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Very useful script.

It is indeed :)! Thanks!

Does this have any issue being used with Bootstrap?

I don’t see why it would, haven’t tried it though.


How behaves your script on a site Responsive web design (RWD) ?

Thanks! Mick

To a bare minimum, if the device supports common CSS2 position properties (such as position: fixed) and JavaScript, you should be fine. For animations, the device must support CSS3 transition properties.

Dead link preview ! ;)

It seems to be working at my end. The host might have been witnessing a downtime maybe. Try again perhaps?

Thanks for letting me know :)! Appreciate it!

Hello I will buy the extended license would it be possible for you to add a front end web based generator to create the pop-up boxes by user prompt? This way I could install all files and classes one time and use generator to create pop up boxes without changing code? I will pay e extra for this. Thanks

Kindly email me from the contact form here: .. and we can discuss things further.

Hello designcise.

I really like your script. I have one question before I buy… Can I easy change the action so that the pop up is triggered by the page opening, not by a mouse click?

Basically I am trying to create a coupon pop up on the homepage of a site, that will pop up right away when the viewer opens the site.

Could that easily be done? Could you give me some instruction on how I would do that with your code?

Thanks K

Yes! You would simply create a new instance of the Modal object upon document ready or load. And use the “show” method to show the modal window when the page loads. It’s fairly straightforward.

If you have any troubles with it, you can always email me and I can help you out with it.


It would be possible to start an action after {onClose: ‘remove’} ?.

Would I like to load again the page when the modal is closed.

Thanks for your assistance. Mick

The position method is only to position the modal box relative to the document viewport. Since modals are commonly center aligned, I didn’t code other coordinates, left it up to the user to extend it if need be.

> left it up to the user to extend it if need be.

I do not understand. Can you specify? Thanks!

I meant, the user can code x/y coordinates such as left, top, bottom, right etc., if they feel the need because most commonly the modal is only used center-aligned to the screen.

Is it possible in a simple modal pop up box to add lines of text with links?

Yes of course. It can have any sort of HTML/text inside of it.

Hi, just purchased the script. I don’t know anything about JS, can you send me additional code or any assistance on how to make the pop-up work on page load? And the pop up box goes away when clicked outside of the pop up box?

Thank you so much!

You gave me 1 star rating for poor customer support. How is it bad support on my part when: 1) I answered your question; 2) I had no follow-up question from you; 3) you said you had no JS experience (and you bought a JS plugin); 4) you didn’t go through the examples or the documentation. You need to understand the scope of customer support, it doesn’t go beyond the script. What you wanted was clearly to do with knowing JavaScript and the Vimeo API.

Hey, the rating was for something else, not yours. My bad. I will see if I can retrieve it. Anyway, you said I need to know JS and Vimeo API, which I don’t have time for this. I will not use this script as I am not able to modify it unless you’re willing to help. Anyway, I will see if i can retrieve the rating.

Drop me an email and I’ll look into it.

can you please show us the exact code to make the pop up appear on window onload?

Thanks Ora

many people wants to use this when body load, not with a button…

Hi Orasuka, your message showed up just now (somehow I received it two days late), but anyway, I have responded to your email with example code (as you have checked) :)! I will consider adding this in the examples as well in the next update.

Hello how can I be calling this function directly into an HTML link

Replied to your email with an answer.

Thx, and i reppl your email.

I am having an issue, that when I first open the modal, the modal is not centered on the page. It opens down and to the right of the page. But when I resize the window, it then moves to the center. How do I fix this to open directly in the center of the page? Thanks!

Hi, sorry you’re having this issue. Can you please zip everything and send it over to me to have a look? Thanks!

hi great product is it possible to use click on picture for the popup to come out thank-you

Yes, it’s certainly possible. Simply create a new popup inside a click event handler for the image. If you need assistance, send me an email and I’ll help you out further.

great thanks for the reply i certainly need further help can you please help me thank- you very much

thank-you i just did

Sent you back an example that may help you and set you off in the right direction. Let me know if it helped!

Thank-you very much you are great help

Hi! Is there AMD/RequireJS support?

No, this is a jQuery-only script. It’s been coded in an Object-oriented manner, mostly in pure JavaScript with jQuery used mildly. Therefore, you could port it easily, or alternatively, convert the jQuery bits to JavaScript-only.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! but i dont understand why integration of AMD support is inpossible? just add official AMD support, it will not broke the code..

I never said it’s impossible; you can extend it as you please easily.

Like! Congratulation!