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I am wondering if there is a good way to put in a form on my modal. I currently use gravity forms with the Salient Wordpress Theme. When I put in the short code it messes everything up. See this page: (and wait 4 seconds) Do you have any ideas?


WP-Deepak Author Team

Sorry for the delay in response! Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at your issue.

Hi I am using this through ultimate add ons, can i already put a template i built with visual composer inside the modal? I have tried but it breaks the layout, is this not possible at all?


WP-Deepak Author Team

Hi Demsone! There are many elements that do not work good in modal as there are certain factors like js and CSS error from other element which collide with our js or CSS. We are working on with the same and plan to introduce a new feature in our modal for that will support a shortcode in future.

ok thanks for the reply, i have scrapped that idea.


WP-Deepak Author Team

You are welcome :)

Try as I might I can’t get modal box working AT all. It came bundled with the Impreza theme and there are no console errors.. I see the jquery document ready stuff get bound but the modal just never appears


WP-Deepak Author Team

Usually, theme authors customize things a bit before integrating plugins in the theme; so for accurate answers, it is recommended that questions for the plugins you get bundled with the theme – should be asked to the theme author, who can better help you.

If you need to keep up with latest updates and get support directly from the original authors of the plugin, you will need to buy the respective plugin and get your own license.

Hey there, I’m working on a website for a client that uses this plugin and it’s NOT responsive at all. Is there some settings I’m not seeing to make this work?


WP-Deepak Author Team

This shouldn’t be happening! Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Hi How do I resize the feature image? Theres no option to resize it

Please help

Hi, Also I need the Modal Box to be responsive.

Hello :)

Sorry, but I did not understood your question / problem. Would you mind to open up a ticket on our support center so we can take a closer look and help you with it?

Hello. In your description you claim iframe support. but i cant find any references to any form of iframe support anywhere. If i have to add <iframe></iframe> into a textbox, this is pretty lazy, and will not look very good.


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Hi there, great modal. I really need to retain my themes buttons throughout site, am I able to use one of my themes buttons to trigger a modal?

On other modals I have tested I have been able to assign a value in the VC buttons ‘extra class name’


Yes you can trigger the modal from your theme button :)

Thank you only just got this message :) I found your test drive portal so played around but unfortunately couldn’t quite get it to work how I will need.

I created a page & modal in your wpadmin test, chose selector trigger and added a class of #modal. I then added a button on that page and added a class of #modal but it doesn’t pop the modal.

Changing this to .modal on both seems to work, is it not possible to use and ID rather than class #modal?

You can use both Id and as well as class and it works :).

But ID only works there where the Id option is available to the element from which you are going to trigger the modal.


Before we purchase, is it possible to create a 2 column modal popup – one side with an image etc, the other side with contact-7 form? Also, how is the modal triggered, can it be a URL (for a button) etc?

We feel that this is the right plugin for us, but want to make sure firstly!

Thanks! ZCD

You can use the HTML code inside the mode in order to make any number of columns :)

You can trigger the modal from button, image or even from text also.

how can I.

a. Resize the image. b. Add a modal link, to an anchor in text… eg… 10th word in a paragraph.

Maybe add this into your instructions?

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Hi, does this support adding RAW HTML and Javascript ?

Yes, it does support :).

Hi mate, First, congratulations for your plugin !

I have a problem with the selector:

I enter #ID in the Display Modal On I then enter the ID in the link a href = ”#ID” but it does not work.

What to do please?

Thank you

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Hi, I noticed this bug in debug mode: Notice: add_shortcode_param is deprecated since version 4.4 (will be removed in 5.1)! Use vc_add_shortcode_param instead.

It was coming from the functions.php file.


WPnik Author Team

Hello, This is strange, the modal popup plugin does have this function but this is only for the backward compatibility of Visual Composer. If you have VC version 4.8 or higher this should not be called.

Do you have any other VC based plugins or theme which can be adding this function?

Hi, just a quick question… is this plugin working with avada theme? as I cant make it work


WP-Deepak Author Team

The plugin is built to work well with almost all the themes. However, if you are facing an issue, could you please open up a ticket at our support center, so that we can take a closer look at it and help you resolve things soon?