sent username and password. use support tab to contact


Azam789 Purchased

Image Post, Video Post, Link Post, Not Working help me

solved. earlier

Could this script allow me to post comments on post that I did not create?

Yes It will do that

Dear Author, I can’t log in using wanjiru username & password. Can you confirm?

Its working or. Use admin and admin123 as username and password respectively

DEMO view does not work

Pm via support tab. Its working. Were you able to login

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best service, files full working.

Demo page dead

will Check Thanks.

Does this script still work on new FB API because I would want to give it a try. I was using another script which has stopped working and the author is not making any effort to fix the problem

I will be updating the demo

You can PM me via support tab

Your demo page is still dead. some drew your attention to it 11 days ago and you side you would check it. It is still not fixed after 11 days so I am quite skeptical about purchasing your script.

I wouldn’t want to wait for 11 days before you fix a problem if I run into any.

its that was busy updating The graph for my script to remain working. but will update. Or you can just PM via support tab